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Southern New Hampshire University

Total Grad Surveys 11
Females 1
Males 10
Avg years at University 1.9
Research Quality B+ (7.4)
Research Availability B+ (7.8)
Research Funding B (6.9)
Graduate Politics A- (8.2)
Not Errand Runners A- (8.7)
Degree Completion B+ (7.7)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B+ (7.7)
Sufficient Pay B+ (7.5)
Competitiveness B+ (7.8)
Education Quality A- (8.1)
Faculty Accessibility A (8.9)
Useful Research A- (8.4)
"Individual" treatment A- (8.6)
Friendliness A- (8.1)
Safety A- (8.1)
Campus Beauty B+ (7.8)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.3)
University Spending A- (8.3)
Extracurriculars B+ (7.8)
Scholastic Success B+ (7.9)
Surrounding City B (6.9)
Social Life/ Environment B+ (7.6)
Surrounding CityB
Faculty AccessibilityA
After my third class, I realized this isAug 09 2020School of Information
After my third class, I realized this is a waste of time and money; mainly money! I cannot believe the discrimination I have received from two of my professors. They both tried to set me up for failure. I've complained and nothing has been done. This isn't my first graduate degree. I graduated at the top of my class and never in my collegiate career have I earned a failing grade. I would not recommend this university to anyone. The so-called professors are not professors; not even a facilitator. There is NO lecture or instruction. You may get an announcement and then a bad grade after an assignment is submitted telling you what you did wrong. NO instructions are given before the due date of the assignment. This place only wants your money and nothing else.
If you are an online student be preparedFeb 06 2019School of Information
If you are an online student be prepared to teach yourself everything! There are no lectures. Discussion boards are nearly a waste of time. Instructors are distant and respond to questions in 1 or 2 sentences (if youre lucky). Materials are vague. Assignments are vague. Plan to spend the majority of your time/effort trying to figure out what the assignment requirements. Nearly every assignment is based on reading about the material then writing about it. Forget any actual experience or real learning. There is very little actual doing work, just reading about concepts then writing about them.
As a graduate student who commuted to theMay 30 2018Education
As a graduate student who commuted to the university, I completed a Masters of Education (Elementary). Frankly, it left me ill-prepared to enter the teaching job market. I served a 16-week internship in a school, which was a mess. It wasn't well-planned. It was fragmented. I was passed from one classroom to another without any continuity. I didn't get the training and deep understanding required for working in an elementary school. I fault the Student Teaching (most important) part of the program. I wasted a lot of time. I hear that other schools do a better job of internship planning. UNH is supposed to be great!
Research Topic(s): Education Program Lacking - Doesn't Prepare Students Properly
MS in Information TechnologyDec 17 2017Other
MS in Information Technology.
I started this school with the understanding of getting my skills improved. However, all I have studied so far is getting less knowledge about technology and more about managing technology and that even with old methods.

The course description is not correct with respect to what it says in the course description, and you have a limited amount of time to withdraw from the class.

Online classes are ridiculous. The professors, teaching them, don't have any video presentations. Some of them don't even speak English. They don't respond to questions or emails within 24 hours.

The skills and technologies I learned in high school are way better and a learning experience than this one!

I don't feel satisfied with whatever I have learned. I don't think it will be sufficient for me to get a job at all.

My conclusion this school is a joke! ISep 07 2016Education
My conclusion this school is a joke! I attended the online division; so I have no idea about the campus. I took several courses with a lot of busy work and useless assignments; but most everyone ends up with top grades. Professors seem to be trained to keep students happy and pass them from one course to the other. Unfortunately, I didn't discover that until one of my classmate shared with me her assignment and the grade she received for it. I was shocked! Her assignment didn't meet any of the basic criteria and I couldn't even identify a single idea that deserve credit; but she received "A-" for the assignment. This is unfair to hard working students and misleading to the others. Also, if I am concerned about finding a job; because without doubt the training I got at SNHU inadequate and employers know that already. My advice, avoid this school at any price.
Because of my experienceSep 22 2013Accounting
Because of my experience with SNHU Online, I decided no more school for me! I'm done...forever. Thank you SNHU!! I will NEVER understand why I was forced to pay $2,800 for a class I did not take. NEVER.
First of all, SNHU is not a diploma millMay 20 2012Business - Management and Administration
First of all, SNHU is not a diploma mill... Far from it actually! They may admit a lot of students, but there are many who can't make it through the rigor of their coursework. SNHU was one of the schools that pioneered the online format, and as such they still have bugs that they are constantly trying to work out. Every now and again you will get an instructor who doesn't seem to care much about teaching an online course, but over the years the University has gotten much better about listening to student reviews (instructor reviews are carried out twice per class each semester) and weeding those instructors out. The college has come a long way since Paul LeBlanc has taken over, and he is perhaps the most approachable University president I've ever met. He always good at cracking jokes and makes students feel welcome. If you are looking at graduate school, consider also getting your undergraduate degree at SNHU as you will be able to get your prerequisite undergraduate courses done and getting in to their graduate program is then a snap. I have had my struggles as a student and I've even bombed my fair share of courses at SNHU, but the staff is very caring, they take the time to listen, and they will work with you to get you through the programs offered so you can get your degree. Their financial aid packages are very generous and their tuition is quite affordable when compared to other colleges (especially if you take their online or continuing education classes).
I am just completing my first year ofMay 02 2011School of Information
I am just completing my first year of my graduate studies for a Masters in IT program. I attended this university with the intention of transferring to Quinnipiac University Online after two courses. I was really surprised by the quality of the materials covered and by the professors who taught the courses. I think I made a good decision by staying here to complete my degree. Hope this helps.
Overall I had a very good experience atOct 23 2010Computer Science
Overall I had a very good experience at this University. The material taught in class was very relevant to the real world and came in handy at the job I am doing now as a Network Engineer. The professors were extremely friendly and jumped at every chance to help a student who needed extra help. At points I did wish the work wasn't as challenging as it was since I was working more than full time and going to classes at night, but I guess its better to have challenging classes than ones that don't teach you anything.
I earned my graduate degree from SNHU's SchoolApr 08 2009Other
I earned my graduate degree from SNHU's School of Community Economic Development, which is sort of the yin to its School of Business' yang. CED is bottom up or "bootstrap" capitalism, whereas the B-school is a more traditional model. SNHU is widely respected - nationally and internationally - for its CED program.And I note a comment elsewhere on this page that SNHU is not accredited, and that is just WRONG. Most importantly, SNHU is fully accredited at the regional level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (the same entity that accredits Haaavad and Yale, though SNHU is much more modest in reputation...and cost;). It is also accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, the European Council for Business Education, and other relevant entities. Accreditation is important, though often misrepresented, but SNHU is in great shape in that regard.
Research Topic(s): Social and economic impacts of continuing postsecondaryh education pro
Being a smart consumer I chose SNHU forMay 19 2008Business - Management and Administration
Being a smart consumer I chose SNHU for grad school after careful and discerning research into several universities. SNHU offers a great grad program which won the Best of Business Awards for the state of NH for it's graduate programs. I also looked into important things like accreditation and it is accredited by Association of Collegeiate Business Schools and Programs, European Council for Business Education, Sport Management Review Council, and others. The professors are great because it's a teaching instituion and they don't bog you down with tons of busy-work. You can complete a degree in a year and half if you work full time taking two courses a term. I went to UNH for my undergrad and know the difference. They have partnership with Fidelity and the Monarchs for example.

