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Survey (Identifying information hidden.)
ACT: 23
AcademicSuccess: 5.38
Competitive: 0.77
Creativity: 0.77
ExCuricular: 0.77
FAttitude1: 1
FAttitude2: 1
FAttitude3: 1
FAttitude6: 1
FacultyAcc: 7.69
Friendly: 3.08
FromArea: 1
FundingUse: 5.38
GradYear: 20
Grounds: 10.00
Intellect: 4
Maint: 10.00
MindExpect: 4
MindUse: 1
Programs: 1.54
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude4: 1
SAttitude7: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 10.00
Social: 0.77
Standing: 1
SurroundingCity: 3.85
TAclasses: 1
Usefulwork: 4.61
Worth: 0.77
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I am a freshman in the accounting program at Auburn University. I didn't come from money and I choose auburn because it is highly ranked and I got a small scholarship. I thought I would be able to work hard and be able to earn my degree while being challenged by the course work. I am taking about 17 hours a semester and have a high GPA .

I personally hate about 80% of the students. Most come from rich families who are paying their entire way for four or five years. While they spend most of there time drinking and partying and go to the beach several weekends each semester. Most have never worked any type of job before. Everyday I overhear at least 10 or more people whine about how their parents aren't paying for their next trip or something stupid they wanted. Most of these students will look down on you if you don't come from money. They love to hear themselves talk about how important they are and how busy they are yet they are only taking 12 hours each semester. I find it very annoying how I have to work while going to school and every break I pull 60+ hours weeks just to pay for school while most of my class mates went to the beach to get drunk. Yet despite all that the absolute worst part is that they think that there experience is the same as everyone else. Most come from upper class families yet the will get offended if you say that and insist that they are middle class.

About 10% of the students seem to hate this place and the rest seem to spend most of their time partying or wasting time.

The professors are some of the best teachers I have ever seen. Yet they they tend to fall in to two categories. The first are absolutely excellent to their students. They love want they do and enjoy helping students. Yet more fall into the second category which is pretty much just average and/or depressed. They don't really care about the class because they know you are just taking the class because you have too and don't really care. They have taught it forever and have found a way to make the class as easy as possible for them. They don't seem happy and would love if someone would take interest in their class yet most students spend all of class on their phones. Most professors are forced by the university to be open to the students and they seem to bend over backwards if anyone complains just so they get good reviews from every student. Most don't seem to care or think their job is important. However the younger they are the better they tend to be.

Personal I find that all they thought us in the early business class is how to beg for a job that we will never get.

The university seems to not care about what students think or do as long as they get paid. They don't care about challenging student and dumb down most of the classes. Yet if you complain they will rudely bend over backwards for you just to make you "happy".

Everyone at the university will expect absolutely nothing out of you and hold your hand for everything you do. Then they will tell you how hard what you did is when it really isn't. For the first 2 years you can do just about the minimum or less and still be praised by the school. Most importantly the university will do or say just about anything as long as you come back next semester. They will treat you like a child the entire time you are here.

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