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The University of Maryland University College

Total Grad Surveys 24
Females 11
Males 13
Avg years at University 2.3
Research Quality B (7.1)
Research Availability B (6.9)
Research Funding B (7.0)
Graduate Politics B+ (7.3)
Not Errand Runners A- (8.2)
Degree Completion A- (8.2)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.2)
Sufficient Pay B (6.9)
Competitiveness B+ (8.0)
Education Quality B+ (7.9)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.5)
Useful Research B+ (7.7)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.5)
Friendliness B (7.2)
Safety A- (8.8)
Campus Beauty A- (8.5)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.4)
University Spending B+ (7.5)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.4)
Scholastic Success A- (8.4)
Surrounding City B+ (7.6)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.7)
This place sells degreeAug 18 2016Business - Management and Administration
This place sells degree like hair products... They are all about sales and education becomes secondary. Their marketing campaign is waaaayyyyy better than their curricula
I completed my bachelors at UMUC, and thisNov 15 2015Business - Management and Administration
I completed my bachelors at UMUC, and this fall I will be completing my masters in marketing management.

I found the work challenging yet very informative and the teachers engaging and helpful. I have not only learn tremendous amount, but I have grown professionally.

This environment is for someone who is willing to manage their time and their priorities, and make some sacrifices. In one class alone, you can have multiple chapter readings, case studies, supplemental videos and readings, in addition to the module and discussion (which requires thoughtful researched work and response to other students), with upwards of 1-8 questions. This was my weekly experience for just one class. Add to that one or two more classes and you are beyond busy.

However, man, did I learn a lot of information that is applicable to my field and has already positioned me for promotion and growth (due to my extremely high GPA and the application of knowledge learned).

The online environment is easy to navigate and is available on multiple devices. The teachers are responsive and want to see you succeed. And your classmates are their to achieve the same goal as you.

I would strongly recommend this institution for anyone who truly wants to learn and is prepared to do what it takes to make.

Dec 10 2014Business - Management and Administration
do not go here, the veterans advising department is trained to rip you off legally
The quality of my education was great, butJun 08 2014Unknown
The quality of my education was great, but it was administration that was the problem. I didn't get the feeling like the advisors really cared. I also felt that the school was just trying to take my money by only accepting up to 6 credit hours of previous college credits. The instructors were great--be prepared to do a lot of work online though.
UMUC served its purpose, I have a degreeAug 20 2013Other
UMUC served its purpose, I have a degree. Is it a quality and marketable degree, I am not sure. The President and his staff need to be honest about the type of ship they are running at UMUC. Stop creating fly by night programs and focus on the students and faculty. Too much politics and PG County good ole boys club there. A staff member actually laughed when I thought I was getting the same teaching practices and curriculum as the Robert H. Smith School of Business (UMD) MBAs. Too many long term employees with no career goals at UMUC, they do not give good career advice at all. Go to University of Maryland College Park or UMBC (Baltimore) if you can afford it. Don't get snared in by the lack of a GRE or GMAT test requirement.
As both a undergraduate and graduate student ofAug 15 2013Business - Management and Administration
As both a undergraduate and graduate student of UMCP, I can say that both levels of the school are very different. The undergraduate school is far and decent, but the grad school is WAY overpriced and filled with many professors who want to indoctrinate students in regressive (liberal) thinking rather than teach the subject at hand. I had two experiences in two different classes where the professors were very unprofessional. One even called me at my home because she disagreed with my thoughts in the class. How unprofessional! The tuition at UMCP is extremely high and well exceeded both my military and VA costs. I switched to another school at the grad level and I am quite happy there.
I came the UMUC MS Management program withApr 17 2013Business - Management and Administration
I came the UMUC MS Management program with a B.A. and M.S. from a traditional face-to-face state school. Honestly, UMUC is much more time consuming. All communication is written since it is an online school, so I am writing a lot more than I had to for my traditional MA. In addition to papers, there are weekly online conference responses that MUST contain citations. These graded, 500+ -word posts, including responses to peers, require an understanding of the reading, so you have to be prepared. I am learning a lot more in this format simply because an insane amount of writing is required.
It is what it isMay 09 2012Business - Management and Administration
It is what it is. I was a "B" undergrad at a 3rd tier state school. At UMUC, I am a straight-A student. It's not that you don't have to work. Taking conferences into account, you will be writing about 30pp per class. However, whatever you write will be better than that of most of the other students. Most of the other students are in the military or have full-time jobs, so they just don't have time to do a really good job on assignments.

