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Sweet Briar College

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityC+ Faculty AccessibilityC+
Useful SchoolworkB+ Excess CompetitionA+
Academic SuccessB+ Creativity/ InnovationF
Individual ValueF University Resource UseF
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA+ FriendlinessF
Campus MaintenanceF Social LifeF
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsF
Describes the student body as:
Arrogant, Snooty, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:

Lowest Rating
Creativity/ Innovation
Highest Rating
Excess Competition
She cares more about Individual Value than the average student.
Date: Mar 19 2014
Major: Biology (This Major's Salary over time)
THIS SCHOOL IS THE WORST SCHOOL YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE ATTENDING…i no u may go on reviews an ppl say that about other schools but the truth is …this school is small and cost tons of money for no reason…an GOD HELP YOU IF UR NOT WHITE….oh yeaah they CLAIM TO want diversity but there are NO BLACK OR ANY OTHER RACE FOR TEACHERS!…and the president is prejudice as well. first let me tell you… if you are AFRICAN AMERICAN DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT THIS SCHOOL! PERIOD! these people are racist as fuck..the archeology department will require you to dig up the slave bones as an assignment ..come on why would you do that?

secondly they still have the slave chains..and ok i could see if they tell you about the history that went on here..they will tell you that it is a plantation but you dont learn that slaves were here and that there is a slave gravesite and there is a slave cabin in the back of the presidents house and they dont tell you that they have the fucking chains from way back when…AND THEY SURE AS HELL DONT TELL YOU THAT BLACKS WERE NOT SUPPOSE TO COME HERE thanks to the law we are now!…like if your gona have all that history and chains and stuff like that why dont you make a museum to educate us not try to hide it…because you dont find out any of this stuff till you get here

if you get called a nigger noone will try and help you deal with that person in a cordial manner(course u may jus wanna flip the fuck out at that point) (there was a girl who was calling this black girl a nigger and she graduated from here and they didnt punish her or anything but if it was the other way around it would be a diff story)….if u fuck them up because they called you that..may as well pack your bags cuz they will try an send u to judicial or kick u out…take ur pick… if u get into a argument with a white will be sent to judicial and you wont have anyone on your side.and if u try and go to falculty to try an help you they will tell you to "ignore them" how do you ignore someone who is calling you names or bullyin u and in the back of ur mind u no for a fact if you even look at them wrong or say something to defend yourself and they go and exaggerate the situation to an adult about their side of the story …its YOUR ASS not theirs…im speaking from experience here.people …its not fair ..its hard being black here …and it should not be a racial issue but it is…i guess u can get a racial experience anyware but HERE is in your face and very personal and the school is already small as shit…

i was in a club and it was promoting "change in the community" and i recommended that we do something about the racism that blacks go through because alot of my class left an transferred because of all the racist drama…so i thought we need to talk about this but when i recommended it the dean says "we dont need to focus on the african american racism right now" thats humiliating because it sounds like your saying oh i know its going on but its not important .and this is coming from the person who once said she wanted to stand up for the blacks at this school…ITS BULLSHIT! there are other factors of racism that i perfer you to not experience so just dont come . and i mean if ur white snooty spoiled stuck up or what have u ..ul fit in..u may not like it but ul have a car and ul be able to leave ..also u wont experience any of these racist things so its cool.although iv met some white girls who dont like it here but dont really have a reason and i guess it cuz u dont really get a full college experience …its a difference between liking it..disliking it and tolerating it ..alot of girls tolerate it.

