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Creativity: 0.77
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FAttitude3: 1
FAttitude4: 1
FAttitude5: 1
FAttitude6: 1
FacultyAcc: 2.31
Friendly: 0.77
FromArea: 1
FundingUse: 0.77
Gender: 1
GradYear: 5
Grounds: 6.15
Intellect: 4
Maint: 3.08
MindExpect: 3
MindUse: 1
Programs: 0.77
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude7: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 0.77
Social: 10.00
Standing: 2
SurroundingCity: 7.69
TAclasses: 5
Usefulwork: 0.77
Worth: 0.77
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I had a horrible experience going to this college between 2003 to 2005, came fresh out of high school, got a scholorship for this college and it was all a waste of time. Back in 2003, i was so excited about going to this college, bragged about this place and got there it was great at first but things just starting going down after that. The librarian that year(Maxine)she's retired now but she was an old, ugly woman, she was very nice to me at first but after a made a mistake and accidently took some reference material out because i was in a rush, she absolutely hated me after that even after i apologized sincerly about my carelessness that day she still hated and was very disrespectful to me everytime i came into the library. I couldnt even ask her a question with out her either being snappy to me or just ignoring me. I was even assigned to her for workstudy and she told the register's office that she didnt want me working for her, that was the most hurtful thing that she could ever done especially since i apologized to her. Had a few problems with others too, like my drawing one teacher, i forgot her name but i dont think she is there anymore but all because she got mad at the other students for talking she too it out of everyone else and gave everyone a bad grade and i was crushed about this bc i skipped my lunch break just to spend time on this assignment and she said that i was doing great on it. I really dont think that was fair at all and i talk to her about it and she told me to get out! So that day i just dropped her class. Had problems with this woman name with the name of Leann Warner but she was a horrible unprofessional person to deal with and she treated me like an animal. This college needs a change with things quick!! I hate to say that people dont need a job that are unprofessional especially during these hard times now but i think that they need to be laid off or fired because of lack of professionalism and hire great people who doesnt take things personal and act like fools at that college. So i just had enough of it and i dropped out of this college in 2005, it was enough. I just hated this faculty at this college and they are seriously making the college itself look really bad. And im just amazed now every once in a while i happened to drive by the school and they are just tons and tons of students still going to this college and the poor things are just wasting their money and time here where they could go to another better art college. The dorms were just disgusting. I stayed at the park dorms and the dorms were about ready to fall apart. One morning while my roommate and I were sleeping, they whole entire kitchen ceiling fell through scared us near about to death. We couldnt even go and stand out at the balcony bc it look like it was about ready for fall at anytime, if just jumped on it or do anything bad it probably would fall. So that was my horrible experience there and if u ask me about this college, my advice to anyone is to NOT GO TO THIS COLLEGE. You will regret it and you will be wasting your money and later u will be stuck with paying for the loan for a college that you didnt even learn from just more or less a hellhole that you dealt with for years!! The students there were ok, and made a few friends but that was about the only good thing that i enjoyed about it there.

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