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Temple University

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Educational QualityA+ Faculty AccessibilityA
Useful SchoolworkA Excess CompetitionA
Academic SuccessA+ Creativity/ InnovationA+
Individual ValueA University Resource UseA-
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyA FriendlinessA+
Campus MaintenanceA Social LifeA+
Surrounding CityA+ Extra CurricularsA+
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Friendly, Approachable

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Friendly, Helpful

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Date: Dec 30 2008
Major: Chemistry (This Major's Salary over time)
Let me start by saying that I love Temple University and the city of Philadelphia. I came to the city from a small town looking for diversity, culture, openness, and a kind of experience you can only find in a big city, and I found it here at Temple.

Now where do I begin?

Well lets start with the environment. Temple is a very urban school, and I mean this seriously. Now this isn't like NYU or Pitt where the school is a collection of buildings scattered across an area of the city, rather the campus is in a kind of bubble, but at the same time it isnt cut off from the city outside. You're still very much aware that you're in North Philly, and it really opens your eyes especially if you came from the burbs or a small town. If you can't acclimate to the city environment you will be very unhappy here, so if you don't see yourself being a city kid then consider yourself warned.

Now the fact that Temple is in one of the most amazing cities is a big part of why I like Temple. North Philly is definitely NOT where the action is happening though, and some kids look at the neighborhood and go elsewhere, and this is just sad. The city is there, you just have to be motivated to go and find what there is to find, and there is so much to find downtown in Philadelphia, too much to list here. I'll just say that if you do nothing else, learn to use the subway and go to olde city for first friday, I will say no more. People who complain of nothing to do are just silly.

Besides the city, there is quite a bit to do on campus as well. We're consistently ranked as one of the most diverse campuses, and this is very evident every time you walk around campus. There's a huge array of clubs as well. Basically, whatever you want to do, you'll probably find it somewhere at Temple, and this is true both in a social/fun-time sense and in an academic sense. The list of majors here is great. Temple has a lot of very good programs. On top of this Temple is a big research school, so not only do we have lots of different opportunities for a student to find their niche, but once you find it you can get actively involved as well.

However, Temple is a big school, and the administration, and your professors, are going to treat you like adults. This means that you need to be very independent. There isn't somebody guiding you, its all up to you. To some this may seem a little cold, and indeed if the small school scene is more your thing then you wont be happy here. Temple kids are by and large very independent, and if you are going to have any chance you're going to have to have your shit in order. I say this by experience. At the same time nobody makes themselves sparse either. If you have a question it will be answered, but you have to be active else you'll slip through the cracks.

On the social scene: its pretty awesome. At such a big school you'll find a place to fit in, never fear. From football players and frat boys to the clinically unique inner city "hipsters" there's something for everyone. On a nice day you'll see just about every kind of person you can imagine outside. Also, due to the urbanness, if you don't want to see somebody you dont have to. It's a big school in a big city, so you'll be seeing somebody new every single day. Kids who complained are always the ones who couldnt acclimate or were overwhelmed by the city, or who were still stuck on high school.

The dorms are good for a city school where 9000 kids are crammed onto campus. They follow either suite style, or the older Johnson&Hardwick and Peabody which have communal bathrooms. The thing is though, after your sophomore year, you get kicked out of the dorms, you can either get an apartment through university sponsered housing or you get an apartment/house by yourself. If you're not ready to take care of your own place, then this is going to suck for you, but in fact it can usually be cheaper than the dorms especially if you share the place with some friends. Again, Temple likes independently minded kids.

The food is alright. The selection gets old after a little while but they are trying to mix things up a bit. They have a vegan/vegetarian option too. I never went hungry, and there's so many good restaurants in Philly you'll never find them all in ten years of eating out.

As for safety. This is the one big concern most people have. North Philadelphia is a BAD neighborhood, espeically at night. Some parts are relatively more safe than others, like Oxford Village, University Village, parts right off campus where most upperclassmen live. However, if you go off campus at night, make damn sure you know where you're going and go with a group of people. Don't do anything stupid and you'll be fine. As for the campus itself, I never felt threatened at any time of the day while I was on campus. The thing to remember is that you have to be smart here. Its not the burbs, use your head and develop some street smarts while you're at it.

Lastly: the party scene. You're in Philadelphia, thats about all I need to say. If you want clubbing or concerts or shows or raves or whatever the hell it is you're into, you'll probably find it. A lot of clubs are over 21 which is kind of a bummer, but there are still lots of places to have fun if you're not of the drinking age yet. On campus parties can get kinda stale after a while. Sitting around drinking or taking bong hits in a dorm room is for some people I guess shrugs but if you want something more lively you won't have trouble finding it.

All in all I'd say that the kind of student who would like Temple would be one who is liberal and open minded, comfortable with the city, and independent.

responseThank you this is exactly what I wanted to hear!
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