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ACT College

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Theres a lot to unpack here.BrightCriminal
Theres a lot to unpack here. The CNU tour is probably the biggest lie ever told. Probably rivaling that of the tours they give in north korea. The schools shoves a brainwashed turd to come spout praise about how nice the campus is as well as the dorms and the food. They have this lady, i forgot her name, who comes out and basically spouts propaganda about how great the school dining halls are. She tells you how students hug her all the time and blah blah blah. Since that first tour ive never seen her again. If youre a highschool senior looking at colleges, CNU seems amazing, the large green lawns and beautiful buildings really help to sell this idea. But its all a lie, the grass is painted, and while new buildings are constantly being built, the campus doesnt expand, leading to it feeling cramped. Theres a few major points to talk about.

The academics: the reason were all here, or at least according to the school. Overall the school is mediocre, if i could describe my classes it would be "meh" theres nothing special about this school. The best professors are average and the worst ive had are very bad. Most of them suffer from being self absorbed and so high on their degrees and credentials that they ignore any freedom of thought. Not to mention the endless busywork of monotonous assignments that really dont help at all.

Housing: CNU loves to brag about its campus, how nice it is, how nice the dorms are, ETC. The dorms are possibly the biggest scam in this cesspool of a school. You have to live on campus for 3 years or pull some strings. It costs more to live in the dorms than it does to live in the surrounding apartments not to mention while they seem nice at first glance, they are dusty, dirty and rarely maintained. Only dire emergencies call for the repair team, commodities like washers are not repaired quickly not to mention some dickhead might move your stuff out of the dryer before its done so they can put their stuff in. Wifi is terrible and constantly crashes. Get used to the endless sound of leafblowers, lawn mowers and the stupid CNU bell waking you up. Its even worse on holidays. The CNU bells chimes every hour and rings to holiday songs, sometimes it goes on for 5 minutes straight. Imagine trying to sleep through that. The RAs are assholes, theyre the same preppy brainwashed morons the school likes to use for tourguides. They go out of theirbway to try to catch you with alcohol, ignoring the fact that theyre the same age as many of the people theyre snitching on. Regardless of whatever defense you put up, youll most likely be guilty anyways. Oh and dont use the elevators in James river hall, ive been trapped in them multiple times.

Campus itself: CNU is described as the ?Garden in the Ghetto? its pretty, and the grounds seemed to be maintained. Paul trible likes it that way because its all about image to him. The only thing this school seems to do well is maintain its image.

Off campus: welcome to the ghetto, an area of thieves, gangs, drug addicts, and homeless people. If you want to end up on a milk carton or a tshirt just walk off campus at night. I regularly hear gunshots in the distance and recently my car got broken into. CNU PD is more focused on watching the students and trying to write them up than it is about protecting them. Theres practically nothing to do off campus, no bar scene, no clubs, and if you want to go to the beach get ready to drive 25 minutes every time so find a DD.

Social: there are a lot of leftists here, and even a few communists. Overall CNU students are weird, dont leave your dorm room doors open as a freshman, most students take that as an invitation to walk right in. If youre not a girl, or in a fraternity, you will not be able to go to any parties, plain and simple. The inly silver lining is that fraternity dues at CNU are much cheaper than at other schools. The people at CNU are pretty boring, most have flat, shallow personalities, or are extremely manipulative. Watch who you pick as friends

Athletics: the gym is pretty shit, its small and they regularly remove machines, not to mention i hate the new layout. As for our teams, were D3, no one cares about the football team, we only go for the tailgate, not to watch CNU football get its ass kicked for the 100th time.

CNU clubs: good luck starting a club here, the school makes you hop through a bunch of hoops.The only thing keeping me at this school is my ROTC contract and the fraternity. If it wasnt for my friends or my obligation to stay i would have been gone long ago. Feel free to reach out to me if you want to hear any more horror stories about this puppet show of a school.

