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Concordia University - Irvine

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Date: Feb 17 2011
Major: Communications (This Major's Salary over time)
This is for any one planning to attend this low class, mold-filled, slutty, nasty, dirty, lame-ass, racist, and sexist University. If you want the pleasure of humiliation and depravity, then this is the place for you. Most of the girls are slutty, drunk,and average-looking girls who would sleep with men on the first night. Most of the guys are homey, mean-spirited, abusive, racist, and sexist bastards who would talk about people behind their backs.The rooms are filled of mold,mushrooms, and roaches. Also most of the blacks, latinos, and asians there are just blood-thirsty leeches that want to be white so bad that they have suck out of the diversity of school. Let's start off with the, the softball team: it's fulled of lesbian vibes, Lacrosse team: a brunch of whiny disgusting bastards that have depraved sexual urges that suck at the game, Basketball teams: Good form but the girls are bunch of drunk whores who can't keep their panties up and the guys are just slutty. Baseball team; Bunch of ugly guys with only one or two that look good enough to fuck. You should only do this if drunk or a crackwhore. The water polo teams never to reveal that they are just gay. The professors there are a joke, I know some ghetto high schools where teachers are more knowlegable. The bible is given little thought and the bible classes should have been taught by satanists then these people. So if you want have a nice time with a bunch of sluts than come here! Also there's a girl name [Name Redacted], who loves having a lot of anal sex with every guy or girl she meets. There's two guys name Stephen Bundy and Adam Avery, Avery suffers from many sexual disorders including a nasty foot fetish,Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder,Male Erectile Disorder, and Premature Ejaculation. Also he's bisexual and very sadistic!On the early in the morning of febuary 6, 2009 at 3o'clock in the morning to 4 o'clock in the morning, I was being harassed by three young white males named; Adam Avery, David Peterson, and Stephen Bundy. They we're listening at my dorm room's door and started to make wolf whistles and animal noises. Earlier during the day, their other friend named Jack Waite was looking at me in a sexual manner, leering at my body after I told the dean of student affairs, Derek Vegara, of their involvement with sexual harassing me. Lately that night Adam Avery was watching when I was walking to another part of campus. When he and his friends was making those animal noises and banging on the door, I began to fear for my safety and life. I didn't called the police that night because I had just decided to withdraw from Concordia University.I didn't wanted this to turn into sexual assult against me. Later that morning,I decided to go to the Derek's office to talked to him about the manner. He was quite cold to me, but his assiant, Cindy was quite understanding. He didn't say nothing either than that he was in the meeting and that when I decided to just withdraw from school. I feel that as an African-American woman, I got targeted by Adam Avery and his friends because of the sexual stereotypes that they have when regarding African-American women and sex. This has been happening for four months now and it got really bad in the early morning hours of Febuary 6, 2009. I didn't want to be a victim of a sex crime at this Lutheran Liberal arts University !
commentThis girl is obviously a stupid idiot who has nothing better to do with her time. She is so ignorant that she attacks her own school. Her writings are so incoherent that nobody could take her seriously. She is a stupid idiot who deserves to get sues for slander and libel. I will make sure to get this out attorneys that specialize in slander and libel.
Marlene Nadine Thorne is a pshycopath who loves to blackmail and falsey accuse people. She cannot be trusted. She is nothing but a psychopath who is guilty of slander and libel.
responseMarlene likes to threaten boys who do not date her. Do not hire her for any job. She threatens to take anybody to court. Remember she will do anything for attention.
responseIf you are ever encounter with Marlene Nadine Thorne…Make sure to sure her for Libel and slander. She enjoys to libel and slander people very much. She met with the Dean who said she has mental problems.
responseMarlene Nadine Thorne will be sued for libel. She actually stalked boys at the school and even gone as far as to hit them during classes. She called a boy more than 20 times and threatened him. She is a mental case who was asked to leave and did not withdraw from school. She is a liar, false accuser and manipulater.
responseShe couldn't be a victim of a sex crime because she was the perpetrater of all the sex crimes. Marlene was so evil to her roommate…She event ate her pizzas.
responseAllow me to explain myself, I'm the famous Marlene Nadine Thorne they speak of, first all as far as me being mental case, allow me to say this, I never want those white men at concordia I was only there for education, I was a victim of sexual harassment, now the dean and everyone could talk to department of education with that. They're just mad because I went to department of education with the problem and they ruled that Concordia was in violation of sexual harassment rules. Also I hate all my roommates but that's not a crime.
