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Temple University

Total Grad Surveys 22
Females 14
Males 8
Avg years at University 2.4
Research Quality B (6.8)
Research Availability B- (5.8)
Research Funding C- (3.8)
Graduate Politics B- (6.0)
Not Errand Runners B (7.0)
Degree Completion B (6.8)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C (4.4)
Sufficient Pay C- (4.2)
Competitiveness B (6.7)
Education Quality B- (5.9)
Faculty Accessibility C+ (5.5)
Useful Research B- (5.9)
"Individual" treatment C (4.3)
Friendliness C+ (5.1)
Safety C+ (5.3)
Campus Beauty C (4.7)
Campus Maintenance B- (5.9)
University Spending C+ (5.6)
Extracurriculars C (4.9)
Scholastic Success B (6.7)
Surrounding City A- (8.4)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.7)
Research FundingC-
Surrounding CityA-
Going to Temple was the decision I everAug 14 2020Art & Design Department
Going to Temple was the decision I ever made. The school Dean is one of the worst human being I have ever met. I had an emergency at the beginning of my degree and she was heartless and later on I was left stranded by covid without and income and when I manage to be nominated for a class she refused to employ me. The school let me down in every way you can imagine and the education was pretty mediocre. I would not recommend to any international student coming to this program
Research Topic(s): MFA
DO NOT come to Temple for math graduateMay 15 2018Math
DO NOT come to Temple for math graduate studies if you have somewhere else to go. Years ago I had other choices and now I regret, deeply!

This school is taking advantage of its graduate students, assign you unfair amount of teaching tasks and tutoring hours, exhausting your energy so you have little time focusing on your studies and researches. They are not willing to pay for your extra work but just iterating "this is your duty", "see, we have not used up your 20 hour duty". I know friends from two big universities in this city and they only have 6 to 8 hours work load for a full teaching assistant. Expect to work much more if you come to Temple!For graduate students it is the researches that matter, but obviously those in charge do not care. This is a vicious circle. The school is not nice to the graduate students, then graduate students would not be nice to the undergrads, and the education quality suffers.