any way faculty :they are not as helpful as they may tell you …actually i only had a few good ones (few meaning like 3) ..but makes sure you know what your doing when it comes to your classes because the advisors will try an screw you over…my advisor said i wasnt going to be able to be a bio major becuase i had high C's in the bio classes and she tried to down me like i was stupid and couldnt do the work..,mind u a C+ at this school is pretty damn good hell even a C cuz i mean its HARD AS SHIT…i was thinking she didnt like me but i have a couple of other black friends who are in the bio department and she said the same to them …but when one of my white friends went in there an talked to her she encouraged her and said she will do great in the department …and she wasnt the brightest..she actually had low Cs and she didnt do good in school in her other classes reallly either…so what does that say to you exactly? hmmmm another race factor.? anyway: there is also nothing to do food is horrible-gets worse every year air and heat never works if u dont have a car GOOD FUCKING LUCK getting to were u need to be ppl dont wanna do shit for u if ur not a kiss ass.. there is NO surrounding city…the mall sucks ummmmm if u dont have a car therre gonna tell you that they provide shuttles…ok here is the thing with that…its onlt two times a week …like thats not very hellpful they need to hire ppl to drive us around not have students do it ..we have shit we gotta do…like i dont have a car here and it is sooooo difficult gettin around to places like walmart or target cuz my friends dont have cars either and i refuse to KISS ASS to other pppl jus so i can get a ride…faculty say if u need them they can help but they will tell u oh go half with a friend for a taxi…like we dont have money for that seriously?? the only things that are good here is bagel bash cuz the bagels r from panera and during finals week u can take them whenever u want … thats all..its small its racist its way to high and there raising tuition again! everyone knows everyones busniess …this school is deffently not for everyone..and i mean there are the ppl who come here to ride horses and such tha succeed dont get me wrong but most ppl here dont like it here and not just the black ppl …its more for the stuck up girls whos parents have loads of money and the socially akwards girls who are super smart who dont care about there appearance…everyone in btwn jus dont come …seriously

im transfering to a school back at home but im a junior ..i should have been left .but im changing majors too so in a way this is a good move for me so i dont have to start over completly …which reminds me to add keep ur credits in check i lost my financial aid because i had like 60 credits and i needed 63 (which they dont even tell u that they take financial aid away if ur behind on credits i mean cuz public colleges dont do that)..jus ONE CLASS off…and you would think they would work with u but they dont they just want money !…but IM FUCKING GLAD IM LEAVING CUZ I HATE THIS PLACE! i should have left but i call my self trying to be strong and sticking it out and it cost my happiness and money an timeand did i mention happyiness …im miserable ..its NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me being happy means good grades…..if u come here and feel like

this aint right i dont belong here

in a way i am writing this post on the behave of all the african americans who are looking into this school because noone warned me until i got here and then they left …leaving me with like one friend and then she left …there are alot of fake bitches here which is why i only had like two real friends that i fucked with…oh yeah choose ur friends wisely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are alot of ppl tha will USE YOU!

there are no other minority groups here besides the asians..and they all stick together…the blacks here that r left try to fit an kiss ass specially to get in a tap club. or jus to get by or becuz they think they belong in the white community…but the ones that are, u no sincere to who they are, have a hard time and stick together with the ones who know reality…there are no latino population seriously prolly like 3 but trust me if there were more there would be racism against them too…prolly jus as bad as the blacks

i am in no way exaggerating i really really dont even do reviews but i am not the only one who has had these exeriences and we jus want ppl to know what is real…YES ppl have diff experiences but it never fails with the whole racism thing…i see prospectives come and they get fed BULLSHIT and come here an hate it because all the stupid racist shit..and more! i visited here three times and it was STILL so fake and i didnt even realize it.. listen to ur gut pleaseeee i tell u it will save ur life time an money.

responseI assume that this is a phony "false flag" review written by a racist who—by using poor grammar and making absurd remarks—is trying to make black students look bad. For shame!
commentActually everything on here is true!! this school. and how is this racist if she was explaining the racism that was going on ..and who cares about the fucking text language
responseI completly agree with you on what you said about this sweet briar post
commentEverything about this sweet briar post is true!! and this is not phony false review dumbass its true if u dont go here you wouldnt no
I hope that his semi-literate rant was not written by an actual student at SBC. I agree with the comment which said that this is probably written by a white racist trying sound "black" in order to make African American students look bad.
responseThis was obviously written by a racist to try to refute the well written post by the African- American student above. Whoever wrote this was clearly unable to think up a proper response due to a lack of intelligence. This person was trying to make African-Americans look dumb. Ironically, this person is probably thousands of dollars in debt due to trying to graduate from this fourth rate school, and didn't even learn how properly formulate an adult response to something she disagrees with! She's the one who looks stupid.
responseThis was obviously written by a racist to try to refute the well written post by the African- American student above. Whoever wrote this was clearly unable to think up a proper response due to a lack of intelligence. This person was trying to make African-Americans look dumb. Ironically, this person is probably thousands of dollars in debt due to trying to graduate from this fourth rate school, and didn't even learn how to properly formulate an adult response to something she disagrees with! She's the one who looks stupid.
questionRight. And YOU stayed … why?
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