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The Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityD- Faculty AccessibilityC-
Useful SchoolworkD+ Excess CompetitionF
Academic SuccessC Creativity/ InnovationD
Individual ValueD+ University Resource UseD+
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyC- FriendlinessC
Campus MaintenanceD Social LifeD
Surrounding CityD- Extra CurricularsD+
Describes the student body as:
Arrogant, Snooty, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Excess Competition
Highest Rating
She cares more about Excess Competition than the average student.
Date: Jun 04 2010
Major: Journalism (This Major's Salary over time)
(my academic stuff listed below)

Here's my (hopefully helpful) rant:

Okay, so it's been nearly 2 years since I transferred from the Boro (thank goodness.) Now that there has been time to reflect and compare/contrast Edinboro to where I am at now, I'll share it here.

Edinboro's campus: Dirty, nearly all the time. Trash everywhere. Smells of cow manure in the fall. Very snowy (located in the Snow Belt); could tolerate it if the program was decent, but alas, it was anything but. (More on that in a second.)

The university claims it is handicap accessible and while I am not handicapped, when the snow arrived the sidewalks were barely clear enough for someone who could walk, let alone the handicapped students.

There's nothing around the Boro so if you don't have a car then you're literally trapped in this weird little bubble. Even if you do have a car, the snow makes it impossible to escape, believe me. Nearly all students go home on weekends, weather permitting.

Moved in early. Three days early. Was told that there would be dining open. Nope.

It's a long walk to everywhere. I was thin already but plus side is that I got an awesome shape I don't mind walking but if you do… have fun.

Edinboro's classes: I can't be more clear about this: The profs can barely teach. Granted, a few were very friendly people. But the classes were not that engaging or memorable. You'll get this anywhere but after having some excellent, excellent profs where I'm attending school now…Boro pales in comparison. Also: Literally no gen ed requrements. Sure, some gen eds can be irritating but some can surprise you. I've had the best courses of my academic career at my current school that I initially thought I would dislike. A variety of gen eds challenges the student in classes outside their comfort zone and makes a student more well rounded.

I was in the journalism program at EUP. To make sure, I went back to check the courses for the 2008 school year and you KNOW a program is bad when no mention of the impact the Internet and various forms of social media are having on journalism (and how to incorporate those things into journalism) is brought up in class. Furthermore, there was no mention of AP Style. AT ALL! This is journalism, people!

Tests were a joke. Homework was a joke. And yet, students still fail here. Amazing…

There was limited journalistic opportunity at EUP, both on campus and with internships and classes. My first SEMESTER of the school I transferred to, I learned more about my craft than ever before. I've been there 3 semesters now and have had many wonderful opportunities, some wonderfully caring professors with actual impressive job experience, unique journalism opportunities, the Honors Program and all that has to offer (trips, etc. I'm not sure if there was an HP at Boro when I was there but looking at the one in place now, it doesn't offer as much as other programs.) It wasn't like this at all at EUP. Academic organizations like Alpha Chi, which would look great for a student if they were to be nominated (by the college) and inducted (based on the best GPAs at an institution,) are not offered. I'm *not sure* but I don't think Edinboro offers this. The requirements of their honors program/dean's list are also lower than at other schools.

The students: Not Greek? Not a party animal? Not a vapid human being? Can you have fun, party in moderation, and have other interests besides? Don't expect to find others like you. I hear other alumni yell about going to socialize. I did. Problem was, they weren't people I was interested in being friends with. If they want to do drugs and have sex in front of people, awesome. Just not my thang.

I tried to get to know these people. Hey, I was pretty lonely so why not? I didn't turn my nose up at em but it got old watching them screw up (and then complain about something that they have control over) after a week or two.

Now when I transferred…that's when I met people and made college friends. So yes, I socialize, thank you.

Anyhow. I'm one of those people who likes school, and I like participating. It's not all I am, but it's still part of me. Besides, common sense says I'm paying to go here; it would be a shame if I threw that all away. Well, I don't, but nearly everyone else does.

I have talked to faculty who have informed me that EUP lowers the admissions standards drastically so that nearly anyone can get in, and that the faculty was "so excited" when the standards for the SAT went only SLIGHTLY up (Forget how many points, but it wasn't much) so slightly "better" students could get in. The lazy, bad students bog down the ones who want to learn and it is irritating as heck. Partying is great. But when that's ALL these kids do…yeah. I met a girl who got all C's and D's…why was she still there? Why?

