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The DeVry University's Keller Graduate School of Management Illinois

Total Grad Surveys 18
Females 5
Males 13
Avg years at University 1.8
Research Quality C+ (5.6)
Research Availability B (6.6)
Research Funding D+ (3.3)
Graduate Politics B (6.5)
Not Errand Runners B (6.6)
Degree Completion B (6.5)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C- (4.2)
Sufficient Pay C (4.7)
Competitiveness B (7.1)
Education Quality B (7.2)
Faculty Accessibility A- (8.1)
Useful Research B (6.9)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.5)
Friendliness B+ (7.4)
Safety A- (8.3)
Campus Beauty B- (6.0)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.5)
University Spending B (7.0)
Extracurriculars C (4.8)
Scholastic Success B (7.2)
Surrounding City B+ (7.9)
Social Life/ Environment B- (6.5)
Research FundingD+
While this is a negative review I greatlyMay 05 2014Business - Management and Administration
While this is a negative review I greatly appreciated the administrative staff and some professors, for their time, commitment, and support for students.On the cons side this is a FOR-PROFIT school and that culture is greatly reflected in how this school is run. Teachers are not allowed to flunk students, which in turn depreciates the quality of the Keller Degree. While a student of this school I would frequently talk to individuals who cheated to pass classes, students who had not learned the necessary concepts from previously taken classes and teachers who were uninterested in supporting their students. I would have recommended this program if the cost of it was reflective of the education. Since it is not I would never recommend this school to anyone who values their money and educational experience.
I have been enrolled in MISM Course inJan 11 2012School of Information
I have been enrolled in MISM Course in Keller for the last year and a half. I have completed 7 courses, 1 of which was online.

Pro's :

-The classes are useful
-The faculty is professional and bring a world of experience to the class.
- Flexible program (I had to take couple of breaks due to personal reasons, and it was not a problem)

Con's :

-No University feel, no campus life, activities, sports, etc
-Faculty not strict in marking homework, exams, assignment papers. I.e it is easy to get good grades with not too much effortTo conclude, you get what you put in, and its upto you to make the most of the courses.

Stay away from this schoolJan 04 2012Unknown
Stay away from this school. Their admin is pathetic. Their instructors are non-responsive. The only people who respond are the survey folks, and they won't leave you alone. I have had multiple issues. I've been registered for classes I didn't ask for. I've been billed directly when there was student aid. I've been sent bills when the bill has already been paid. I was in a course where the instru...ctor didn't say anything for 3 weeks (in an 8 week course.) I've had instructors take 4 weeks to grade homework or respond to questions (again, an 8 week course.) Most recently I was told I would have an e-book for a class, but lo-and-behold, when class started only hard-copies are available. Thus I have to wait for the bookstore to ship the books (I'm an online student). I get to start the class a week behind because these people don't know what they are doing.
I started the MBA program at KGSM inOct 28 2011Accounting
I started the MBA program at KGSM in October 2005 and I am finishing October 2011. I had to take some time off at various times for personal health and other issues. The staff were extremely helpful during this entire time period. I had only positive experiences with everyone I came into contact with, including the financial aid office, all the advising team, and the administration that assisted me.

Sometimes when someone complains about something they fail to tell the whole story. They fail to tell about what they didn't do, for instance, meet the financial aid deadlines or turn in all the paperwork. I do not use my university email. The last four of my school ID are 9056.

Mixed Feelings:Jul 20 2011Business - Management and Administration
Mixed Feelings: Ultimately DO NOT go here! REALLY!!!
Current MBA program student
The absolutely poor service with financial aid and its complete inconsistency in financial aid service at Keller and its disbursement system will push you to your limits as to why you EVER went to this university.

The actual curriculum and professors and doctors are great in all of my DeVry and Keller experience with real world experience and knowledge. It's a system that actually encourages you to always be on top of the topic matter and you really have to know your material.

The funny thing is I doubted all these negative feedback reviews as I've only had great experiences with both the professors and financial aid department.

I'm looking at some of the reviews of
*DisgustedFormerStudent on another site
and I must admit I was kind of pissed off from the comments. However in this horrible economy, coupled with virtually NO OPPORTUNITY to even get a position anywhere, it is essential that a full time student like myself to make sure certain distributions are distributed on a timely manner. It's already the first two semesters at Keller and THE FINANCIAL AID "PAPERWORK" DELAYS ARE... ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE...

I am pretty good at separating certain issues, but the way these guys have lack of consideration for their student needs, and I'm guessing for sheer profit, I've only met with financial aid delays after delays. They've given me nothing but excuses after excuses as to why the funds have NOT been released.

