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AcademicSuccess: 6.15
Competitive: 9.23
Creativity: 5.38
ExCuricular: 5.38
FAttitude1: 1
FAttitude2: 1
FAttitude3: 1
FAttitude4: 1
FAttitude5: 1
FacultyAcc: 3.08
Friendly: 0.77
FromArea: 2
FundingUse: 4.61
Gender: 1
GradYear: 16
Grounds: 9.23
Intellect: 3
Maint: 9.23
MindExpect: 4
MindUse: 3
Programs: 8.46
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude7: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 7.69
Social: 0.77
SurroundingCity: 0.77
TAclasses: 2
Usefulwork: 3.08
Worth: 7.69
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I'm a second semester Freshman but I'm strongly thinking about transferring. Last year when I first stepped on campus and thought

this is my school, I was born to go here
… yea right until I actually enrolled and went.

The people: UCONN is 80% in state, so most people are going to college with their whole high school and friend group and they aren't really interested in making new friends. After the first night of college, the cliques formed and after that nothing changed. So you're basically stuck with the same people you met the first night of college. In my dorm, the people are friendly, but only to the level of "hey, hi" relationship. Also, if you're not in a sorority then it's basically impossible to meet new people.

The campus: the campus is actually pretty nice. Most of the buildings are updated and everything is laid out pretty well.

The dorms: Freshman dorms suck. End of story. The bathrooms are so gross and there's always puke on the toilet seat. The showers, don't even get me started. I feel like i have to stand in one spot without moving b/c i don't want to touch the grimy walls and there aren't even walls in between the showers, just a curtain. And each shower flows into the last one with a drain, so you're pretty much screwed when the person to the left of you is puking in the shower from being hung over the next morning…

The food: the food is not too bad, although i'm a plain eater and eat the same thing every night, there are options for everyone which is nice. There are also a bunch of different dinning halls. McMahon is the nicest, it's like gourmet restaurant style food served on fancy square plates.

The staff: there is a mix b/w good and bad. I only liked one of my teachers, i could tell she was a dedicated teacher, and all my other ones didn't give a shit and were impossible to get in touch with to meet for office hours.

My advisor was no help at all either!

The education program: it's super competitive, they only take 40 students for elementary education so if you don't get in you're completely screwed! The advisor for education is also no help at all and never even emailed me back after I emailed twice and someone else but that other person responded only to say she forwarded the email to that same advisor who never answered… thanks.

The weather: cold and windyyyyyy!!!!!! It makes you not want to leave the dorm, its so windy all the time its a wind tunnel. It's also super cold so your face feels like it's being hit by bricks when it's windy (which is all the time).

Social scene: Frat parties are so overrated, the first one is fun because you don't know what to expect, but expect this: a huge crowd of people crammed in the basement of a house, beer on the floor everywhere, you can't talk or hear anything bc the music is so loud. You literally can't even move because there are so many people, you really can't even dance! They always run out of drinks and every party i've been to has gotten broken up by the cops—the cops have been super annoying and they are everywhere. There is a thing on friday nights called late night in the student union which is alright, there's karyoke where you can watch people suck at singing and eat food.

Sports: UCONN is pretty big in sports. Football this year sucked, and the games were rather boring, although we rock in basketball. I haven't been to a game yet.

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