I actually like the school because I am learning a new field, and their is no pressure perfom. Also, the textbooks are usually the latest editions, and that's nice.

Good MBA program for professionalsSep 06 2011Business - Management and Administration
Good MBA program for professionals. Only 2 problems: they should be more selective with the candidates instead of taking their money right away, some definitely not prepared for the graduate program slowed us down. One of the phone representatives told me to F*** myself once, I mentioned it and I did not get any feedback. Other than this, I do not regret getting my MBA at UMUC. Good luck!
Turns out UMUC is an institution whose onlySep 06 2011Computer Science
Turns out UMUC is an institution whose only goal is to separate their students from their money. There is no actual rhyme or reason to the grading or the pass/fail of the courses. I have in the past in my grade book, earned a clear B in a course, yet I have received a Failing grade for lack of participation. It turns out I didn't post a comment in group discussions during the weeks of the mid term or the final, and on this grounds, despite my better then average grades on every other facet of the class I was forced to retake the course.there is no reason to attend this university, you will learn nothing, and it is just a cheap piece of paper for managers to appreciate.
I was (past tense as of this moment)Aug 16 2011School of Information
I was (past tense as of this moment) in UMUC's MSIT/IA program. Terrible. The courses are a joke.
Examples include graduate students in the ?Economics and Financial Analysis for Technology Managers? who are incapable of using Microsoft Excel?s formulas to solve simple financial problems; graduate student unable to install software on their own computers; graduate students who refuse to participate in groups; and, regurgitated material throughout the class conferences. I have known for some period of time that the REAL value of the UMUC MSIT program is dubious at best but, unfortunately, a MS ? any MS ? seems to be a necessity these days. Knowing this, prior to the start of the spring 2011 semester I made the decision to reduce my efforts. Despite this, I still managed to pull a 3.5 over two courses. I suspect my ?B? this past semester had more to do with my decision not to respond to a professor?s request for an evaluation of a product associated with his company than it did my course work. (Yes. I have kept the emails, course assignments, and course work.)A lot of people will rate UMUC high - they are protecting their diploma.
Decent SchoolDec 08 2010School of Information
Decent School. but requires every student to be self motivated..this primarily still in the night school mindset and is primarily for people with jobs and need a degree and like classroom and web style learning experience over only online classes...some of the core classes are hard but helped me out in the long run especially at the work place
The Doctor of Management in Community College PolicySep 08 2010Education
The Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration is on the cutting edge of relevant educational training in higher education today. Faculty are former community college presidents bringing real-world experience to the classroom and we are learning not only the book material but from their experiences as well. The one-on-one attention is a huge benefit along with the fact that this is the only program I found to really cater towards working professionals already in the field of higher education. The program is all on-line with only a two day residency each term - not bad. The residency provides a great opportunity to meet classmates and bring the students closer together. I love this program and would recommend it to anyone.
I'm having an excellentJan 18 2010Business - Management and Administration
I'm having an excellent experience at UMUC. My advisor is attentive and proactive and the faculty are extremely helpful and supportive.
I enjoyed my time at UMUC and alsoJan 05 2010Computer Science
I enjoyed my time at UMUC and also learned more than I ever thought I would. Twice I almost gave up but the staff encouraged me to keep going and my faculty understood my challenges. The team at Andrews Air Force Base handled all of my adminstrative matters for me and made sure I just focused on the study aspect of school. It took a whole team to help me graduate, but I did it!
UMUC Graduate School is a teaching institution, notOct 26 2009Business - Management and Administration
UMUC Graduate School is a teaching institution, not research based. It provides practical (applied) business education for working adults. Learning in the classroom is instantly applicable on the job. When earning my executive Master of International Management, I was running an international joint venture and found the classroom learning to be invaluable in managing the venture on a daily basis. The Executive Master of International Management is now offered as an Executive MBA with a global focus.
May 28 2009Computer Science
don't go here
The graduate school's biotechnology program is very goodApr 16 2009Unknown
The graduate school's biotechnology program is very good. Why? First, the program is not totally science or lab based, that is, replete with organic and inorganic chemistry course work. It focuses more on a combination of business and technical issues/policies that are unique to the biotech industry. The instructors require that students read the assigned material and provide an analysis of what was studied or read. You received grades based upon class room participation, examaminations given and papers submitted. Depending on the instructor part of your grade depended on what your team members felt you contributed to a group project. Grades were typically weight based - the larger percentage usually applied to term papers and/or exams. Secondly, sound research methods with proper footnotes were expected when submitting papers. Some instructors even deducted grade points for late unexplained assignments or poor footnoting. Third, most of the course work was challenging - grades were earned. Fourth, while having a Phd is not necessarily a prequisite for being an effective teacher - all of my instructors had one and some were even patent holders. These instructors provided the theory as well as the real world practices contained within the biotech industry. Finally, the capstone course was difficult. The class was divided into teams, and each team worked with a biotech company. A lot research and analysis was devoted to the project and results were presented to the owner or CEO of the biotech firm. Each team produced a research paper that was graded by the instructor with the biotech owner's input. Also, each student received grades for exams and papers submitted