For each call after the first and expected release dates (due to my past experience at DeVry), I've only heard delays after delays, excuses after excuses as to why my funds have not been released. I finally received my payment after a semester ( that's THE NEXT SEMESTER ) with reduced loans that is COMPLETELY INCONSISTENT with all of my years at DeVry Undergraduate program.

The way their Financial Aid department is operating is, they are either all overworked doing multiple jobs or their system is all screwed up with hopefully not a small percentage that they are ACTUALLY SCAMMING their students with the WORST INCONSISTENT KNOWLEDGE or DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM in their departments, so much so,


You would literally need another person or assistant to deal with their department so that you can concentrate on being a student!!

To give them the benefit of the doubt, a great percentage of the operators have all been courteous and professional and underneath it all, it looks like they are all pawns under a horribly set up department and ultimately they are forced to give...

Unless they completely overhaul their communication (with lenders or WHATEVER) and possibly overworked labor issues...

Sadly there's a small percentage that I might actually be stuck with this university due to this economy!



(This is a for profit university and I'm not sure how they expect to survive or be profitable when they are essentially screwing over their students -

Hey DeVry/Keller, maybe you guys need to take an MBA program or learn some stuff from your own professors/doctors?! - YEAH FROM YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES!!) DISGUSTED ALSO!!

I am having a very positive experience toJun 29 2011Accounting
I am having a very positive experience to date, having completed 9 of my courses required to date, in an online environment. The online experience has been both professionally challenging and rewarding, and has required me to stay focused and on task in order to obtain the most I possibly can out of the course. To be successful within this program environment, which requires much reading, writing, and case/scenario completion, you have to be self motivated and driven. There is constant student input requested to improve upon the online experience, many of which are taken into consideration and implemented. Hats off to the development team for their tireless efforts in making this a very good, workable online environment.
I have been at Keller since January 10,Jun 10 2011Unknown
I have been at Keller since January 10, going for my Master in Financial Management and Accounting (concentrate in CPA program). Like most of my classmates, we choose Keller because we can earn school credits by attending Becker CPA review classes. I like most of professors in my school. They are professional, intelligent and they bring real world experience into class. However, there are many other reasons I would not recommend Keller to anyone. First, the MFMA program is too expensive ($32,000) and the MFMA program does not cover all materials that are tested in CPA exam. Four Becker CPA review classes alone cost me $5,000. I can go to National University and pay only $20,000 and spend another $3,000 for Becker review. Yes, Keller students pay extra for Becker CPA review compare with non-Keller students. Second, school?s customer service is horrible. You can never get things done in an efficient and effective way. Third, my school let non-CPA staffs teach accounting classes. I wasted $2200 on an accounting course and I did not learn anything because the teacher is not a CPA. In fact, that teacher does not know much of accounting. Fourth, Devry/Keller is lack of professional networking for students. There are no student clubs or professional societies in this school. My accounting professor is kind enough to help students organize an accounting club in school. However, because Devry/Keller is a for profit company. The school prohibits any student clubs associated with Keller name. Keller is not a top MBA school. Without networking, how does Keller expect students to find a job?I did not do much research on Keller before I enrolled the program last year. I am very regretted that I choose Keller. I have 3.9 GPA in school but I have to spend extra time study for my CPA exam because most of exam materials did not covered by Keller. For those who read my post, please consider all pro and con before you decide to enroll in Keller. You do not want to owe $32,000 in student loan with a degree that does not take you anywhere.
Mar 20 2010Business - Management and Administration
Good rigor in the academics. Excellent real world application examples. Wide spectrum of experience brought by instructors.
If you go fullMar 13 2010Finance
If you go full time for an MBA you can get your degree in 1 year and 4 months and would cost the same as one year of a full-time state MBA program. I have had a very enjoyable experience thus far.
Keller Graduate School of Management is for workingOct 13 2009Business - Management and Administration
Keller Graduate School of Management is for working adults. My experience was excellent. My results after obtaining an MBA from Keller are excellent because I believe my resume stood out for the HR recruiter. I was called in, interviewed, and rehired.

It's never too late to return to school. It's not the same though as being in your early 20s and getting into an Ivy League or into a reputable state school, while you have time on your hands, and a few sources of funding including your parents. Employers will certainly look at a younger graduate with no job experience but with a degree.

KGSM and its administration make it easy for older students with jobs and family to integrate full- or part-time classes into the routine. This doesn't mean it's only for working adults, but it definitely makes it easier for working adults to apply, take classes, and get on the trajectory to graduation.A KGSM degree, for me anyway, is like an essential ingredient to an amazing recipe. As a standalone item, it's not going to turn heads, but when mixed in with my other education and job experience it is a very effective agent.