Sep 10 2014History/Histories (art history/etc.)
Research Topic(s): The Philadelphia Nativist Riots of 1844
While the faculty are ok, the university isJun 04 2013English
While the faculty are ok, the university is thoroughly disorganized and near-impossible to navigate (unless you enjoy spending an entire day accomplishing a relatively simple task, like getting your transcripts--which cost money here--inquiring about your financial aid, getting a letter of intent so you aren't charged late fees for student loans that you shouldn't be responsible for yet, etc, etc). If you are not funded, they will not help you secure employment, nor will they provide you with enough aid to cover the basic costs of living. They will charge you fees for absolutely everything and, while they are slow to update your files, they will immediately fine you for your lateness (even if it is their fault/ an inaccuracy in their records). I would avoid Temple, even if it is the only graduate program that accepts you-- it is not worth it.
I graduated from TempleAug 23 2012Social Work
I graduated from Temple Universitys Advanced Standing Social Work Program. My overall experience was negative. The education I received was mediocre and the student services were terrible. From start to finish I was dissappointed in my experience.
Temple is nothing but a business! Everyone isMay 15 2012Social Work
Temple is nothing but a business! Everyone is treated like a number and flushed through the system. The only way to get anything done (including confirming financial aid, enrollment in classes, or a required internship) is to harass harass harass the departments and the provost - really, should you need the provost to intervene on everything just to get a job done? Professors seem to be hit or miss. I've had some professors with accents s thick no student could understand them, and then the professor was offended when asked to repeat things; Other professors were great and supported different learning styles, connected curriculum to the real-world and employment, but of course they were visiting. And their Saturday MSW? doesn't really exist. Yes you can take most of your courses on Saturdays but every summer you will have to hoof it to Main Campus in ghetto N Philly for your concentration courses, would have been nice to know. All in all, I would not recommend this program to anyone unless they like drama and hassle...myself, I don't have time for it and will be happy when I graduate.
If you are thinking about going to TempleDec 10 2011Music - Performance
If you are thinking about going to Temple as a vocal performance graduate student, PLEASE PLEASE consider your options. If you are going to get another degree to get a pay raise when teaching, it's a fine. In fact, you'll have to do so little work for your degree, it's a breeze. HOWEVER, if you come to Temple thinking you'll get performance opportunity, think again. The politics abound when casting comes around and they are definitely not casting for the students good. For instance, two sopranos have been cast as double cast leads in THREE CONSECUTIVE productions. They often pre-cast, and if they person they want to be in the role doesn't even audition, they'll be forced into "call backs" to make it marginally more legitimate. And as an Undergraduate, do not expect to receive any rolls in the operas at all, you just won't. There are very fine teachers here, but overall, not a good program.
The teachers and classed are exactly what youAug 31 2011Business - Management and Administration
The teachers and classed are exactly what you want from a graduate program. They are intelligent, well-experienced, and push you to become better. However, the advisors and financial aid office are both the WORST I have ever seen. I have been trying to contact the financial aid office for a month now and still have not talked to a person. My attempts include 5 emails, none of which were returned and 7 calls. Each time I call I am on hold for 35+minutes until either I am hung up on or I give up with frustration.
I love my department for it's quality instructionAug 20 2011Other
I love my department for it's quality instruction and access to resources but the opportunities for assistantships or scholarships are extremely limited. Additionally, the school's financial aid dept is the worst I have ever seen. Every student I know has had consistent issues obtaining their loan money or stipends. For example, everything is online EXCEPT one enrollment form that they will inevitably lose every year, causing students to mail multiple copies. Additionally, they process all award letters in mid-late August which is absurd.
This is about the MA program in Speech-LanguageApr 04 2011Other
This is about the MA program in Speech-Language Pathology.
This department is falling apart. There is no money, no TAships, very few RAships and those for brown-nosers only. Facilities are rotting. Profs are retiring and quitting and the university won't give any money to hire anyone to replace them. Classes are wastes of time, taught by profs who don't care and aren't trying anymore -- or, alternately, think they're God's gift and drown you in busy work and blame you for not appreciating their unique genius. Your personal interests and goals will be ignored. Finally, no one graduates on time. No one. Even if you do everything right, you just won't.

There's a reason the chair of the department has been tossed around like a hot potato (we're about to have our 4th chair in 11 years). No one would want to be responsible for this mess.

The ONLY redeeming quality of Temple speech is that the supervisors in the school clinic are outstanding. Ann, Patti, Kim, Frannie, and Paula are great clinicians who really know their stuff and you will learn tremendous amounts from them. If you end up here, spend your effort learning from them until you get your field placements. But really, seriously, don't go here. I can't believe I picked this awful, awful place over Penn State.

I realize that this is going to beJan 28 2010Music Education
I realize that this is going to be a lot, but this is full of info I wish I had known before coming to Temple.

I came to Temple because it has one of the best programs in the country for my major and are putting out some of the best research in the field. However, there were only 2 assistantship positions available (for several graduate students) and no scholarship money. A few years ago, 10 positions were the norm. The program, although it is bringing a great deal of press(and grant money) to Temple through the research they're conducting, is constantly undergoing budget cuts and because of this, classes have grown from 7 to 30 students in some of my classes (only over the past 2 years!).

Despite this, the tuition has increased beyond what I think is reasonable for a state school and although I have lived here for a few years, rented, and voted, there is no way to obtain in-state funding if you originally moved to PA for school.

All of the undergrad classes I've noticed are taught by PhD students because the professors are busy travelling to other universities to give lectures, so they only teach the masters and PhD courses. I would definitely not come here for the undergrad program.

Financial aid services are a joke and every grad student I've talked to had to practically stalk them to get any information about paying for school and getting an award letter in a timely manner (you wait for about 4 months after being accepted). One such example is that you need to go through AES, NOT your lender, to receive federal loans (something that they do not openly tell grads). Some advice about work study: you will not be automatically given work study, you need to go ask for it and they'll revise your award letter. It would have been nice to find this sort of information on their website (which is primarily geared towards undergrads).

