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The University of Hartford

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Before attending be advised of the following:Quite BrightComputer Science
Before attending be advised of the following:

This school gets expensive as the years go by. Literally, this school costs almost the price tag of a bloody Ivy-League school but without the Ivy-League perks! The University of Hartford tries so hard to be what it was during the 50's and 60's. It's not anymore, and its almost like watching an elderly person trying to hang onto what little youth it has left. It's wheezing, it's hopping on its last leg, but it still thinks it 'Got it'. No wonder why the college is accepting a mass income of freshmen, it's literally trying to regroup itself after Covid and other incidents that happened at this school.

Tuition increases every 2 bloody years. Double the amount. If you were paying $600 per tuition get ready to pay $1,200 because it's private and they can charge that amount.

The bloody dorms are falling apart. I have heard complaints over the years by students who have said they have lived in outdated dorms from the 70s. They are correct. There's literally NO AC in any of the living buildings whatsoever except for Park River and Hawk Hall, and GOOD LUCK getting into that building! How this can even be allowed that students are burning up in hot New England weather with no access to cooling but to bring their own units, which, once again is a COST is unbelievable. The dorms are falling apart for lower grad students, so much so that they're trying to repair the outside of the structures but doing nothing about the inside. Laundry unit areas are often kept filthy in the apartment areas. Renovated apartments? More like painted walls and new appliances of the LOWEST quality. We're talking about GE appliances here, which are known for their terrible quality. The school brags about the 20 million bill for these 'upgrades', so get ready for the tuition to skyrocket through the roof again. It costs $5,000 for living quarters and if your are a freshman/sophomore well it sucks for you because you'll be paying an extra $2,000 for a bloody meal plan you don't need or else get out, the school will not want you here because you are not being a submissive piggy bank. Yes the school literally has written on its website that fresh/soph MUST stay on campus or they will write the students up. What type of college forces students not to have their own choice in place of living? This one does!

On top of that students have a weed problem here. Seriously, you would think that this would only be at the ahem, "lower" type of schools but nope, it's here too. Every time I walk by a freaking dorm or apartment complex on campus I smell that damn shit. I smell that nasty ass dead skunk funk creeping out from someone's drug recreation center living space. People also tend to be immature as hell and like to yelp and yell at night, at random times of the day. Anytime past 10:00 p.m. that's supposed to be quiet hours goes to shit. People run down the street, people drop loud ass shit in the units and dorms, people yell at their friends and act like 12-year-old bandicoots that just got out of mommy and daddy's house and don't know what the fuck to do with themselves, besides show off to their friends. It's really annoying as fuck, and they know damn well other people are trying to sleep, except their being little self-centered shits and are acting up as much as possible because they can. I swear sometimes I was in a recreation center for drug rehabilitated teenagers, than I am on a college campus with fucking adults who have classes and jobs to maintain. It's that bad. Oh and by the way, the "RAs" are completely useless in that they do nothing about it. I'm sure as hell they hear all that noise too, but all they do is sit inside of their units and do nothing but ignore it all. I've lost so much sleep over the weeks due to this bullshit. If you want to survive, stay away from the fucking lame-ass weed smokers at this school and alcohol drinkers. 98% of students attending here do so on financial aid, and the last thing you want is to get your aid fucked because of a damn weed head or some ass-drinking student. It's not the first or last time students got kicked from campus for being found out for drugs. Did I also mention that RL is slow as hell? I've put in requests for a repair in my space and they have NOT answered back for almost two weeks. Might as well turn into a skeleton while waiting for a response because apparently, no one is keeping track of anything that's not deemed important enough. Yes there are parties at this school, but it usually just consists of weed or alcoholic drinks with people with no jobs. Stay away from that lame shit.

The size of the campus is medium. It's not small, but it's not large. There are also no restaurants within reach of this college. Literally none but the ones on campus which are a bunch of over-priced outlets with so-and-so food. If you don't have a car or know someone that will carpool you are STUCK. All the buildings are as old as dinosaurs, hell, there's even a section in one of the buildings sponsoring a dinosaur's footprint for display. That's how old this campus is. The only new spot is the Hursey Building, but it's a building mainly for Engineering and Nursing students. It's the second only quietest place to study besides the library.

