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George Mason University

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Date: Jul 06 2015
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
What an absolutely crappy school, crappy organisation, and a crappy school system as a whole implemented into it. I would not recommend for anyone to attend here. PLEASE, PLEASE, go anywhere else except George Mason. My last two years at Mason have been hell. I wish I transferred to UVA while I could. Here are just a few reasons why I am absolutely despising my "Mason experience":

1. I have been going back and forth to the registrar's office for the past two years regarding my getting of in-state tuition, as I lived abroad before I attended. I have appealed the process several times yet have been rejected every single time. This is despite the fact that I am a legal U.S. resident and pay my taxes. I have been a commodity to George Mason University's Writing Center for the past two years. How is my working, paying taxes, and living on campus not enough of a basis to receive in-state tuition? What a shitty system.

2. Communication (mainly email, but also meeting professors in person) at Mason is the ABSOLUTE WORST. I mean it when I say this. Send out an email? Good luck waiting for a response within a month! Email a professor? Want to see one in person? Good luck being able to. Professors are never in their offices, and don't actually care about students. They claim they do, but that's only because Mason admin and the "well-being" office told them to act like they give a damn.

3. Mason doesn't care about students as human beings, only as walking ATM machines. Where does all our money go to? Instead of getting proper professors who actually know how to teach their classes, it goes to expanding on a library no one even goes to. Yeah, like that's going to make a difference in our education sarcasm.

4. To further outline my previous point: Mason has no regards whatsoever to the feelings of their students. You could be the best person ever, but as long as your grades aren't up to par or you can't pay tuition, Mason staff and faculty couldn't care less. An example of this: I lost my position as an RA due to poor grades. I sent an email to the Housing staff outlining why this occurred (family problems, other issues, etc) and made a sincere appeal to them that I would turn things around and they would change. I got a call immediately from this lady basically telling me, "sorry, fuck you, there is no appeal process. It's black-and-white, we don't care how good your social skills are or how much of a good candidate you'd make for the position of resident advisor on campus. All your training, and the hours that went into your preparing and training and undertaking interviews, went to waste. Have a nice fucking life".

Like, she basically said, that we don't care about you as a human-being. All we care about is your grades on a piece of paper that don't mean crap at the end of the day. And this is all AFTER I explained my desperate situation as a student with no family here in Virginia, and my paying of in-state tuition which is a burden on my family and my father's finances, and AFTER I was told there was a diligent and closely-monitored appeal process. Like I said. There is no regards to our "well-being" whatsoever. Why does that office even exist on campus, again?

5. The insane and outrageous prices of housing and everything else on campus. And it's all low-quality anyway, from the food to the residences.

These are but a few reasons why Mason is a terrible school and no one should go to it. I could go into detail as to why it's a completely abhorrent school, and doesn't even deserve to have the title of

public research university
, but I don't feel like giving any more of my precious time writing a review for this shitty, god-foresaken university.

Just watch this message get deleted/ignored and to have no one respond to it. Because no one is brave enough to, to go against the school's stupid "perfect" agenda or to say anything against it. And this is freedom of speech, isn't it? One of the values the school purportedly encourages? Well, let this message stand and let people see what Mason truly is like. And let me just tell you: the school looks perfect on the outside, on the brochures and in the stupid advertisement videos and whatever, but on the inside, once you actually begin studying and/or working at the university, it is far from it.

Regret my decision to attend Mason 100%. Would give it 0 stars out of 5 if I could. If you are a prospective student, don't go here. I repeat, DON'T GO HERE.

responseI am considered a positive and approachable student who made the mistake of attending this awful place. I wish I had gone somewhere else. Your review is spot on. The positive reviews on StudentsReview must have been planted by the administration.
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