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FAttitude5: 1
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FromArea: 2
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Gender: 1
GradYear: 16
Grounds: 0.77
Intellect: 4
Maint: 0.77
MindExpect: 5
MindUse: 3
Programs: 0.77
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude7: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 0.77
Social: 0.77
Standing: 2
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TAclasses: 3
Usefulwork: 0.77
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Don't come here. This is a campus of clones who just can't seem to get out of high school. I mean that literally. EVERYONE I have met is from a Cincinnati private school, and is somehow affiliated with the other. Personally, I came here for the business program, with it's impressive reviews. I got into other schools such as University of Illinois, UCONN, Penn State, and NYU, but because I went to a little boarding school, I loved the small feel of Miami and decided to give it a shot. I could not be more disappointed. This place is beyond f'ed up, everyone is a clone of the other. I had a great group of friends freshman year, I was planning on rushing, but when I got home after my first semester here, I noticed I changed. I started judging people on their apparel, if they looked put together, and I thought holy shit, who am I becoming. I decided, eh I'm not going to rush. I am a very kind and friendly person. I got most likely to be on SNL in high school. When I didn't rush?everything changed. I'd see my "friends" in their letters and they would barely acknowledge me because I'm a "geed." Like I said, these superficial assholes can't get out of high school. I am only trying to help any girl that likes her individuality, someone who likes Seinfeld and Curb your enthusiasm and Jack White and can have conversations about actual things and not just talking shit about your friends. If you want to go here, and you plan on rushing, be prepared to become the same exact copy of the next person. People will say "Spoken like a true geed!" Nah. I am not against the Greek system. I find it can be a nice way to meet new people, make some connections. I plan on possibly going greek at my next school I transfer to. But here. Its unbelievable. A very superficial, "my life is perfect" world, where how your life on Facebook reflects your life in general. I lost my friends because I didn't rush. First semester was great, loved it. After that, I thought I'd keep giving it a shot, but it just got worse. I am now going to go to a much better university that offers more to me than just Greek. Not to mention incredible weather.

One example that will really reflect a typical old friend cloned into a "Miami girl" <—(that IS A REAL THING). I was at Brick Street Bar sophomore year, when my freshman roommate/old friend (who crossed me off after not rushing) came up to me wobbling drunk, holding onto me to balance, and said, "I'm so sorry I'm such a shitty friend. I just know that you're the kind of person who will be there despite it." In a voice that wasn't hers. I high pitched, dumb-girl voice. Its sad.

These girls come here to get their MRS-degree. I can personally account 5 instances where I asked a girl her what her major was, she said some shitty communications major, and said

But I just really want to meet my husband.
How fu. Well God bless the man that marries these self absorbed dumb girls who offer nothing to the table except vodka, gossip, and two faces.

I also applaud Miami University for their utmost efforts to improve the diversity here. Not to mention the impressive layout of the campus. The Greek dorms are provided with the BEST location, with the BEST dining facilities, right next to the Rec Center, while those who choose not to go Greek are thrown off onto North campus where there is only "Scoreboard"—basically an even shittier version of McDonalds. I had a 20 minute walk to the Rec from North campus. Also, one more thing. All the lights are out around there. All of them. I had to put on my flashlight mode to get back to my dorm after long nights at the library. Nothing like being alone coming back at 2 am and walking in pitch black. As an out-of-state student, I found this very disturbing. They'll say "well you had the option to live in the Greek dorms." I did that. I moved. And now whenever I try to get down study, I hear a group of girls screaming like someone got shot. Oh wait, that philanthropy or whatever. WOOOOOOOO YEAH WE PAID 600 DOLLARS FOR PEOPLE TO JUDGE US BY OUR LOOKS AND APPARELL YEAH I LOVE MY "SISTERS".

^^ I am salty about Greek life here after hearing a group of sorority girls in a particular sorority that shall not be named (DG) in my freshman dorm deciding which girls in there pledge class were pretty and which were ugly. Funny thing is, weeks after that horrible Mean Girls Burn Book incident, they are in photos with those girls they called ugly on Facebook with some quote like

I lost all respect, who do these people think they are?

Thank you Miami of Ohio, for showing me the kind of person to never be. 100K worth of some business knowledge and a shitload of disappointment. You have shaped me into a better person, a person that gets to know people, not just where they come from or if their wearing a Patagonia or a zip up from Target. Thank you for revealing to me the utmost superficiality that Miami exhibits. Miami is not the school for someone who has values. Miami is a school for a bunch of hypocrites who think the world owes them something. I wish you nothing but success on that MRS degree ladies, but know in the end when you realize 2 years into that loving marriage that you're not happy, and your rich husbands sleeping with his secretary, know that you actually prostituted yourself into that rich "classy" lifestyle. God bless. Love and Honor.

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