If you are a Art/Nurse/Engineering/Music student you might do fine and may even thrive, but if you are ANY OTHER major than that, this campus will be roadkill in your face. Go back in history. This campus was first and foremost design for students in the Arts, and still is, for students in the Arts.

Some professors are actually helpful, and others are just road-blocking shits whose purpose in life is to be as strenuous as possible, to make things unnecessarily challenging. I'm not talking about the lazy fucks who do very little to none in classes and bum off of other people for their grades and still fucking pass as students. I'm talking about those evil professor types that try to make things as difficult as possible, the types that purposely try to fail people who try and are honest workers, who tell us in our faces that "hard work isn't enough". In the time that I've been here, I've had shitty professors that tried to make things difficult for courses I needed for a requirement. All of them happen to be professors not even from the USA for me, including one from Britain. They throw old ass shit at you for course material, coupled with bad oral english-speaking skills, or the work is subjective to what they like, while the administration claps their hands and counts the tuition money from all the students suckered here in their secret compartments, like henchmen, as these professors cause chaos with student's grades and their livelihoods. How many times have I attended a class where a professor has lazily slapped up a slide from Pearson, or a slide from Cegna or some other platform that

a) Never gets to the point
b) Is buried with a bunch of jargon to make it a reading hazard
c) Is old as FUCK but passed on as new to unsuspecting students too trusting of their professors.
d) Homework is fucking due in 2 days. Do or perish.
e)Rinse and Repeat.
I'm always having to pick out and re-word slides to get what I need because its always stuffed full of shit or is lacking. Or im having to buy their damn books that their authors of, while their spouse/love-interest/whatever is also working at the school. I'm speaking about the damn nepotism here. I am not getting what my tuition is paying for. I am getting tedious material from 45% of classes I will NEVER use in my career because they have nothing to do with my degree, but are required gen-eds. More like general WASTE OF TIME! This school hasn't taught me to learn, it has taught me to "cheat" to out beat the damn system in place. It has taught me to think outside the system, because I am not wasting thousands of dollars, repeating classes, or having permanent stains on my transcript records, while draining what money I have left to make it out in the real world, with no accessibility to an affordable wage because every damn job wants a bachelor's, while the school profits and the debt increases. That's too much of a risk. It's a reality many of us face. The school is a business with a cut-throat financial office and an administration with a bureaucracy to the boot. You either figure your way around the system, or you end up on the street with unpayable debt, that will restrict you from qualifying for many things in life.

Did I also mention some students are little ass-kissing busy-bodies? You have those typical students that try to gravitate to some professor who they think will help them get somewhere, those are everywhere. Newsflash, half if not 98% of those professors won't do shit for those students unless it means a spotlight. Yet those students are too damn dumb to realize it, and just continue to ass-kiss in a group of ass-kissers. It's like fucking kindergarten with them. They also like to stay closed up in a group most of the time, just them and their small group of ass-kissing, like it's a damn exclusive high school club. Doesn't matter though because, in reality, most of those students will go NOWHERE in life. I've seen ass-kissers come and go, one who even was a favorite of one professor for years, and guess up where that person ended up after graduating? GENERIC JOB NO ONE CARES ABOUT. That's what happens when you become a fucking kiss-up and a damn teacher's pet. Smart students network because you never know who will be the next connection, dumbasses sit in a cluster and regurgitate one another's crap while butt-kissing some professor who's sitting back laughing and counting the money. They got a job with a pension and the students don't, that's the difference! Just like any other place though there are snitches too, some more in some degrees than others, so be aware of your social circles aren't contained with the kindergarten-type snitches that like running around reporting the lamest shit, because you are not ass-kissing some professor's poor performance and worshipping the ground they walk on. No one comes to this school for free, and some shits can't handle a non-ass-kissing logical analysis without flipping the fuck out, like a crack addict that got it's crack taken away. Those types usually like hanging around the censored popular review websites with their bullshit because their little brains would explode else-wise, and many of them don't have a clue this site exists, which I am glad for. I can give an uncensored, unbiased review without some little shit flagging it or trying to see who said what because someone didn't worship X professor they like.