3rd Year Male -- Class 1923
Campus Aesthetics: A, Education Quality: F
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Quite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
You will be led down a path to achieve nothing but a waste of time and money.
2nd Year Male -- Class 1920
Surrounding City: A-, Extracurricular Activities: F
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Terrible place.Not so brightFine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
Terrible place. Please avoid at all cost, I beg of you. I barely could finish by classes and get a passing grade cause the professors screws me over and over again. Never in my life have I experienced such rude and unprofessional people in my life, ever. I thought that the high school I went to was terrible - this school takes the cake. It's really terrible. Extremely rude professors that doesn't care about you or doesn't want to be there and teach, no matter what ratemyprofessors said about them. If you read a lot of ratemyprofessors and they students gives them a high score and say they're very nice and friendly. Please don't believe them, no matter what ratemyprofessors said about them. They are extremely rude, all of them. I will try not to type a curse word in the review, 'cuz I'm so pissed off about this school and extremely mediocre it is. Ever since I was in high school, I was scared to graduate because I know if I go to NOVA, my life will be miserable, sad and rough. And I was right. I was right 100 percent. This school ruined my life. If you're reading this, prepared for one thing and one thing only, this school doesn't care about you or the student. They care about money, and only money, nothing about student success or seeing them doing well or wanting them to succeed and make something important out of themselves. The counselors are extremely terrible. I barley met a good one there and they don't know what they're talking about. If they choose the wrong class for you, they don't care and they will not care if anything bad happens to you. They just want your money and nothing else. The students here are the worst I've ever seen at a community college. The students starts drama, disrespects the teachers, sleeping, texting, browsing Facebook on their phones and surfing the web on their laptops. It's really depressing, really. And if you talk to one of those students, they barely wants to speak or shy's away from you and pretends like you're not there. The food here is pretty bad, I literally threw-up eating some of them - not all of them are terrible, but all of them are. Back to the students... I was there, so I was constantly laughed at of them and called ugly and I have no value. Some of the other staff here is very bad. I have been verbally attacked, laughed at by them on a yearly bases, it's sad really. If you report them, they will do everything in their power to screw the student over and over again. I reported a professor here about telling me to end my life saying nobody loves, and they suspended me from the school for 2 years, 'cuz they said I was reporting false information and I was lieing, when I wasn't, I was being 100 percent truthful. And finally, the professors here are extremely rude, they make my high school teachers blush. I met one professor there who told me to kill myself, 'cuz he said I'm unimportant, worthless and have no value. The other teacher there said my penis is nothing and for that she said I have no value, called me unimportant, and idiot and nobody cares about me. I also toke an Art class there and they teacher, my duration of the class, told me to kill myself, said she doesn't like me, said I'm ugly, hidoes and said then nobody likes me or loves me, then she told me to kill myself. The police who works there are extremely rude, said I have no value, said nobody cares about me and then laughed at my face. They never really wanted to help me with my problem, so I was on my own. Then I came across a women that works at NOVA cares and she embarrassed me infront of my doctor and told me to kill myself later afterword. The financial aid is very terrible here; they never wanna help you out or the student, so they just ignore them. One gentlemen there told me to kill myself and a young student there actually said nobody loves me, then that women, I think she's in her thirties said that I'm ugly. This school was a good school a decade ago and the 90's, 80's, and 70's and now, it's terrible. Please do not come here, this school is run by power-hungry idiots who don't care about you. This school should get reviewed, 'cuz the current staff is terrible. I am reviewing the Alexandria campus, so it's not that good. Go to the Annandale campus, where it's a lot better there. But still not great. This is a budget school, so you get what you pay for. If you want a good budget community college, then go to SouthWest Virginia Community college. It's a lot nicer there, friendly staff, and nice classes at a good price. It's the best CC in Virginia, so it's amazing there. I know that it's couple of miles away, but it's amazing there and trust me, it's worth it there. Amazing school. My final score for NVCC: 2/10
5th Year Male -- Class 1922
Surrounding City: B-, Education Quality: F
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