I was an on-line student that used the WebTycho proprietary online learning platform. The platform was functional as long as electrical power was available.

I did experience some problems reaching my academic advisor but reaching someone 100% of the time is a problem in most organizational settings. Overall I thought the learning experience in this graduate program was very valuable and worthwhile.

Research Topic(s): Capstone Course
Mar 10 2009History/Histories (art history/etc.)
UMUC is so military friendly. They stood by me through every deployment and TDY.
I have been a student at UMUC for a yearMay 21 2008Business - Management and Administration
I have been a student at UMUC for a year. I have learned more in this year than I can ever remember for the same time interval. It amazes me the assignments that is given each week. You will be given quite a bit of work that will be very time sensitive. If you are not good at multi-taskings no need to apply. You will be held accountable for your work on a weekly basis and will be penalized for late work. It is not a Harvard University, or a top 10 ranked business school, and you will find a few students that you might feel shouldn't be in the program. However in an online program you will not be affected by procrastinators.I feel you should look at their sylabus (google it)and see if it meets your needs. They are concisely & meticulously written to include the exact material expected.
I attended the University's Asian Division, and amMay 18 2008Unknown
I attended the University's Asian Division, and am in the process of completing a graduate degree online via Web Tycho. I DO NOT understand where some of the useless negative rantings are coming from.

I would suggest looking at the source of those comments, and realize that there are plenty of scam schools receiving great ratings, whereas UMUC is getting the shaft by people who probably didn't actually attend this university in the first place.

Top rate education and great experiences during research projects as well as exams. This school has added greatly to my ability in providing accurate research information, and has enhanced my overall education.Great school.

I found that I had to give muchJan 31 2008Accounting
I found that I had to give much more time in focusing as the classes were on line. That being said, the professors were accessible as well and competent. I was glad that I received my graduate degree here and I would recommend any working adult to consider this program as it conforms to work and family life.
I have attended this university for both myDec 28 2007Other
I have attended this university for both my undergraduate degree and now, via DE, for my graduate degree. I have gotten a lot out of my education and the courses are very challening at times.

I too have had instances wherein I had to deal with the Bursar's office and in at least one case they weren't too receptive; however, overall I have been very satisfied with this university.

During my undergraduate education, I found that there were times wherein courses may have been offered, but not taught, and that was due mainly to lack of student sign-ups. I have found the quality of online education is equivalent, or even better, than the in-class instruction. I say that because you have to exercise more discipline in your studies, read a lot more, and focus on interacting with the rest of the class.

I have seen very few blogs commending UMUCJul 19 2007Business - Management and Administration
I have seen very few blogs commending UMUC and a tremendous amount demeaning UMUC's quality. I have decided to use my own judgement and make a legitimate run at learning all I can about my chosen discipline, all joking aside, UMUC is meeting all my expectations in academics. The faculty is helpful and accommodating. I am enjoying my education and advancement opportunity UMUC is providing. I am tired of reading all the negative comments. If you really want to make a real difference in your educational experience, uplift its purpose and influence a positive change in attitude.
UMUC is okApr 18 2007Education
UMUC is ok. Not sure why we get the UC distinction from UM. We share the same campuses and professors. The work is the same if not more challenging.
UMUC is a program for adult students inNov 07 2004Education
UMUC is a program for adult students in the workplace who are seeking to further their education. The graduate school is primarily delivered through distance education. Far from being a diploma mill, I have found the courses stimulating and challenging and recommend it to many of my friends who are looking for a way to get their graduate degrees without quitting work.
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