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The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

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Afraid, Arrogant, Broken Spirit, Violent, Snooty, Closeminded

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Arrogant, Condescending, Self Absorbed

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He cares more about Safety than the average student.
Date: Feb 18 2008
Major: Art & Design Department (This Major's Salary over time)
My dorm walls were literally covered in shit. I never actually completed my education at Edinboro, it was so awful. Me and my best friend BOLTED in the middle of the night… FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER EVER EVER GO TO EDINBORO UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA. ANY DECENCY LEFT IN YOUR SOUL WILL BE COMPLETELY RAPED OUT OF YOU. my roommate was a complete douche bag. kory hiner DIE IN A DITCH! my best friends roommate was a slut and a whore. she got mad at her for eating goddamn ramen. mindy mc uggo (the slut on the 7th floor of the towers). how the hell did the building flood from the top??!?!?! sweet gentle jesus. the only escape me and my friend had was driving to panera every other night to get away from the hell hole which is edinboro. the guys on the 3rd floor of my dorm were probably the dumbest bunch of asses, and it made me realize they let ANYONE in this place. some people just dont need to be in college. also, the police were there 3 times a week for rapes in the 3rd floor. BURN IN HELL EDINBORO UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA!!!
questionWere there seriously rapes on the campus???

I'm thinking of going there next year, but I can't find any info about it.

I mean I know there are some stupid people that go there- it is a state school in the middle of nowhere. That's why I want to go there, but still have to worry if they are seriously keeping something as big as that hushed up.

The reason you never heard about the rapes is because they didnt happen. The kid who wrote this is Gay (yes he seriously is) and didnt tell anyone this when he applied. His room mate was a jock,on the wrestling team. They clashed. the shit on his walls were sports posters on his room mates side.

As far as his friend on the 7th floor, her room mate was fine. She did go to some parties and had both guy and girl friends over but wasnt a slut. This person also didnt have a full scholarship. He also didnt score anywhere near 2300. He did bolt in the middle of the night as he said. he was failing nearly all of his classes and couldnt handle being so far from his family. Didnt help that he spent $750 a month on gromming products and his room mate used axe and Pert. Bad experiance but dont believe the BS the kid has issues.

commentThanks…it had me worried.
responseThere was literal shit, don't delude yourself into thinking it wasn't there. If this is Kory Hiner—GO TO HELL!! My friend is sorry he didnt check the box to be segregated into being a member of the gay community, you ignorant piece of white Edinboro trash. He did not spend a lot of money on grooming products, he was just clean. AND BITCH, he's smarter than you. Kory Hiner, on the other hand, smelled like a dead rotting wombat carcass (i smelled him) and he had to be the most awkward ass person I have ever not really met…because GOD FORBID he would speak to anybody. There were actual rapes, if you're dumb enough to go to Edinboro University of PA…I hope you're the next victim.
commentOkay now I'm lost…
responseIf you haven't gotten the hint yet…STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM EDINBORO!!!
commentEdinboro ruined my life. I totally agree with whoever wrote this, although I don't know who Kory Hiner was. Panera was my sanctuary as well…a place far enough from campus that still had internet access. Edinboro is shit covered.
responseI'm here now…and I like it.

Happy I didn't listen to you. :-)

responseOh that's ok, it just means your a part of the majority of the population that are simple-minded and maybe a little too easy to please. Don't freeze to death this winter. :-)
responseThere is a major difference between "too easy to please" and receiving a good education from knowledgeable professors. It is unnecessary for anyone to complain as much as you people have. Edinboro is a great school, despite the horrible weather.
responseI find it kind of funny that the one fag has to be a douch bag. How about you just go back to your shitty Dallastown and live your shitty life and not worry about other people. The reason you failed out of school was because you were to fucking retarded to go to class. If you have something to say how about you say it to my face you queer peice of shit. If you want to say something to me just say something and we can talk. You fucking faggot.
Um, first of all he's doing quite well in an actual city where people don't use the word faggot quite so carelessly, unlike the backwoods country of Edinboro. Maybe you should try it up the ass sometime, I think you'd really enjoy it. I'm happy to hear your education worked out for you, you put together quite an intelligible paragraph berating my friend. Oh wait! Nevermind!! You sound like every other ignorant hick bastard. Aw. Eat shit.
commentIf you want to say something just say something and we can talk… I'm glad you at least know the definition of conversation.
responseI think it is very funny that all you people bash edinboro. It just goes to show that you have no class and as for intelligence, if your friend was so intelligent then how come he never went to class. Well he was probably had a higher IQ then the professors. I bet he even has a higher IQ then Bill Gates, he is probably the smartest person in the world and more then likely in the history. Do you even know the real definition of faggot or are you just ignorant and when I say ignorant I mean the real definition I don't mean what most people think of it. You think you are so smart when in reality you aren't as smart as you think. Do you know anything about the rockets that are used when we are at war, how about the bombs, maybe you know something about the guided missles. I'm not going to say you are stupid you are just illinformed about everything. Just because you had a bad experience doesn't make it a bad place. Edinboro is like any other school it has some good points and it has some bad points, but if you don't put the work in you won't get anything out. I also find it funny that your friend can say negative things about me that are untrue but if you say anything about him ooo boy that person is going to hell. Your friend never went to class, when we had cable I paid for the spliter, and when ever he was watching something if I was in the room I would put on headphones so I would not disturb him, although when ever he would come in the room at what ever time he came in he wouldn't care how much noise he makes. Just because everyone doesn't see you as you want them to see you doesn't mean that you have to talk negatively on everyone. If you would like to talk to me in private and have a civil converstation I would gladly talk to you until then I would appriciate it if you would not talk negatively on me because I never said a negative thing about you until you attacked me, and you can act childish but it doesn't mean I have to.
commentI was raped on Edinboro campus. I was walking home on campus. This guy grabbed me and through in down on the ground. He ripped off my cloths and started beating me and raping me. I have cut and bruises. I was bleeding a lot. He kept slamming my head on the ground. Then after a while. He got up and zipped up his pants and said thank u and ran away. I grabbed the extra clothes in my bag put them on and ran back to my dorm.
This put me into the mentl hospital for wanting to commit suicide from seeing my rapist.

U decide if I am telling the truth after reading this.

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