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Pace University - New York

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityB Faculty AccessibilityB+
Useful SchoolworkC+ Excess CompetitionB-
Academic SuccessB- Creativity/ InnovationB
Individual ValueB University Resource UseB
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyB- FriendlinessB+
Campus MaintenanceC- Social LifeD+
Surrounding CityA+ Extra CurricularsB+
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Arrogant, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Helpful

Quite Bright
Lowest Rating
Social Life
Highest Rating
Surrounding City
He cares more about Social Life than the average student.
Date: Oct 30 2010
Major: Biology (This Major's Salary over time)
So much to say…

PRICE: First off… for anyone complaining saying that pace is so expensive, pace is probably the CHEAPEST school you're going to find in manhattan. I, a student with a 2.99 GPA in highdschool and average SATs got $10,400 in grants and another $10,400 from FAFSA. I'm paying half price. My other friend, of whom also got into harvard and NYU is getting a full FREE ride at pace. Another friend of good grades, sats, and a poor background is paying $7,500 a year. PACE IS CHEAP. If you didn't get anything from pace, then just be lucky you got in at all.

DORMING - I dormed at Mariah's tower for the "Freshman Bonding". This was, to say the least, a huge regret. All of the other freshman are very immature, and drink every weekend. I like to drink too, but I don't like getting roofied or puking in a cab on the way home like my fellow dorm mates do, so I tend to have my fun sober. Everybody here was clearly not given any freedom pre-college and hence have the need to go crazy now that they're on their own.

The bathrooms at MH are sickening. People don't flush or pick up after themselves, and I have seen residue of other guys masturbating over the toilets and on benches (GROSS!). I am applying to transfer out of MH asap. If you are new to drinking, and plan on going to clubs and getting overly drunk every single weekend, then MH might be for you.

CLASSES - As a biology major, I have actually found my bio class to be very difficult, which is technically a good thing. All of my other classes are pre-requirements, and are rather easy but still pack a workload. One thing that I have learned, is that Biology is a pre-graduation major, NOT an undergraduate major. That is, if you're not planning on going to grad school… bio is pointless. Plus, most grad schools (such as medical school) would preference students to major in literature or art, not their topic of interest so that they're "well-rounded". This makes bio even more pointless. I'm switching to a nursing major next semester since I can still pursue grad school, and get a job right out of college. Anyways, I find myself not having ANY free time monday-friday. I'm packed with work and classes. Weekends I do have some free time, though.

FOOD - Pace has 3 cafes, and one main one. I give the food a 6/10. First off, as a freshman you are required to get a full meal plan ($1450 a semester) for food. This is fine, but the food is EXTREMELY over priced. A tortilla and turkey wrap is $8. EIGHT dollars for a tortilla, turkey, and lettuce. This is their little scam to get you to pay money. At first it seems like a wide variety of things to choose from, but after your first few months you'll find yourself buying the same things, and it gets very boring… the food quality is better than that of my highschool but still could be better. I remember my dad took me out to a restaurant a while ago and it felt SO good to get real food in me, I totally forgot what a real meal was like.

OTHER - Overall, I don't mind pace. With avoiding Mariah's Tower and buying my own food in NYC, it's livable. Actually, the other dorms pace offers are EXTREMELY nice, I recommend checking out Clark's. I'm more busy than I wish I was with my classes, so I guess the education is good but I lack the time to explore hobbies or to get a job. Also, you're in NYC! There's also food, recreation, and other people to meet. A lot of the guys at Pace at gay, and if you have a problem with this then you shouldn't go to a school in NYC, because from what I've seen every school is like that. I plan on transferring out of Pace my sophomore year because I want to go to a school with a better name, plus I want to still be in NYC but go for a nursing major (pace only offers this as pleasenville).

This is my experience with Pace, although everybody's seems to be different. I know people who love it here, but I also dislike those people for their immaturity and alcoholism. A lot of these reviews posted seem to be from people who aren't that intelligent or the reviews are very biased, but I hope mine gave a little more insight, as I looked at these reviews before I decided to come here.

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Pace University - New York
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