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North Arkansas College

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Friendly, Afraid, Broken Spirit

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Arrogant, Condescending, Unhelpful, Self Absorbed

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She cares more about Safety than the average student.
Date: Aug 24 2018
Major: Animal Studies (This Major's Salary over time)
So, I got kicked off northark campus for asking questions. Lol. They could not give me any definitive reason they kicked me off. Northark has a community member policy that people who are not students can stay at certain sections of the building, which I was within my allowed area to be in any time students are allowed at the college and use some resources, such as WiFi. However, in an attempt to save their asses while they gave me the boot for asking questions about their policies, they called it loitering. This is not to mention the several policies that the dean of students broke, she also straight out lied to me, saying I was not allowed to be on campus at all because I was not a student. When I mentioned the community member policy she shut up about that. Then, BTW, I had parked in the visitor parking space the last six years, off and on, and have never received a warning ticket. I did that because I did not want a parking pass and I know several people who do this as well. Today I received a warning ticket and that is why I went to ask for a copy of the policy of their parking lot because I was confused why I got a warning ticket in the visitor parking spot and it felt like retaliation because the cop that wrote the ticket, Dan, I had talked to two weeks ago about the parking pass, for which he seemed very upset when I did and used intimidation tactics to try and get me to stop asking questions. This said, the dean mentioned that the visitor parking was for official business only. So, I ask for the policy on the visitor parking spot as well, for which she tells me that they do not have one, why am I getting a warning ticket then? So, she then proceeded to down me by saying I did not understand what the word visitor, for which I had mentioned that I know several community members that park there because they see the sign the same way I do and suggested a revision of the policy to be more clear or a sign in the parking lot for clarification. Her response was to reiterate that I was stupid for viewing the word visitor the way everybody else seems to understand it. Anyway, I had mentioned to her about what happened when I was asking questions two weeks ago about the parking pass to the campus police and the intimidation tactics that were used and that the chief of police walks around with his hand on his gun as if ready to use it at a moment's notice, trigger happy, and that is kind of scary. She states she trusts their training and I ask who I can go to talk about resolving this issue. She gives me an email to someone who is under her, for which I found out later and she handed me the parking policy, for which stated that they could make a rule at a moment's notice, but there was not a clear or definitive rule there, which only certain people can access this policy to begin with. However, I do have a copy of it. So, I email this person with the details as to what was transpiring. Then, Dr gere tells me the dean wants to see me again in her office. Which goes back to what I had mentioned in the beginning of this post where she told me I was loitering to save her ass and get rid of me because I was asking too many questions. Anyway, I just wanted to share this, I will always advise being knowledgeable and curious, but be careful who who you ask questions to, as some may be so corrupt that asking questions could mean consequences, which goes back to what I always say, how do you defend yourself without knowledge and how do you gain knowledge without being curious? You cannot, blind sheep to the slaughter. They want to keep people ignorant of the law so it can always be used against them for whenever reason they choose. Psychological warfare on its own people, I believe we call that communism. Just be weary, stay safe.
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