HORRIBLE! Don't EVER attend Keller Graduate schoolJan 08 2009Business - Management and Administration
HORRIBLE! Don't EVER attend Keller Graduate school. I enrolled for a class in July of last year (2008)for their Business Administration MBA program. I had to drop the class the first week due to family obligations....I've been fighting with their financial aid department for the last 6 MONTHS to get the issues resolved...#1) They are trying to charge me almost $700 for an online class that I never even logged into. #2) I applied for a student loan from Wachovia to pay for the class...Wachovia ended up dispersing over $2,000 to Keller before I could cancel it. I've been trying to get the money returned to Wachovia from Keller for the past 6 months without success. I've spent COUNTLESS hours on the phone with NUMEROUS people at Keller who either didn't know how to help me, or didn't care to help me. The sad thing is...I've already spent over $40,000.00 with them obtaining my Bachelor's degree through DeVry University. You would think that they would show me better service after having chosen them to obtain my Masters degree (esp. since there are countless other schools that I could have chosen that are not as over priced as Keller), but Keller is just too concerned about money and not at all concerned about the student. I WILL NEVER ATEMPT TO TAKE A CLASS WITH KELLER GRADUATE SCHOOL BASED ON THIS INITIAL EXERIENCE AND THOUGHT IT WAS IMPORTANT FOR ALL OF YOU POTENTIAL STUDENTS TO SEE WHAT KELLER IS REALLY ABOUT. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS GETTING YOUR MONEY. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE QUALITY OF EDUCATION YOU GET!!!!!! BEWARE!
My Keller experience was a great oneApr 03 2008Business - Management and Administration
My Keller experience was a great one. After graduation I have moved up within my company very quickly. Combining my already strong work experience with a Keller MBA I was able to increase my earnings to well over 100k in a short period of time.

Now I manage a large manufacturing facility in Illinois along with being involved in startups in Europe, Asia and the US.

Education is for people that are serious about getting it. You do not have to go to a top 10 school in business but you do need to stay focused and have a clear objective of what your ultimate goal is. I chose Keller and it was the best decision I could have made. It is not always about the name of the school but it is about having the desire to succeed and Keller definitely opend many doors for me which made my success a reality.

I believe so strongly in Keller Gradute School that I started teaching at DeVry University. Knowing that I can make a difference in peoples’ lives is very important to me so I have to be actively involved in doing so. What better way to do it then teaching and shaping individual to be leaders in their communities and the world.

I would agree with a previous comment inNov 10 2005Business - Management and Administration
I would agree with a previous comment in that Keller is not a recognized name, which, at times, makes it hard to justify the cost. Nevertheless, I have been able to find value in every course and have made use on the job of lessons learned.

It is true that customer service is the very worst, especially in financial services.

The best assest that Keller Graduate School ofSep 14 2004Telecommunications
The best assest that Keller Graduate School of Management has to offer is its faculty. This is a school where the primary focus is making sure the student leaves with a working knowledge of the concepts that are taught. This is not a research institute, it is a practioner-oriented institution. If you are interested in gaining skills that will set you a part from the competition, this is a good school. I received my Master's in Network and Communications Mangement and finishing up my last 5 courses towards an MBA. I have gotten job offers and interviews as a direct result of my practical graduate education. The drawbacks include the customer service, name recognition, and the cost. The people are very nice at Keller but they don't have a formal mechanism to handle customer service issues. I've been attending the school for almost three years and I anticipate problems with paper work every term. The only reason I include name recognition because many people haven't heard of the school. Its not a Harvard when it comes to opening doors. And finally, cost. The school is expensive, about $28,000 for a degree. Since this is a for-profit school, there are not opportunities for teaching assistanships. Its great if employers foot the bill. Alot of us that attend the school go due to employee vouchers. In summary, the school isn't worth going into debt over, but if you have employer financial support or financial means to pay for it, I would recommend this school. Its flexible and rigorous enough to meet the demands of busy professionals.
I actually attend KGSOM in West Hills, CAJul 08 2004Business - Management and Administration
I actually attend KGSOM in West Hills, CA. So far, everything has been very impressive. Faculty members teach really well and are very accessible, the facilities are excellent (big beautiful building, spacious campus, lots of parking spaces), and student services by the Administration are nothing short of extraordinary (they really work to make things work for students)!My only complaint is the lack of financial support for graduate students (either have your company pay for your studies or be in debt with loans).

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