responsePlease stalked Adam Avery, that's very disgusting and foul, first all I never like that school, the people there are preppy bastards and the girls there are bigger whores than paris hilton. Secondly, department of education and the superior court of orange county, ca rule in my favor because I was telling the true.But you're right I will fight for my rights and take anyone to court and win. That Pinoy Dean was white man's puppet and he lick white man's boot heel not me. Department of Education already knows me and they will make sure that Concordia does right by me. Plus it has been three years, get over it. I wasn't asked to leave the school, I left on my own free will and yes, I call him 20 times, and I didn't threaten him. All I said,department of education has the recordings, I hope his shoulder never heals. Also I never slender their names nor the school, I told the truth from my point of view. Now anyone with a problem asked Department of education for my records. You will not get them, I have made sure that Concordia obey my wishes including the president himself. Now that school have a problem and the dean maybe he should told that to department of education when they went there to investigate. Also it's on those men's perimant records.
commentWhat the hell is wrong with you. You can't just publically announce the private names of people on the internet. That IS slander. No wonder you had a horrible time- you're such an idiotic bigot who can't get over his own head. You'll have a bad time ANYWHERE. God, you disgust me. Your comment needs to be deleted. I will report it.
commentReported it, because I don't care you guys started this and if you want to reported do it! You think I care about a little name calling, because I won my case against them. If you want, you can take me to court and I will win my case as well. You guys announce my name over the internet. So what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're white men and they deserved to be punish for the hell they place me thur.
responseThis fucking school needs to understand this, I don't care about the students at Concordia at Irvine, All the students disgust me there. I don't care about you fucking animals and I really can't stand anyone from there. So anyone has to guts to say this to my face you could of show up to court 3 years ago. I don't feel anything for you fucking pigs. So what if I'm a bigot, I bet most of you people on here don't even have black friends. And if you do, they're more like your maids or slaves. Such a pity, such animals as yourselves must get on here and cry about things you know nothing about.
responseMean only the weak and worthless care about what happens to other people. So what I said their names over the internet but the real kicker is what's on their records particulary in the court's system of Orange County, Ca. So anyone has a problem with that you should of show up to court in March 2009 for those men. You should supported them then, but none of you have the guts to face what they did at all. Such worthless animals come out that school, crying like children over dogs who are drunking, whoring, and drug addicted bastards. Now get over it, it happen 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure you have things like not getting a job with your degree to get back to! Lol! I have a job and getting ready to buy a home. What are you animals doing with your worthless lives? Nothing I bet blaming the president over not having a job.
responseIf the student who wrote the review is reading this, I too had a horrible experience at Concordia and I did not know how bad it really was until I first started attending. This school is a dumping ground for the students who cannot get in anywhere good. I can get the same education in an elementary school. Concordia is the worst school I have ever seen.
responseThis school is awful, and so is Biola. I attended Concordia and Biola and I fucken hate them both. They are both like high school. Go to a real school.
responseConcordia is a hellhole piece of shit.
responseI am the student who wrote this and you see how they treated me. However, I am glad that many of you true students learned about this hellhole and spoke out against this school. Thank you for speaking out and helping other students from making bad choices.
responseI attended Concordia, but it was at an earlier time than when the student who was victimized attended. To the student who wrote this review, I am sorry for what you had to go through. Everything you described is exactly what this horrible Concordia school is about. It was a horrible school when I attended. I'm one of the maybe ten decent people who attended the school in its sordid history and I regret going there every day. I could have gotten a better education in a trade school or in a high school. Employers say that Concordia is an awful school and that idiots go there. It isn't even like a real college, it's more like the dumbest high school kids from all the worst high schools lumped into one place.
responseThe very few true students who ever came to Concordia see how much it sucks after one week and transfer as soon as they can. No respectable employer or grad school is impressed with Concordia. They think it's a stupid school that takes anybody off the street.
responseTo the student above who was victimized, I know firsthand of how students who must've attended before you were also victimized. These were the very few students who actually come to school to learn and yet they had to get victimized, something they didn't deserve. Just know that you're not alone. That's one reason why no one is impressed with Concordia. It isn't recognized by any reputable organization and it isn't even a 3rd or 4th tier university and even those tiers are considered awful schools. That should tell us something.
responseI unfortunately had to attend this school, but it must have been before the StudentsReviewer attended. To one of the people who commented saying that a dean at this twisted school said that the reviewer has mental problems, in the first place, that's against the code of ethics to be talking about students because that's confidential information. In the second place, you shouldn't believe what the people who work at this school say because if you read their qualifications, you will find that they're only at Concordia because they don't have the qualifications or knowledge to work at real colleges or even rough high schools. So you shouldn't believe what Concordia employees say because their absence of qualifications prove that they don't know what they're talking about.
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