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AcademicSuccess: 2.31
Competitive: 2.31
Creativity: 0.77
ExCuricular: 3.08
FAttitude5: 1
FAttitude6: 1
FacultyAcc: 0.77
Friendly: 1.54
FromArea: 2
FundingUse: 1.54
Gender: 1
GradYear: 15
Grounds: 3.08
Intellect: 3
Maint: 2.31
MindExpect: 3
MindUse: 3
Programs: 4.61
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude6: 1
SAttitude7: 1
Safety: 3.85
Social: 6.92
Standing: 1
SurroundingCity: 8.46
TAclasses: 1
Usefulwork: 4.61
Worth: 1.54
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Well first off Bay State college only offers one thing good about the school and that is its location right in downtown Boston. If i could attend a different school in the same location, best believe i would.

This is my first year in the school and its HORRIBLE. I was living on campus and was put in a room of 6 total girls. All of them gained up on me everyday and bullied me constantly. They would constantly tell the R.A. on me for little petty things such as "she skypes too much, she hasnt contributed any cleaning supplies, etc…" then they would always act like i was non-existent and would ask eachother to go out then leave me behind. They would touch my stuff, leave me nasty notes, destroy my property and tried to boss me around. It was also to the point where i would leave for the weekend to go home and wouldnt even want to go back in my dorm and dreaded going back to spend another whole week with the girls i lived with. When i was in my room i never felt comfortable and always would try to find other things to do so i could spend as little time as possible in there. Also, one was racist and would always say racist slurs like it was appropriate. These girls did nothing but rash on everyone else on campus, including myself. Luckily im strong and could deal with it for the most part but its pretty pathetic when you mention all this to the faculty and they will lie and say its the first time they hear anything about it and then do NOTHING about it. Even when the DEAN was notified she "didnt care" and basically admitted bullying was no concern to her or how it affected me.

Also, everything here is a violation. No smoking near any of the buildings, no going in the park at dark, dont be loud, no more than 2 guest in a room, no standing outside the dorms, no candles, no microwaves…the list goes forever.

Money money money. Thats one thing this school loves! WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LIVE ON CAMPUS- IF YOU DECIDE TO EVEN COME TO THIS RUN DOWN SCHOOL. I spent $20,000 to live on campus for 2 months with dealing with nothing but headaches and to basically throw all my money away. All this school cares about is the money, not about you. Honestly if the dean doesnt even care about a student being bullied; thats as low as it gets, but hey shes getting paid by me so shes happy. When i first came here i thought the reviews might have been wrong and i gave the school a chance

its what you make of it
WRONG. The school is a joke! Pay to go there, pay to live there, pay to eat nasty food, pay for all your supplies, pay for your laundry, pay for books, and for all the money they get they dont even have a parking garage and the printers are always broken and ONLY have black ink. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THATS CHEAPER AND ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT YOU AND YOUR EDUCATION.

I learn all the same things i did in highschool and the kids in this school act so immature i feel like im babysitting. All of them are pretty much only there to get higher GPA'S and all hate that school just as much as i do. Better off going to a community college or any college at that! Trust, this is NO college, this is a money robbing joke that i dont understand how it even remains to have students attend here. Yes, the teachers are nice and do try, but the faculty sure doesnt. You wont recieve any help and if you do try talking to them good luck cause it will take you weeks before they get back to you.

This was such a waste of my time and money that i would hate to see anyone be in the position im in and not get the first year college experience all teens want. Im so disapointed im beside myself. They rob people from their potential education and money. I would NEVER recemmend this school to ANYONE. So please if you read this take it very seriously or youll end up in debt thousands of dollars just to get NOWHERE.

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