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Standing: 4
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I am a not-proud alumnus of Medaille College. I cannot in good faith recommend this place to anyone, not even my worst enemy. The amount of difficulty I've had with administration, student services, and just about every department around has done nothing but cause me major aggravation and stress. I am not the only person alone who thinks this. Morale on campus is extremely low and most people that go to Medaille end up hating it very quickly.

I went to college to have fun, but also to be challenged academically. I didn't get either. A majority of my gen ed classes were a review of what I had already learned in high school without any new material or perspectives added; just regurgitation of facts on a PowerPoint. In my department, a lot of the professors are genuinely nice people. However, being nice does not necessarily make a good teacher. I had one professor who was pleasant enough, a retired schoolteacher who could pass for your sweet grandfather. However, his classes were useless. He could never remember what day of the week it was, or what class he was even supposed to be teaching, and spent more time making sex jokes than anything else. Sure it was an easy A, but I could not say I learned anything from him. And that is just one of the many examples of how subpar the academics here. After I graduated and went on to graduate school, I came to find out that a lot of the stuff that I had been taught at Medaille was either out of date or WRONG. That?s right, I PAID OVER $30,000 IN TUTITION FOR INCORRECT INFORMATION! Needless to say, I was not pleased. I mean I knew there were professors (Dzierba) who liked to interject their opinions into everything, but come on! For the money spent on this place, you should expect better.

The students here…oh God the students. They are such starfuckers that any of the girls who still aren't dating their high school boyfriends will gladly spread their legs for any fifth-string benchwarmer on whichever of our D3 teams are playing at the moment. Each year everyone makes a big deal whenever one of those overrated gangs make it into the playoffs and then goes completely silent when said team inevitably gets wiped on the floor by a superior school. This happens every year without exception, but God forbid you don't stop and genuflect at the sight at the sight of a beloved Maverick. Sports fan or not, the student body here is completely unlikable and just plain dumb. Most are either rich suburban kids that somehow got rejected from everywhere else, or ghetto kids that will quietly be removed from campus because they never go to class and just make the whole place smell like weed. There's a few decent people here, but either they're never around or they wisely transfer out of Medaille. The dorms here are something else. They were built in this century but are already falling apart. The AC/Heat never works properly and it takes forever to get anything fixed. The few students that live on campus almost always go home on the weekends so nothing goes on during that time. The activities the school has are horribly attended and often targeted for little kids or other people that aren?t college students. (Things like shopping shuttles to the mall, face painting, Disney movies etc.) It never changes from year to year because the people in charge of these things can?t seem to admit that they don?t know what they?re doing.

Oh and did I mention that Medaille has a TERRIBLE reputation in the community? Hardly anyone outside of Buffalo has heard of this place, and the people who have wince when you tell them where you went to school. Of course it doesn?t help either when our esteemed college President (who looks like he should be scamming for people?s spare change on a street corner) attends a football game for a high school Medaille?s partnered with and trash talks their opponents and says that he hopes ?they go home sad? during his speech! This among the many other blunders this school has made. It had a partnership with the NFTA for years that gave students free passes for public transportation, then they screwed that up?A baseball player raped a girl, nothing was done?A public safety officer raped an RA, he got a promotion while the RA was forced to quit?notice a pattern here? This school?s priorities are screwed up and not student centered, and there is no indication that things will get better. My advice, stay away from this place. It is way overpriced and in the end causes more frustration and despair than it is worth. Go find a real college.

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