I am reading all the negative comments but they don't not provide examples on how much the school "sucks." And for the the genius who said Tufts did not have a business school, you are wrong because Tufts does offer business degrees in the Fletcher School. As for the housing it's decent with new dorms and the older dorms were built in the 1970s as compared to school who have dorms from centuries ago. There is plenty of parking if you don't park in the main lot. Either way do your own research and make up your own mind. You don't know the context or truth behind any comment which should be the criteria on which you choose a program.

If you think that an SNHU graduate degreeApr 06 2008Business - Management and Administration
If you think that an SNHU graduate degree will enable you to compete anywhere else besides NH, forget it. This school is considered a "joke" to the rest of the academic world and the degrees handed out are not worth the paper they are printed on. Do not select this school is you are planning to work anywhere south of Concord, NH.
hi this university sucks!!?? there is no safetyMar 31 2008Computer Science
hi this university sucks!!?? there is no safety for international students!?? the dorms are a nightmare to live in!?parking only for srn.students??? and the native american-students are sex-starved and are on the look out for sex with anything that walks????the staff r un-helpful and arrogant??? totally this is a nightmare college/university? in my opion international female students should stay away from this carpy university period.
To be honest snhuFeb 17 2008Business - Management and Administration
To be honest snhu is becoming a challenging and quality university year by year. I see its future pretty bright with its enthusiastic and devoted faculty members. It has a great view of campus that makes it very attractive in the eyes of the students.
Dec 15 2006Business - Management and Administration
nice enviroment for studying. very quite and peaceful.
I agree with theSep 28 2005Business - Management and Administration
I agree with the other negative comments on "The SNHU". SNHU is not listed anywhere in any top list of schools anywhere. The below comment is a boldface lie('I went to Tufts Business School) because Tufts doesn't have a business school and was probably written by an idiot faculty member.
First of all I want to comment onSep 04 2004Business - Management and Administration
First of all I want to comment on the comment given about this school before mine. Not a single word in that comment is correct. I have completed my MBA at this school and have successfully transfered for doctoral studies to Tufts University in Boston. The campus is awesome, it is located on the river Merrimack, and it is in the city of Mancehster. The student residents, like at any university have its ups and downs. There is some houseing that is not as great as the new buildings, but overall I believe that it is above average. I have had nothing but good experiences at SNHU, and I have even completed my undergraduate degree here. The teachers have been amazing; they do not only teach theory but also real world lessons. The students are great as well; granted there can be the occasional "idiotic student," like at any university or college, but overall the students are commited to their studies.

Going to UNH? Good luck. I did my first year of undergard. studies at UNH and have hated every minute of it. The professors require you to make appointments just to ask them a question about class, and forget class participation in a room of more than 100 students. The UNH school of business is highly overrated, most of my courses at SNHU have been more challenging than the ones at UNH.

Please researc this school, look at its accredition, and maybe visit the campus to get your own oppinion on it.Good Luck Everybody !!!

Please BEWARE that this is not an accreditedSep 01 2004Business - Management and Administration
Please BEWARE that this is not an accredited MBA program! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TRANSFER INTO A REAL PROGRAM!The school is a dump. The Student Housing Complex looks like a shanty outside of Rio. The Campus is in the middle of no where, near a gravel pit. The undergrads are idiotic. The library is the equivelent of a high school's. Please--Grads, undergrads, whoever. SAVE YOUR MONEY--GO TO UNH OR A STATE SCHOOL! If you can't get in, go to a community college!
Compare SNHUSave SNHU

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