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Bob Jones University

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Date: Feb 11 2018
Major: Finance (This Major's Salary over time)
Now that you are out in the field, how has your college helped/hurt you?

It did nothing to help me. However, it did destroy my parents' ability to save money as they neared retirement. Now they are both dead, and I'm driving a truck for a living. As I grow older, the more what happened to us bothers me. It was a travesty. This school grossly misrepresents itself to the hay-seeds. In my case the hay seeds were me and my well-intentioned, but 8th grade educated, Mennonite parents. BJU robbed my parents of desparately needed money and me of the best years of my life. My parents went to their graves not fully understanding what happened. They were good people, but University education was beyond their ken.

What do you think you should have known/done?

I should have known that when Bob Jones University claimed itself to be the Harvard and Yale of Christian schools that I was being lied to. The open admissions policy should have been a clue, and the lack of accreditation, and the lack of Phds on the faculty, and so on.

What should I have done?

I should have gone to a much cheaper State University and gotten a real higher-education experience that would have better met my goals and needs. But. I was a Mennonite kid who wanted desperately to remake himself as a professional man. And I knew nothing of the outside world, much less of the outside world of higher education. I was defenseless against the Bob Jones scam. Me and my parents were cruelly misled as to what this school is.

The only thing I can do now—the only good I can salvage from this injustice—is to steer as many naive, fundy kids (and their parents) away from this school as possible.

I no longer believe in an afterlife. But if there is an afterlife—one that includes justice—these people will pay a heavy price for their deceit.

responseThank you for sharing your story. I am so sorry for what happened to you, and your parents. I agree with your negative comments about BJU 100%. It is a sham, a lie, a scam, a pitifully inadequate excuse for a college. It is NOT anything that it claims to be. It preaches Christ and Christian virtue, and teaches the "BJU way" always. In my experience, it teaches that lying and deceit and snitching are all okay, so long as it's for the "right reasons."

I roomed with a man who had a BJU undergrad and master's degree for about a year, and he was one of the most treacherous, dishonest, immoral people I have ever met. No exaggeration, he was detestable. Petty, narrow-minded, but extremely focused on doing things the "BJU Way". Oh, he went to a BJU-approved church every Sunday. He had his Bible memorized. And he got his first job around age 30, and it was a BJU-affialiated communications business. He had internalized what BJU had clearly taught him, and I was horrified by what they had apparently taught was okay.

Once again, I am sorry for what happened to you. I hope your experience serves as a warning to others.

Anyone else, a message: Stay away from BJU. Stay FAR away.

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Bob Jones University
Bob Jones University
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