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Hillsdale College

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Date: Mar 24 2014
Major: Unknown (This Major's Salary over time)
In a nutshell, this place is horrible and I would warn anyone who plans to go here. I am a freshman but have been looking to transfer since my first week on campus. Nothing about this school is fun/enjoyable in any way, shape, or form.

Know that going in

The teachers are extremely close-minded and if you don't agree with your philosophy or especially their religion, expect them to rip you apart in class and shun you for the rest of the semester. For example, the first day of my english class our professor had us tell everyone what our religious viewpoints were. Youre probably thinking, why does it matter? Dont worry I thought the same until about 6 weeks into the semester. During a class, I had to read the guided notes that the professor had a student read every day in which discussion would break off from there. I am a Lutheran and got openly ridiculed in front of a class by my stout Catholic English teacher that was also creepier than the guy selling candy out of a van to your kids the entire hour. On top of that, when talking to said English teacher about my grade a few days later, I had all of a sudden dropped from a B to a 54 F. Why? Well apparently after 3 absences, your grade gets docked for every absence. The professor had sent an email to a coach of mine about 2 classes that I had missed earlier in the semester. However, I made a constant effort to attend every class from there on out but somehow had 6 absences which destroyed my grade.

Weird how that happens

Know that going in

Basically the entire campus will outcast you if you dont agree with their religious views. They will debate you, challenge you, and insult you unless you give in. As fun as the Richard Dawkins approach is, Ill pass.

Know that going in

Also, if you like to be social and do something in the 5 minutes of spare time youll have after exhausting yourself for 4-5 hours of homework a night,don't go here.

The party scene is not a party scene. Its more of a social get together that has your occasional drunk frat guy trying to make himself believe he's at a normal school. The girls are extremely prudish to the point where if you kiss someone, youve "hooked-up" with them. I thought I was done with middle school years ago but I guess not. However, I cant blame them. The girls here are so prudish, sheltered and scared of everyone that the only way to have any luck is if you marry them. Which is also a common thing surprise surprise. Check this out, my best friend here knows a kid that has been dating a girl for 3 months but is going to propose in 2 months after graduation. Thatll work out. You may think, WOW! thats crazy! what is he doing? Well its a pretty common thing here. Girls and guys come here to get married as soon as they possibly can then graduate with their useless degree and go live normal, boring, lifeless as a zombie lives.

Again, take note

Oh and the food. Basically there have been 3 giant moths found in salads in the past month so that's fun. Theres a catch though! Unless you want food poisoning 4 times a year like I have, dont eat the meat. Looks like youre eating cereal every meal :)

Know that going in

Many students that you would meet on a visit here are brainwashed and already hopeless. Many seem to believe that this school will magically lead to the success of a Harvard grad because it has a "good reputation" but in reality, that's just not the case. The only alumni I've talked to are either current professors or people with jobs they could've gotten going to a community college and didnt have to invest $120,000 in.

Know that going in

Also, this place relies entirely on donations and in order to get these donations, many things around here are kept quiet with the one exception being the recent racist comment from the president. Mind you there are like 3 black people at this school.

Know that going in

Also this town of Hillsdale has a wal-mart filled with toothless wonders and hillbillies and thats about it. There are a couple shops but other than that, good luck finding anything to do.

Know that going in

However, if you're weird, home-schooled, socially awkward, can live in a town that's more ugly and depressing than Charles Barkley's golf swing then yeah, go here. But if your normal like me, want more than 3 real friends, and have the slightest sense of individuality, dont go here.


A current student thats been wanting to get his anger and frustration out for a long long time

Sounds like you are a loser.
commentI think that you think that you are independent and open minded and cool. Well big break buddy. Obviously you are the brainwashed one here. Saying that if you're ' weird, homeschooled…' i'd like to know when was the last time you hung out with a homeschooled kid. When did you actually try to get to know them after they said that they were homeschooled. Oh right, probably never. And about the word normal. Why would you want to be normal? So that you could act just like everybody else? So that you could be friends with the coolest kids at school??? And next topic, you think that if some girls have self respect, they are snooty and not worth thinking about. That is wrong on so many levels. In fact, the majority of your comment is wrong on so many levels. So I am going to leave you in peace now in your little, normal world. Hope you aren't hopeless like apparently the other students are. Live a good friggin normal life my friend.
responseI respect this student's opinion although I agree his/her name calling and insulting of home schoolers and the locals is way out of line. He/she is not the only one who is expressing this kind of negative experience about this college. I find this interesting because the school prides itself in being very liberal, not politically, but in terms of its broad academic outlook and studies. How were you ridiculed for your religous belief? Could you elaborate? As a Catholic Im offended they would do that to you. Also Im surprised because this college is historically a Protestant college even though its not affiliated with a denomination anymore
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responseYeah, the person posting this is just a butthurt loser. Either a guy who thought he was going to be drowning in pussy just because he went to college and faced a rude awakening because girls aren't willing to bang him because he has game and can't compete with athlete Chads. Or an ugly woman. Hard to tell.
responseSorry, I meant he has NO GAME. Obviously this guy/gal is a bitter involuntarily celibate loser.
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