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Harding University

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Arrogant, Closeminded

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Friendly, Helpful, Condescending, Self Absorbed

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She cares more about Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty than the average student.
Date: Nov 08 2015
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
Harding is perfect for close-minded self delusional bible conservatives.

It is perfect for the parents who are helicopter parents because you can know for sure when you're not there your little "muffin" will be safe and carefully hidden and oppressed by the values and morals here propogated to keep them "pure."

That being said, to any students who possess a personality past the pageant princess, or conservative bigot…

Harding overall is not a place for you, you will be constantly facing guilt-trip lectures that work on fear mongering you into acting like a "good Christian" (you know intolerant, over-opinionated, shallow, vapid, and vain because your religion is the ONLY "correct" religion in the world)

Harding's caf food sucks overall, quantity is more important than quality.

President McLarty I've had the pleasure of seeing in chapel speak about how much we should give and contribute to the world. And then served him at the local Pizza Hut and watch how rude he treats us "lowly" serving staff.

Nearly everyone and everything here is an idyllic lie Harding projects itself as. The people here are miserable self repressed individuals that pretend to be perfect and pretend to be your friends only to manipulate and control you.

True story: there was a townhall meeting we had last semester, and some of the staff and RAs broke off afterwards to bash about the "sluts" of the freshman class because they felt that the Florida and California girls were wearing too short of shorts.

The RA who said this (and I quote word for word): "You have to realize relationships are the most important ways to get the girls to do what you want. My girls on my hall would wear a bedsheet for me if I told them to because they THINK I'm their friend." -this was said by none other than the lovely Christian Brenna Holland.

The older woman Brenna was talking to was a 70ish something dorm mom who obviously never matured past 13 either because she not only praised this RA but also added:

yes, but if you can't get these girls to want to be your friends then I wish they'd just go away.

These two miserable excuses for human life went on for about an hour bashing on these supposed sluts of the school (and I will say that AR summers can be humid and hot) over wearing shorts. The conversation bashing was brought here on by obvious juvenile insecurity that I may forgive (partially) in a bleach-blond fake collegiate, but not in a declining elderly woman who should have known better.

This is just one true life example out of the many real life examples I overhear, witness, or am told about the true vileness of Harding. Through examples like this it revealed to me a lot about the true character of Harding from their staff and I will conclude that the Christians here are far more worse than any non-Christians.

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comment"The personality paegant or bigot?" rEPRESSED INDIVIDUALS?" Some of us worked in filming with naked bodies everywhere, Repressed after we came to know Jesus, yes we are predictable like that. How about some gratitiude for a faculty that gives you the opportunity and option to continue studies. I disagree with much you posted.
responseCan you talk to yuor people about tax credits and rebates for living expenses and donations. The boring, traditional, predictable teachers are the ones that fight for you in front of dropouts, experts and professionals you think you have some knowledge or a gist of what they have actually done with their professional contributions. "Far worse …" … Do you know? the ridicule we saved of your family members and female relatives. Catholic Church around the corner. Don't let the door hit you in the aihre.
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Harding University
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