Let's review the food.
Some meals are alright, some aren't. Most meals here for some reason have a menu taste of a small child, and not so much for an adult. I'm talking about things like macaroni and cheese with BBQ chicken spread, chicken tenders with mashed potatoes, etc. If your are a health advocate your best advised to bring your own meal, simply because the menu is going to be littered with things that would be considered as fillers, and not as nutritious packed, or its loaded up with some noodle/rice compact that will make you gain weight faster than a MukBang eater off YouTube. Things also have a tendency to cost around an arm and a leg around these parts. The average meal is around $9 or more dollars, twice the amount you would pay ordinary at other places. It's expensive and it's a damn shame because you can easily spend $20 dollars a day on food here simply by GSU or Hawk's Nest. Other places only charge $5 for 2 slices of pizza at lunchtime including some colleges. If your on a meal plan they also limit how many times AND what times you can use your meal equalivancy. Your only allowed 1 meal equalivancy a day, at all places. Paid $1,000 for the meal plan? Past 2:00 p.m? Well it SUCKS for you because you can't use your meal equalivancy you paid for, you dirty varmint.

Now about the gym.
For years you could not go swimming without having to take a lesson. Taking a lesson involved credits and paying money. Now finally after all these years the in-door pool is available, but who knows for how long. They decided to purge the outdoor pool by covering it up in cement and rocks because they could, hurray! There are NO personal trainers at this gym, at all! If you don't know how to lift a weight you better just stick to something else or go to an actual gym because you are on your own in this one. The only trainers are for the athletes, and if your not an athlete well, it SUCKS for you! The gym consists of two main floors, with a third floor inaccessible that's meant for some VIP to sleep on. Yes, someone actually visits/lives up on the third floor of the gym. The gym equipment is mid 2000's. None of the equipment has its own monitors, like the newer ones do. Want to watch something? Well you can't, you watch nothing but the forced channel on the wall, with many other channels next to it.

The Weekends
There's nothing to do on-campus outside of classes other than hearing a bunch of weirdos yelping and yelling at each other during the weekend in their loud-ass rituals at night, or some girl screeching just because she can or some turd blasting music loud like they're deaf. This could be your time for relaxation, could be your time for studying, or running around like a headless chicken, it is what you make of it.

It is what you make of it. Don't expect anyone to do anything for you. Do you want an internship? You have to get it outside of the school or they'll just hand you an unpaid one. There are some jobs on campus, but it all depends on what you apply for. If you sleep on the opportunities and don't use what they have, don't expect much to happen. And that's about how much there is to this school. It's medium size, it's from the 50's, and it's costly to go to. I wouldn't recommend anyone for this college for long.

4th Year Female -- Class 1922
Campus Aesthetics: C+, Faculty Accessibility: F
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All students currently in attendance have received aQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
All students currently in attendance have received a letter notifying them that masks will be required in all settings except for the outdoors. As someone who has been attending this college for some time, I find these persistent rules rather draconic. Covid precautions are legit and there are still people in this small state easily getting sick due to exposure and spreading. But at the same time, students should not be required to wear a mask but at their sole discretion. I just came from a semester at another college that did not require masks and never got sick one time during the entire 3 months. Forcing students to either comply or be referred to the Office of Conduct is a strong-arm approach that borderlines violating the rights of the students. If I go to the University of Hartford it's as if my rights as a citizen don't exist now. We've been forced to wear masks since Fall 2022 and they are uncomfortable to wear for long hours and now we need to wear certain masks to comply.
5th Year Female -- Class 1923
Perceived Campus Safety: B, Surrounding City: F
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The school does a good job in tryingBrightCivil Engineering
The school does a good job in trying to help students succeed, but fails for a majority of the time. You have to be individually proactive in order to get internships or jobs. My problem with the school is they wait until the last minute to react to anything. There were instances that the university was not prepared for causing a delay in response on campus. Most of the hours for places are convient or helpful for most students on campus. Beside outside occasions are the only thing that are fun for students. It is usually dead on the weekends unless the Fraternities or rugby team throw a party or an event. The school needs also upgrade the residential places on campus to make it a better living environment.
3rd Year Male -- Class 1920
Education Quality: A-, Campus Maintenance: F
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The University of Hartford

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