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Albertus Magnus College

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I completed the New Dimensions program.Quite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I completed the New Dimensions program. It is a great program as long as you are in the correct learning team. I was fortunate and worked with some wonderful people. I have seen some learning groups that one person can make life miserable for the people who truly want to learn. Administration and the Advisors must figure out a way to weed these people out.
4th Year Male -- Class 2013
Education Quality: A, Campus Aesthetics: F
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Quite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
School should create a better program for helping working adults with jobs in local area. This has been poorly done so far.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2012
Education Quality: A, Social Life: B-
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I am most definitely not someone who usuallyQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I am most definitely not someone who usually leaves negative reviews, and I am also someone who tries to see the good in absolutely everything. With that being said, I have a very honest review to leave about the NYC Pace University campus... Going into this school fall of 2009, I was overly ecstatic about attending a school in the city. Let me start off by saying that this is the only good thing about Pace. Once enrolled, the faculty treats you like you are unimportant and uneducated. The office of student assistance always loses paperwork on all of the students. For example, they "misplaced" my Step-Father's company credit card information as well as all of my family's social security numbers and addresses, not once, but TWICE within a period of a year... Also, every single year from 2009 to 2012 financial aid as well as OSA always found a reason to keep me locked out of registration... There were always "holds" on my account, even when I would call them everyday for a week before registration for classes, to make sure there was no issues. EVERY TIME I called they would assure me that I had no holds, but of course, every single time I would go to register in hopes of getting the schedule that best accommodated my lifestyle... WHAM - "You can not register at this time due to a hold on your student account." WTF. Also, may I add, that I could never actually register in the main campus because the wireless craps out for mac users ALL THE TIME. I would have to go to the Starbucks across the street if I wanted any chance of connectivity. I had reported the wireless issue 7 times, as well as brought my lap top to the computer resource center 4 times only to find out, as I had told them, the problem was not my computer but rather their failed system.

Onto the next issue... Financial aid never managed to process my requests fast enough. Countless times I was almost REMOVED FROM HOUSING because they couldn't get to my financial aid needs quick enough. It got so bad to the point where I had to drop out for a semester with only ONE YEAR LEFT until I graduated... Oh and did I mention I was Vice President of the number 1 sorority on campus at the time? As well as an above average student? I also devoted countless hours of my free time to activities on campus as well as student government... While also maintaining a full time job. Yet still, Pace did not and still does not care what it is you do for the university, and they do not care how well you represented their name- or business rather. It is ALL about the money for them, they truly do not care about you as an individual. It is more important to them to remodel what was a perfectly fine and functional courtyard as opposed to updating their internal management.

Onto the next issue: HOUSING. Let me tell you how horrible that whole experience was. First things first, when you are a freshman and you live in Maria's Tower- EXPECT TO LIVE IN A SHOEBOX SIZED ROOM CONSTANTLY BEING INFECTED BY COCK ROACHES AND MICE- throw in some mold as well and faulty fire alarm systems. Onto sophomore year- I lived in the Brooklyn Heights dorm rooms... My roommate and I had to share a room that was meant to be a SINGLE. Our closet that we had to share had a bar for hanging clothes that was, I kid you not, 1 foot long. We both could not open the drawers underneath our beds at the same time because they would touch each other. At the end of the year, I was charged a fee because there were stars on the ceiling that someone left there from before I lived there. They charged $100.00 and it took 5 email exchanges to convince them that I shouldn't have to pay for something I didn't do. Onto Junior year- lived in Brooklyn Heights once again, got charged 15.00 every time I got locked out of my room- which ok, whatever, fair enough, but then they started to charge me that 15 randomly, when I hadn't been locked out... When I challenged this and had them double check the sign in book- wow turns out that they had made several mistakes! Shocker there- AKA trying to rip me off without them noticing. (I am the one who pays my way through school- not my rich parents like 85% of the people there). At the end of that school year 2012 (my last year there) I had a $200 dollar fine to pay because of damages my roommate had made to the room, when I challenged this they said they would not release my transcript to the school I was trying to transfer to until they received the money, whether I did it or not? Okay then Pace you crazy unorganized school. So whatever I paid it because I really had to get my transcript sent over to get into another school.