Unfortunately, the Temple staff, regardless of what building they work in, have all been incredibly unfriendly, rude, unhelpful, and condescending. Do not expect anything less.Lastly, I just want to say that I love my program and that this negative review is primarily due to all the financial and administrative crap I and several of my friends have had to go though.

Although there are differencesDec 31 2006Communications
Although there are differences among the faculty, MMC students are free to pursue any direction of research they prefer. In most cases, they can have as much or as little guidance and support as they want for their work. I wouldn't have been able to do the work I've done here anywhere else.
I chose Temple based solely on word-of-mouthAug 29 2006Computer Science
I chose Temple based solely on word-of-mouth. Since I did not want to travel far and figured I was consigned to a city if I didn't get into Princeton (which I did not), Philadelphia seemed as good as any.

Initially, everything went smoothly. Applying was easy, no one inexplicably lost my GRE scores, transcripts, or recommendations, and my acceptance was prompt. I was awarded two fellowships without having to apply for them; apparently consideration is automatic based on the recommendation of the faculty. If only the other schools I was accepted to had this level of efficiency, I wouldn't be in the mess I am now!

Once I placed my enrollment deposit, however, everyone went silent. Temple does not provide a packet of information to graduate students, as other universities do, so I had no idea which forms I needed to fill out. I called the graduate secretary and asked about forms in general, and later specifically about housing, but I was told both times that the deadlines were still far off and I would be receiving something in the mail shortly.

Despite this, I found out only a few weeks later that the housing deadline had passed and housing assignments were already being distributed. Great, so now I don't have on-campus housing. Because of this, I had to take an overpriced off-campus apartment with three roommates, when I explicitly stated that I wanted a single room. The roommates are quiet, at least, but they just as easily could have been party animals.

The next hurdle was registering for classes - I emailed, phoned, mailed, and eventually started showing up in person (despite a 2 hour commute each way) pleading with anyone I could find in the CIS department to register me for classes. It wasn't until one day before the semester began that I actually succeeded, and only then after delivering an ultimatum that I would leave the program if I were not registered by 5 PM that day.

I do not have any specific gripe with classes, as they vary just as with other universities. In general, they are far too easy, but I expected that when I chose Temple as a safety school. That I am not being challenged as much as I wished to be while going for my doctorate is the fault of other institutions, not Temple.

My greatest complaint is with the surrounding area. First, there are no real restaurants anywhere near campus. Unless you like eating the food on campus, which is generally bad and always unhealthy, or going to KFC or McDonalds every day, there are no options. Don't think about going to a supermarket, either - there's only one within 20 miles of campus, and it's located in a very bad area - but then, almost all of northern Philadelphia is a very bad area. Step two blocks off of campus in any direction and there's broken glass and spilled trash all over the place. The houses outside of campus are all falling apart and their inhabitants seem to sit on their porches and shout at anyone who passes by all day long.Not only would I not recommend this university to anyone else, but I am transferring out of it myself as soon as I can, even if it means losing an entire year of credit!

Feb 10 2006Business - Management and Administration
The MBA program is stellar with a required live consulting project for real clients. The new cohort format is excellent!
Aug 04 2005Journalism
There's so much politics involved in this university at the graduate level. If a teacher just doesn't like you for whatever reason, he or she will do the best to make you fail. I'm so glad I'm out of there.
I graduated from theApr 12 2004Geography and Geosciences
I graduated from the Department of Geography and Urban Studies and had an excellent experience. Faculty were helpful and good mentors.
Feb 15 2004Other
The grad housing is HORRIBLE!!! It is documented on the website:
The housing they provideAug 24 2003Geography and Geosciences
The housing they provide is HORRIBLE. Here is a site about it: would NOT go there if I had to do it over.

Temple University
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