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Going to Bowling Green State University was the worst decision I have ever made. I attempted suicide the second year I was here due to big pressures of a tiny town, and shitty people I was with freshmen year. Never, I repeat, NEVER room with friends from highschool. They turn on you in an instant and lie about not having sex while you were in the room, eat your food, pile up the trash and blame you for it, ask for beer money, drink all of it and not save you any (all 50 times), and lie about being "good" to other's faces. The dorm hall I was in was half closed down, and it was a supposed to all be closed and rebuilt, but they ran out of money for that to instead use it to build a sorority "town". 2 years later and It's still there. All sports games and parties were lame. Slow elevators, staff that only cares about themselves, and some negative attitudes from students. I wasn't expecting much from dining hall food. But man it was absolutely digusting, prison food would probably be better. Never been, but that's beside the point. The outtakes food is probably the closest thing to real food, but there aren't many healthy options. Plus, it's super expensive (even with falcon dollars). Lecture halls are packed, even the higher 4000 level courses. All elevators are horribly slow, buildings are disgusting, and the constant construction going on is a mental health hazard. Everyday I woke up to the constant beeping of construction trucks, or the train whistle nearby,and even today, my third year ( I just live off campus and go to the local community college-yes this school was so horrible it made me sink so low as to go to a community college) I can still hear the construction shit 7 miles away from campus. Also they have shuddles for "more convenient" transport, but they are all old and very squeaky loud, and don't go to all the needed places you think they would go. The stops are in the middle of nowhere. Also, don't plan on studying. Ever. There's no place anywhere to study or learn, as everywhere is always packed (even the library). In fact, the library is the worst place to study. I've also utlized the tutoring center, but it usually has 10 kids needing help and one staff person. They were realy helpful, but more people would need to be hired, so more kids get help. It was also so loud. At every level. The weather was also horrible. Windy. Every single day. Horrible in winter. The teachers were okay, but 200 kid lecture halls was horrible for my anxiety. And the seats are very uncomfortable. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety only after coming to BGSU. I suggest you NEVER go here and run far away. There's just always something sinister about the environment here. Everything except cru. Cru was the only thing that helped me keep my sanity. If it weren't for cru, I'd be dead a year ago.

College is hard because it's a major life change. But it shouldn't be this hard. Go in with a major to get core classes that'll go to anything out of the way. Never go in undecided, as you will waste time running in circles, some of my friends did that, and now they're behind. Do soul searching before going, pick something. Even if it's geology, and join tons of groups, go to all the concerts, all the parties, all the club meetings, and join dance classes, music classes and comedy nights, audition for choirs, go to bon fires, hockey games, poetry slams, sorority/fraternity recruitments,take a video class, a language class, and check out prout chapel to study and play the piano. Get out of the dorm, trust me you'll need it, get out. (Attach pepper spray to your keys if you need to). And do everything you can (not just drink) to find fulfillment. Do all these, because college is what you make it. Seriously. Keep an even busier schedule than in highschool. You won't regret it. I did all of these things. Don't cut things from your life, add everything you humanly can. Visit home/another friend's home on long weekends. Get breadsticks from pollyeyes, go on dates to el zerape and black swamp. Don't spend all your falcon dollars on starbs. I only regret doing them at BGSU. Just don't go to BG.

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