So, after being forced to take a semester off and requesting to have my transcript be sent to the school of my choice... I find out that they had sent an incomplete transcript from 2010... I had to call OSA.. and I do not exaggerate.. THIRTEEN times leaving TWO messages as well as FIVE emails in order for them to FINALLY send the right transcript over. RIDICULOUS.

I got in trouble once because my roommate had been smoking weed in our room and set me up for the fall- shitty I know- but whatever, I took the blame figuring it wouldn't be that big of a deal... WRONG. After having my "hearing" (which takes place with a very misinformed woman) I was told I had to pay a fee of $200, they tried to kick me out for 6 weeks on the weekends- ha NO WAY WAS THAT HAPPENING BITCH I WORK ON WEEKENDS- made me go ask the dean about marijuana and write an ESSAY on why smoking weed is horrible, and also made me do community service which is whatever I loved community service and did it for fun anyways. So, after scrounging up the money to pay, I then went to meet with the head of security... What he said to me about marijuana I will honestly never forget because of how FALSE and RIDICULOUS IT WAS... Now lets get this straight- I am a wonderful student, attentive, energetic, always attended class etc. HE TOLD ME THAT IF I CONTINUED TO SMOKE WEED I WOULD END UP LIKE THIS MAN IN PRISON WHO SMOKED WEED, THEN KILLED HIS FRIEND AND ATE HIS BODY. I REPEAT... HE TOLD ME THAT IF I CONTINUED TO SMOKE WEED I WOULD MURDER SOMEONE AND TRY TO EAT THEM. okay dude. I am sorry but there is no fucking way that would ever happen. I won't lie- I do smoke a lot of weed but honestly it doesn't stop me from succeeding at all- like I said I had 18 credits, was Vice President of my sorority, and also held a full time job... TELL ME HOW WEED WAS STOPPING ME FROM SUCCEEDING. And no, I have never murdered or eaten a human being before.

So, naturally, after having that ridiculous "informative interview" with the head of security, I decided to say "fuck that" and not write that ridiculous essay because honestly I don't lie and writing an essay about how weed is horrible would be a very large lie- ITS BEEN LEGALIZED IN 2 STATES FUCKTARDS. They then decided to charge me another $100 for not writing it hahahaha. Like I can afford that.

Now onto the professors. Some of them are absolutely fabulous- They are working people who are professors on the side- they have real life experiences and some actually care about their students... BUT then there is the other 80% of them that DO NOT EVEN SPEAK ENGLISH, some don't show up to class ever, some contradict themselves as well as the university's guidelines, some openly admit they don't need to do shit for the students because they are tenured, some are so old you fear they will keel over and die at any minute during your lecture. Some are so insane it really makes you wonder if they were even interviewed in person before being hired.

Now onto the Health Center- I am someone who gets sick quite frequently, so when I go to the doctor I hope they are well informed and know how to handle ill patients .. WRONG. One time they tested me for strep and it came back negative so they told me that I just had a cold and I needed to go back to class... So, I went back to class only to have my throat nearly close up with rashes breaking out all over my body.. Went straight to the ER... turns out I not only had strep but also bronchitis AND a sinus infection... The Pace doctors thought I had a cold.. HA I had to stay in the hospital for 2 days and get countless x-rays because I "had the lung capacity of a CF patient" aka I was close to death. THANKS PACE! Just LOVED having to pay that hospital bill. Also, never get prescriptions from Pace.. they have NO IDEA how to fill out any kind of paperwork needed by CVS or wherever you get your meds from. I had to go back to their offices three times because they forgot to initial it, then forgot to put the dosage amount, and then forgot to sign their name. LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Honestly, I had high hopes for Pace.. And I really am not a fussy person. PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL THEY DO NOT NEED ANY MORE MONEY. They don't use it for the right purposes and they most certainly do not hire the right people to teach or "fix" the campus. EVERY SINGLE DEPARTMENT IS OPERATED BY STUDENTS WHO DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO AT ALL.

3rd Year Female -- Class 2014
Surrounding City: A+, Faculty Accessibility: F
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Albertus Magnus College
Albertus Magnus College
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