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Pace University - New York

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB- Faculty AccessibilityC
Useful SchoolworkB Excess CompetitionC
Academic SuccessB Creativity/ InnovationC-
Individual ValueB+ University Resource UseC-
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyD+ FriendlinessB
Campus MaintenanceB+ Social LifeC-
Surrounding CityC Extra CurricularsF
Describes the student body as:
Arrogant, Broken Spirit, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Helpful, Self Absorbed

Super Brilliant
Lowest Rating
Extra Curriculars
Highest Rating
She cares more about Extra Curriculars than the average student.
Date: Jan 05 2010
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
I find it quite funny how the majority of people who wrote positive reviews on this website tend to either be a freshmen, alumni, or in the performing arts. First off, the fact still remains. PACE HAS A LOW ENROLLMENT RATE, and why does Pace have a low enrollment rate ladies and gents? Simply because the majority of potential students believe this school to be uncompetitive, mediocre, and a place for around 65% commuters. There is no spirit whatsoever. The student activies are pathetic. You have no idea how many people think their hot stuff here. The teachers? VERY EGOTISTICAL. I have been given attitude for no apparent reason by the Office of Student Assistance Employees, not to mention the women who run the cafeteria too.The girls are so envious of one another, It's quite sad. Maybe if they could learn to love themselves, they wouldn't need to hate on others in order to make themselves feel better. The majority of the kids lived sheltered lives before they came to Pace and when they fineally move to the city they think that they are magically going to become some sort of star, when we all know that's a lie. I hate to break it but if your going for the performing arts, TRY TISCH AT NYU!, JULLIARD, or THE AMERICAN MUSICAL AND DRAMATIC ACADEMY. These places are a LOT more respected and the people are more respectful and honest, being that they know that they have nothing to prove since they worked hard in order to gain admission. I've spoken to many performing arts majors and a LOT of them were rejected from the major performing arts schools. It seems like Pace is a last resort for the majority of them. I want to remind everyone that when it comes to the Performing Arts YOU EITHER HAVE IT OR YOU DONT! This is the one major that requires 70% natural talent. Don't think that some random teacher can make you a star. Welcome to the real world. If you were rejected from all the other schools, you should consider another major. The Liberal Arts program is garbage. I repeat, the Liberal Arts program at Pace is garbage. You'd be better off spending your hard earned money elsewhere. The Lubin School of Business has it's ups and downs. This is one of the better aspects of Pace, probably one of the only. The dorms? MARIAS TOWER= DEATH, SMALL SPACE, FILTHY BATHROOMS. I don't give a rats ass if I'm living in NYC, I want to have a little peace and cleanliness when I come back to my dorm from a long class. JOHN ST= A LITTLE BETTER THAN THE TOWERS BUT NOTHING SPECIAL, YOU CAN NEVER MOVE YOUR BED BECAUSE IT'S STUCK TO THE FLOOR, THE DRAWERS ARE SMALL. CLARK= VERY NICE ACTUALLY, LOTS OF ROOM AND SITS IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD, ST.GEORGE= AVOID THE DOUBLES! RENT A TRIPLE, THEIR HUGE AND GORGEOUS!. FULTON= PEOPLE WHO THINK THEIR THE HOTTEST INDIVIDUALS ON THE PLANET WHEN WE KNOW THAT'S A LIE. IT'S CLOSE TO SCHOOL AND ITS APARTMENT STYLE BUT IT'S NOTHING TO BE EXCITED ABOUT. IT'S ON A STREET THAT IS ALWAYS BUSY EXCEPT ON SUNDAYS.

Also, I want all of you to know that pace has around 65% women. I wish I were lieing but this is the cold hard truth. The remaining 35% that happen to be men are not very masculine, nor are they good looking, nor are they gentlemen.

I've never seen so many students cheat on exams and tests until I came here.

I've never met so many girls that have psychological issues until I came here.

I've never seen so many lieing, selfish, shrewd, idiotic people until I came here.

I've never seen so many teachers that are more into serving themselves instead of their students until I came here.

I never knew one of the lamest, deadest, unenthusiatic schools could sit in the middle of one of the most lovliest cities…until I came here.

The only way you will enjoy this place is if you are an airhead, an egotistical tyrant, a wannabe, or a socialite in the making. However, if your mature, well rounded, want to be challenged, want the absolute best that life has to offer, comfortable with yourself and don't feel the need to prove yourself to anyone than DO NOT COME HERE AND IF CURRENTLY ENROLLED, FILL OUT THAT TRANSFER APPLICATION. The freshmen don't know what their talking about and the people in theatre are good liars but don't listen to them. This place is Haites.

commentWhere do you get off calling yourself "Super Brilliant" with the amount of typos in this rant? I'm surprised you actually made it into any college. Learn to spell Hades before claiming you're stuck in it!
commentTo the person above: Pace takes anybody as long they can take their money.

To the author: Everything you said is true.

commentYes I agree with this statement, it is 100% true. BTW today I heard a meeting of students trying to recruit other students into coming to Pace. They're truly focused on coming up with good tactics during tours due to the fact that they'll get money, gift cards, etc. They're were also saying to only show the best looking rooms within the dorms… Don't let these people lie you into thinking that this place is a good choice!
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