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Virginia Commonwealth University

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityA+ Faculty AccessibilityA+
Useful SchoolworkB+ Excess CompetitionA
Academic SuccessA Creativity/ InnovationB+
Individual ValueC- University Resource UseB+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyD+ FriendlinessA+
Campus MaintenanceB Social LifeC+
Surrounding CityA Extra CurricularsA
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Arrogant, Approachable, Broken Spirit

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty
Highest Rating
Educational Quality
She cares more about Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty than the average student.
Date: Jan 30 2014
Major: Nursing (This Major's Salary over time)
Ok so I would like to clarify a few things that people have made with the negativity towards VCU.

1. The graduation rate is low because yes lots of people transfer out of VCU into other colleges like UVa and JMU but they transfer because they were slackers in high school and didn't get into the college they wanted. From those types, I've found that those that were unable to transfer because they could not get past the first year "guillotine" (You know classes that are set to shoot people that don't try, unless they are really smart or have practically done the class before you (you will see lucky SOBs that can do that) But I digress! Those are the ones that get disgruntled.. but if I can only state from what I've seen so take it as you may.

2. As Guns N' Roses sung so well Welcome to the Jungle! Richmond is a city now there are parts of cities that are not smart to go to and things in cities that you do not do! Stay away from anywhere past the right of Monroe park (Late and I mean LATE! at night); don't wander around like an idiot, walk like you have a purpose and everyone is in your way so you won't fall for the stupid but so apparently affective,

Aay what time is it?
among other things. I know some will read this and have -_- expression but dead serious some people… Lastly, don't be stupid and talk shit, no catty remarks, or flaunting about that is how you get robbed.

3. This is a bit on point, but there are teachers that are here and you just stop and am like, just why are you ugh. And that is very demotivating but in school like life there are people that you just will have moments where you go. "How in the hell are you here right now?" But! Get to know your professors, yes you may seem like a name but my 1st year teachers still recognize me and say hello so, it's up to you to know your faculty and they will help you in return. Like Nao n Zen (Which has gone to shit btw, but there was this angry dude Ping? anyhow he always give me, well everyone, an angry stare but I got him to smile after a while so there! Perseverance lol. But seriously people are people. But with the professors like for lecture classes nothing pissed me off more when we have 10-5 sometimes 15! minutes before class was over and people are packing up as loud as all get out… now I'm a serious student and that is one of my peeves not a pet like I almost stood up and said "Stop ****ing moving you *********" So you can imagine that EVERY! every single semester you had to deal with that, now you're not the teacher and sure there will a class or two that they are good but that would tire out everyone so I feel the professors that are "mean" are just tired and angry from not being respected so give them it, and maybe you won't get such bad grades and have them say Well tough shit.

Ok enough none sense:

Cons of the school:

  • VCU Police are stuuuuuuupppppiiiiddd seriously. Bunch of assholes, apart from DJ he's cool but that's about it. They had these still things that at first I thought were cute. They said
    Rodney (the mascot) wants you not to get robbed!
    but after a while and after one of my friends getting robbed, most likely for being salty knowing him, I felt more to well than do your job Rodney! Honestly they will leave their cars in Monroe park entrances and you could honestly get in and drive, now clearly I've never tried but I doubt a vacant running car (polluting the already highly polluted air) isn't gonna scare anybody.
  • Wasteful spending, enough said.
  • Idk why but these new comers have decided to not listen to Cabell like rule. You DON'T talk on the 3rd n 4th floor! It's a recent thing but just No.
  • Yea there is not a lot of school spirit, apart from when we get close to like the sweet 16 n BB. :( It's a quite depressing but eh. find things to keep your own spirits up.
  • Students: you will find slackers that will urk you, if you're a slacker please DON'T come here! Despite a lot of what people say VCU is working on improving it's image, as is Richmond, both clearly slowly but they're trying and we don't need weight. Slackers are such weight so don't come. I'm sorry to say but some of the student orgs are really cliquey, but some are fantastic and welcoming.
  • Sooooo Polluted and there is a lot of smokers and loiters :/
  • Richmond sidewalks: Ok, so you can tell when someone is not from Richmond because parts of the sidewalks are STUPID! legit before your 1st year regardless of entry you will trip, or stubble it's inevitable.
  • There are lots of one ways and little parking, it is a city but -~-
  • Party Seen: Ugh honestly the only good place to club is Hat Factory (if you're under 21 idk about that, there are lots of bars so you'll find your fancy or whatever.) Kingdom is meh. Mansion (now I've only been told but) it's pretty ratched, but the drag shows are neat! Oh and For the love of God and all that is holey! (props if you know where that's from :3) DON'T go to Mirage ugh. It's shit… um apart from that there are really only house or Greek parties (but Greek you have to know someone). I'm not a real partier and by like 2nd-3rd year you kinda go eh, cuz school get as serious as you and you tend to just hang out with your close friends.
  • Well I can only say for pre-nursing but the University advisers (NOT the nursing advisers they're brilliant!) but they UNI ones SUCK! Seriously really look and actually get in contact with your disciplines advisory person to make sure you have all your ducks in a row because sweet jegus! my high school advisers were better and most were on maternity leave! Find out what you need on your own then go to them to "finalize it" like the silly gen eds.
  • Trying to get overrides goooooooooooddddd luuuucccccckkkk~ :(
  • Lastly, THEY STOPPED WITH THE GRTC BUS PASSES!!! D': I have to be at MCV too close to the that the buses start running and too late for RamSafe so I have minor heart attacks each week :S
  • Now the Pros:

