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Bay Path College

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I attended this college back in 2016.Quite BrightComputer Science
I attended this college back in 2016. It was a complete waste of time. For instance, they advertised to me that they had jobs available for students while in reality, they didn't. All the available jobs were taken which were few and in-between to began with and the only "job" they had was a poster for baby-sitting, which made it very difficult to pay bills. While the campus looks physically appealing on the outside and the dorms are a nice size and look, the inside of the campus is not so much. I was an older student at 25 years of age and as a person of color I dealt with much profiling, immaturity, arrogance, and an over-all unhelpful environment when I attended this school. The first room-mate I had that I moved in with was a fat greek girl in psychology who thought it was funny to bring in her friends into the room sniffing around because she "smelled" something "bad" and looked directly at me. I simply had a container of food brought fresh that was from the cafeteria. The girl ended up reporting me to the RA, which I will be discussing later. As a result of her action, I took it up with the diversity department exactly what was said and how she conducted her behavior around me. The dorm had no AC and only a fan, and she would leave hers off so mine could run all day and get worn down. I quickly caught onto this, along with her being extremely piggish and messy by leaving dirty color-tied clothes wet on her bed with my bed neat and organized. I showed proof that I was the clean one and she was in the wrong, and as a result of her profiling she got removed out of the room. That was the first incident, followed by one of her little friends, a red head with long hair writing the word "Poop" on my whiteboard that was located on the outside door. I just happened to look through the peek-hole at that time, and saw this girl physically come up to my door with a marker and write on it, resulting in that word used. The fat greek girl also had a skinny boyfriend who would come up to the dorm and try to engage sexually with her, which I also reported as an uncomfortable environment. The school's excuse was that it was a student's "right" to exercise their reproductive choices. Indeed, a so called "right" right in my face with no regard that the purpose of a college is for education, not for screwing. The second was with the RA herself who was a snobby blonde girl. I ended up finding out that she was visiting Alex Jones website, a extreme right white surpremist as "RoboBunny" user and posted a response to her calling her out. The girl then magically, out of the blue, somehow "knew" that I was the one who posted to her publically, though I never used my real name or information so I am certain that she got someone from the IT department to feed her this information or she used WireShark. As a result, "I" got pulled in and got treated as if I was causing a disturbance because this privileged little white girl was posting comments on a conspiracy white nationalist website. It was a disgusting response by the university administration, and sheltered racist women like her who feel safe and even allowed to behave and act in such a way on campuses who were fostering the entire "Donald Trump" fiasco during 2016. That was the second strike. The majority of girls who also attended this school were very spoiled, sheltered, and privileged acting but at the same time scared senseless if there was a guy on campus. Yet these girls were working regular grocery or restaurant type jobs but had the social skills of someone who has never been outside a house before. The third was that I had an untimely medical reaction that caused me unable to finish classes due to a brain-related disease. The school showed me no mercy during this time, and instead, I was told that it was "Not the responsibility of the students to pick up my things" because I have left an item or two at a place, which was actually a symptom of the brain issue. The callousness and arrogance of the administration staff is disgusting. And what did the University due when my GPA dropped due to this medical issue? They promptly forced me to sign a paper withdrawing me from the school. As a result, my transcript has W's and F's on it. I am deciding now more recently to pursue this to a legal case, due to the unsatisfactory and unneeded stress that I gained just from attending this college due to its uncaring and unprofessional atmosphere, and the several profiling issues I have encountered from both students and staff. The fact of the matter is the W's and F's are still on my transcript, and that, because I was on FASFA at the time it created a hassle applying to other schools because of BayPath University. Ontop of the high tuition the over-all atmosphere is very dry. There is literally no social-life on campus where clubs are basically non-existent and most students are scared to go anywhere off-campus without viewing it as suspicious and reporting it to the school. There was also several issues of these girls quietly going into their dorms or friend's dorms as high as kites. Several reviews on Rate My Professor stated that these girls would get high before getting on campus, which was promptly taken down by the website as RPM is a censorship platform. I have personally see myself some girls walking to suddenly fall over mid-walk, so those were probably the ones that were high the reviews were talking about. It is ridiculous and sad that this college is benefiting the PW "majority" who, from my remembrance, were bragging about getting D's and C's in their classes. Some of the admission was even popping jokes of who was getting kicked out of the school, but due to the phonyness and snobbery from the students and some of the staff I'm not surprised.
1st Year Female -- Class 2019
Campus Aesthetics: B-, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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Honestly, some of the professors are great.Quite BrightPreLaw and Legal
Honestly, some of the professors are great. My advisor that I have now is amazing and always cares about how I'm doing. The advisor I had before I switched majors didn't care at all about what went on in my life. She was not personable at all. She just wanted me in and out of her office. My new advisor makes time for me.

The counseling services got better this year with the new counselor. I wish the doctor was on campus more often.

My issue is that more therapy animals are being allowed on campus. I came here in hopes of escaping my allergies and my physical health shouldn't be put in jeopardy just because of someone else's mental health needs.

Also, Bay Path will start accepting men that are transitioning to females. That's messed up. Not that guys want to be girls but some women came here to avoid men because of traumatic experiences. But bay path is going to allow biological males here? Regardless if they are changing from men to women or not, if girls can be attracted to girls, men transitioning to women can be attracted to girls also. And what kind of message is this sending to men? Men will now think that they have to change themselves just to genuinely get a good undergraduate education. No one should feel that they have to change themselves. Personally, I don't care if people want to change themselves but at least make it fair to all sexes. Bay Path should remain a traditional WOMEN'S university. So if you're a woman looking to escape from men, do not go here. Because there won't be an escape.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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Granted, I only attended Bay Path for aBrightOther
Granted, I only attended Bay Path for a semester, but that was even more than I wish I had. Like all schools, Bay Path had both good and bad aspects. Unfortunately, however, the cons of this school far outweigh the pros. To put it fairly, I did come to a school as an out of state student and I dormed and I would contribute my negative experience to that. The town the college is located in is located in a small town, with very little to do. There are colleges within the area, but unless you have access to a car and friends, you may be stuck and isolated at the college. There was not enough events at the dorms to stay active and fulfilled. A high percentage of the residents (and general population of the school) is extremely liberal, bisexual, or a lesbian. People here do not value traditional standards, and if you are looking for that, stay far away from this school. Social life is dead, and if you are coming here on your own for the first time, be prepared to feel very isolated. Even being an adventurous individual taking opportunities of the campus events, I found the atmosphere and events on and off campus to be minimal and dull. In addition, the campus is extremely small. Everyone will know you, and know your business. Again, if you do not enjoy this kind of thing, do not go to this school. It is like a high school. You will feel like you are in a goldfish bowl.

More important, college is about academics. That is where this school does well in. Because of the small population of students, faculty is able to pay close attention to students and the relationship can be personal and learning and growth can happen. I was in the Occupational Therapy program and found the curriculum to be the right amount of challenging, and the faculty to be incredibly friendly and helpful. As far as resources, this school is severly lacking. You think that with all the tuition you spend, the school would invest in a bigger library with more computers and resources, but they don't. The library is tiny, with only a very limited amount of computers and a terrible printer system.

This school often promotes woman empowerment, and being leaders, but you find that the faculty treats their students like little girls they baby. It is very misleading, and degrading.

If you have an open mind, like to learn new things, and want to be in a challenging and atmosphere where you will grow, I would stay far away from this school. If you think you can tolerate all these things, by all means, attend this school. But please do yourself a favor, and don't be a resident on campus.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Perceived Campus Safety: A+, Social Life: F
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