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The Colorado Academy of Veterinary Technology

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I have attended another school in the fieldQuite BrightAnimal Studies
I have attended another school in the field of Veterinary Technology to compare my experience at CAVT to in a neutral manner. CAVT has worked very hard at getting help from outside sources to give a student many opportunities to work with domesticated, large animals and exotics. Instructors on campus also work in the fields they teach off campus which gives a student a better understanding of animals you might not normally see in clinic setting. More and more exotic animals are being mainstreamed as household pets and knowledge can only make a student an asset in a clinic.

To date, CAVT has the only in-house working clinic run by students. Each student is able to perform every task used in a hospital, ER, clinic, mobile clinic, boarding facility. The class is called Directed Clinical Practice (DCP). It can be a scary place when trying to put classroom work into hands-on. Unfortunately, you are not going to learn "How To" unless you jump in and just try. My instructors did an amazing job at pushing me to meet my potential. You only have a small window of opportunity to make things happen with live patients and most don't wait for you to hesitate and second guess yourself. If your willing to try you will be successful at DCP.

There are a lot of opportunities to volunteer for in and outside of school activities that help you network with DVMs, Vet Techs and Vet Asst which all play a critical role in the animal field.

During my time as a student I had a difficult time with fellow students who used classroom time as a time to socialize. Age was not a factor, it was more like school was just something to do. At times students would get the instructor off topic in-which some students would act offended when asked to stay on topic or hold questions to the end of class. When it came time for hands-on some students felt more comfortable trying task which your going to find where ever you go but hip checking played a major role of these students practicing more than others. I had trouble understanding some subjects but was able to ask and receive help from the instructors until I felt comfortable with the subject. Fellow students in my class would also offer help. When we worked together it boosted moral and fostered a team building atmosphere.

Every subject taught in the 10wks for a semester was narrowed down for us to what was most important. The meat and potatoes of a subject. The subjects are challenging and not easy to master every time. There is a lot of information to learn in a short time. Just studying what will be on a test is not good enough to pass the VTNE, which should be everyone's goal after 2 years in school.

The "fair" and "not fair" card is played by many students. Some students have other commitments and do not have the time to help or volunteer with school projects. When students have extra time and are able to help out with projects in school or outside of school students start crying about things being unfair or a student being the teachers pet. What you can put into school you will get out of school. I made time to be available for extra activities and thought it was ridiculous when a student pointed it out as favoritism. It was my time to do what I wanted to do with it. End of story. It doesn't take someone to "kiss a$$" to do things.

I had student instructors and in my opinion, they helped me get passed some of the issues I was dealing with when I could not master a subject. They made me feel like someone on my level could help better explain a subject. I felt intimated by the DVMs at times because they had been in the field so long and had mastered so much but after talking to each one about my feelings it made class time with them much better. I was not in class to become a DVM but their right hand as a Vet Tech.

I found the location of the school scary at times because there are many "homeless" males in the area. A high school is located behind the school and the high school students travel through our school area to go to McDonalds. The students fight, cuss and act-up which I feel is not safe.This is not a field to go into if you think that petting puppies and kitties all day is what a Vet Tech does.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2013
Education Quality: A+, Campus Maintenance: C
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School has teachers that have not been inBrightAnimal Studies
School has teachers that have not been in field for two years. Which is against AVMA protocol for maintaining accreditation. One instructor graduated from the Technician program in October of 2013. She is moody and unpredictable. Also seems to be using an obscene amount of drugs, making her mood unpredictable. She does not even know some extremely basic medical topics such as exercise intolerance. She also highlights on medical records. That is illegal. The program director is crazy. If you are not a kiss-ass, you will have a hard time. Even if you are a good student. So if you are willing to sacrifice your morals, than this is the place for you. She also is the anesthesia teacher. She does not show you how to use an ambu- bag, cat induction box, and offers no hands on in regards to the actual machine other than how to leak check it and where parts are located. She is not a quality teacher in my book. Does not emphasize blood pressure in class, but it is a huge deal in DCP, our school clinic generally held all day Friday. Does not accommodate different learning styles, will just think you are stupid if you don't know the first time. She is not approachable and not trustworthy, what so ever. She has dropped client dogs due to improperly restraining them on a table by holding the leash and not the dog. A student was bitten by a cat once, she made a huge deal about this particular student saying how incompetent the student was to other students. Only to find out in following weeks she too has been bitten by a cat on her index finger and was proud to show people. I have also heard her talking smack about some of my classmates behind their backs. My opinion, help the student, don't hurt the situation by being an ass hole. She will also disclose your family and personal life to other teachers and students without your consent. You will find out from other people that she has disclosed the information. Not OK. This person should not be a program director or teacher. She is in charge of finding you an internship for your 8th quarter. If you are not a kiss ass, expect to find one yourself and get crap for it. I have her my preferences early into my 7th quarter and never heard anything back from her. She did not contact them. I happened to be in touch with a clinic prior to my 7th quarter and they offered me one. The program director was upset because we set it up and not her. Ironically enough, she would not respond to the hospital in regards to a start date for my internship and I magically failed DCP. A class I was not failing the entire quarter. Ironic, right? Oh, and to clear the air, I am a good student. I have not failed a single class the entire time I have attended this school. Until this very last "class". Again, a class I wasn't failing the entire quarter. Her husband is a veterinarian and instructor at the school. A nice guy, but seriously needs to retire. I have literally watched him fall asleep while signing paperwork. It was actually concerning because he is older. He doesn't want to be a teacher there, he wants to retire and he will tell you that to your face. I do not trust him with my animals. He also will get you in trouble in DCP, again the school clinic run by students. If you ask him a question, and do what he says, you will get told by recently graduated instructors not to listen to him cause he is the doctor. This is in many contexts. It is "funny" because he is an instructor of that class too. You are better off getting a better education for the money you pay at PIMA or Bel-rea. Just because one has "cheesy" commercials, doesn't make it a bad school. You will get a better education for your money. Plus, you won't be going back to a high school bitch-fest. They may not be perfect schools either, but at least they can be trusted to have their shift together. Excuse my language, but I have been biting my tongue long enough. Please, do your research before attempting to attend this school. Wait until the current program director is replaced and they have actual instructors that are up to AMVA protocol. Go to AMVA website to read more about accreditation. You won't find anything bad about CAVT on there. People are just now starting to speak up.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2014
Surrounding City: A+, Education Quality: F
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This school is a joke and far fromNot so bright
This school is a joke and far from being qualified to educate future technicians. They have staff members who barely graduated and only hold an associates degree teaching students and she is very selective on who passes her classes and who does not. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone as the classes are NOT worth the tuition you will be paying. If you want a fresh out of college student with little to no on the job experience this is the school for you. If you hate condescending, arrogant and down right self absorbed teachers, than this is NOT the school for you. So angry i wasted a year of my time and money at a school that did not help me achieve my goal.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Surrounding City: A+, Education Quality: F
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