Socially, everyone keeps their doors closed and just chills with the friends that they grew up with in the schools surrounding Erie. It's weird. There are some major drama kings and queens here too. Get ready to live among perpetual (stupid) 16 year olds. For older transfer students I met…this sucks. Being in your 20's and forced to room with freshman your first semester isn't fun. It's difficult for transfers to fit in to begin with.

It's also the little things…I can get my own door, thank you, but everyone is so damn rude around this place, i.e., no please or thank yous to kitchen staff (or to anyone), no one smiles, and once I walked in carrying a TV with a DVD player on top and five people walked by and didn't get the door.

FYI: In fall of 2008, students were informed that STDs were up by 75% or something ridiculous like that. Ew. Gross. And the restrooms in the dorms…don't get me started on that… this should tell you a lot about the "class" of the students.

Received several emails over the course of the semester about students that died from "natural causes." Disturbing.

The food: Terrible. But that's at nearly every school so that's to be expected.

Work study: as someone else ranted, scarce. Why? Idk. But there was no orientation at the beginning of the semesters to let you know what was open, etc. Complete opposite at my current school, where a work study can be found easily and if you're not a dolt, you'll be hired.

Security: Nearly anyone can get into these dorms. No one checks ID, there's hardly any security. Random people often roamed around the dorms that had no connection to EUP. Like crazy, vote for this political candidate types. A bit unsettling. I don't need baby sat. I don't want crazies roaming around either.

The transfer process: hahahaha. I almost got kicked out and my meal plan was cancelled and I nearly lost my aid. Here's why: I was informed, by various staff that screwed up my meal plan, dorm stuff, etc, that so many kids dropped out of Edinboro that they "hadn't bothered" to read my papers and just wrote me off as a drop out. Swear to God. I guess they missed the high lighted "TRANSFER SPRING 09" I had written at the top and in the necessary spot on the papers. Not only that, but one of the deans in charge of students also said that most kids drop out, and a lot transfer. But that I would be back because "fancy private colleges only give aid to hot shot freshman, not transfer students." I told him HELL no, only a bit more politely. Oh, and he was wrong. Half of my tuition at my current school is in school grants (unlike EUP which was mostly loans.) The other half is covered through loans. (And though it's private, it really isn't that fancy and is only about 6 grand more a year living off campus that at Edinboro living on campus.)

The staff: Incredibly unhelpful. (see above) And very awkward discussing FA stuff in front of everyone, as there are no individual offices within the office to meet with an advisor.

Technology: What technology? Boro needs to realize this isn't 1995. No such thing as renting out laptops either. Have a PC? Then their (required) computer software system (forget what it's called) will be the bane of your existence.

The dorms: The Highlands were completed after I left but I have heard from former room mates that they catch fire often. Not sure how valid that is, but considering how gross and run down the dorms besides Dearborn and Earp are, I wouldn't put it past EUP. I lucked out enough to have a quiet side of Dearborn but it's not so with the other dorms.

To sum it up: Maybe EUP has better programs to offer but in my experience, journalism (and a lot of others from what I heard) was not one of them. It's not a school for people who want to be challenged academically. I thought it would be a decent state college education, but I was wrong. If you're serious about college then look elsewhere. Even kids not serious about college hate Edinboro and regret their decision to go there.

It's not worth it. Look elsewhere.

My academic stuffs:

Major: Journalism, Political Science (minor after transferring)

Edinboro GPA, fall of 2008: 3.8

GPAs at the school I transferred to (past 3 semesters): 3.7, 3.8, 4.0 ("plus" grades are worth more than "minus" grades.) Active with various college media programs.

Paying for college myself, through loans/grants/scholarships that I'll pay back upon graduation.

Not trying to be snobby. But you can see why I was frustrated with the Boro. And alumni, to whom the experience wasn't that bad: Cool, but that was a different time. Things change.

Where do you go to college now?
questionPlease tell me where you go to college now! Or where you "went" to college if you have graduated since this review. I am desperately trying to find a good college that offers journalism and you and I seem to have similar ideas. Nevertheless, I am glad I read your review!
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