    1. I just have to say the Nursing program is amazing! If you get in you're in for a treat because everyone takes there crap seriously! Yes you will deal with some whiny people but hey :( that's life. The instructors are phenomenal and you will learn and care so much about people from vagabonds to the privileged. I'm honored and humbled everyday with my encounters. If you go into an Allied Health it is like you are becoming part of a family. I tend to stay by myself in secluded little areas but my "family" pops in from time to time and it's lovely, you have a support team filled with people just as ready to learn as you are! But that reading tho XD

    But generally speaking…

  • The architecture around here is to die for! I would highly recommend, even if you don't have any interest in the school, head down towards Kuba Kuba to Strawberry street to the MFSA and into Carytown and you will see such pretty landscape and housing! (and get some pretty yummy food too!) :3
  • Student orgs! There are so many you can do! and even if you are not going to do that major or are artistically challenged they are still for the most part very welcoming to all! I will say again that there are still some that are cliquey :( but most are very welcoming and nice!!
  • Food: You'll get tired of campus food and that's fine! There are tons of yummy places to go around! Most people complain fast about the food because they only go to the Commons, the 3in1 (Ihop, Croutons, and Cane's), or Shafer but there are lots of places you can use your swipes and dinning dollars!
  • Off-campus: Now dorms I thought were awesome cuz I was so close to class and got lucky with my pick but I know they are a hit in miss, like Off-campus housing. But your odds are much better here than campus! Especially if you really search you find Amazing places at crazy low prices that get your friends jealous
  • *cough glare cough* but you don't need to spend more the $600 and it's usually less with a roommate! You should not only scope out the area around but also the actual place, complexes will doll their show room up but if you ask to see in it might save you or sign you in! So best of luck!
  • Games (not just BB): For the soccer games among others, they give out like free drinks, pizza, scarfs, and what not for the 1st people to the game and they have a lot so go! :D
  • Academics: This depends on your major. From my pre-major time I would say the professors make it but the effort you put is what really makes the difference, if you think your classes are easy, take hard electives. Learn a language in the language lab! :D Oh but yes most of labs are done by graduate students but that's just how it works, they need teaching experience and some might seem dopey but they are really brilliant, seriously!
  • Resources: Amazing from the helpful people and Tompkins and Cabell to the language lab and art school if you're lucky or join a club with those privileges! ;3 The resources are there and there are lots of events, activities, and seminars available! Go do something with the OAP lots of fun! Gym has challenges and prizes! The Commons grounds holds little cute events like giving those delicious candy apples :3 There is so much to do if you take the time to immerse yourself in it! Volunteer it's good for you! :)
  • So if you wanna come, come. If you go down and visit and don't feel it then don't push it! You'll find a school that will make you feel relieved to be there and VCU is that school for me. Best of luck! :)

    commentIt isn't a credible review if it isn't past 3rd grade grammar.
    responseYour response exemplifies the illiteracy in American universities today. I cannot believe you graduated high school with writing like that.
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