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AcademicSuccess: 3.08
Competitive: 5.38
Creativity: 5.38
ExCuricular: 5.38
FAttitude1: 1
FAttitude2: 1
FAttitude3: 1
FAttitude4: 1
FacultyAcc: 5.38
Friendly: 6.15
FromArea: 2
FundingUse: 6.92
GradYear: 16
Grounds: 0.77
Intellect: 3
Maint: 1.54
MindExpect: 3
MindUse: 4
Programs: 5.38
SAttitude1: 1
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude5: 1
SAttitude7: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 8.46
Social: 5.38
Standing: 2
SurroundingCity: 10.00
TAclasses: 3
Usefulwork: 7.69
Worth: 4.61
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I have been at Pace for two years. I have gained a lot of understand of what kind of school this is and I have a few pointers on whether or not this should be a school you should spend your (or your parents) hard earned money on.

First off, I would like to say that a lot of people agree with me when I say the first semester/year is great, and it gets worse every semester afterward. This school has a HUGE transfer out rate. Half of the people I met my first year were gone after that. It's hard to keep friends here. People either transfer out, or move out of the dorms, or other reasons.
Another thing, I may be an outlier because I am a typical white guy who likes sports and does typical "dude" things, but if you consider yourself a typical "suburb" kid or grew up in the suburbs, this school isn't for you. There are not a lot of "normal" people at this school. Lets be honest, there's a lot of gays, metrosexual men, foreign students, and high maintenance girls. This school is very cliquey. If you do not belong to one of those groups or "clique's" you're going to have a harder time finding people to be friends with. Not saying anything is wrong with any of those mentioned above, thats just the vast majority of the student body. So much for a "University" this school is far from having a diverse crowd. I would say the overall friendliness of the school from 1-10 from 1 being lowest and 10 being highest is probably around a 4-5. Some students are willing to talk, a lot keep to themselves, there are a good amount who are snobby.

When it comes to outside of the campus activities, I mean cmon its NYC so yes there are going to be a lot of things to do, BUT, you must have money to do them. The city is REALLY expensive. If you're "ballin on a budget" you're not going to have a lot of fun because you will be super limited. If you have a lot of money, then you will have the time of your life. The city is what you make of it.
When it comes to the actual campus, i'm not gonna lie this place is a shit hole. It's a really ugly school, its outdated, the cafeteria is basically a closet, its just not a nice looking campus. The dorms are decent though. Beekman is a brand new building and the John street is relatively new. The area around the main campus and dorms is really nice and super safe. One thing I didn't like about dorming is the lack of opportunities to meet students. There aren't alot of common areas where students can go and hang out and socialize. Besides a gym and a few TV rooms thats about it. Dorms are REALLY small, but have their own bathrooms. Proximity of the dorms to the main campus is really close.

When it comes to the professors at this school, it's kind of hard to comment. I've only been here for two years and took mostly business classes so overall I would say the professors i've had were average to a little higher than average. You will have professors who don't speak english, but that's the majority of colleges. A good amount of professors here also teach at other colleges in the city like Baruch, NYU, and other CUNY schools, so whatever courses you're taking here would probably be equivalent to those other schools.

Overall, the best advice I would give to someone who is considering this school is definitely check it out first. If you are looking for that "college experience' literally dodge this college at all costs. You COULD however, try this campus, and switch to the West Chester campus. They're more of a "traditional college". They're both Pace and the transition is easy as just picking where you want your classes, and choosing your dorming. It's that simple. If you fit the mold of one of the clique's here, you'll love it, if not, its going to be tough for you. The campus is horrible but the surround area definitely makes up for it.

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