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The State University of New York Purchase College

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Suny Purchase was a perfect encapsulation of justSuper BrilliantArt & Design Department
Suny Purchase was a perfect encapsulation of just how hollow state-funded schools have become. It couldn't have been further from a nurturing environment.

The vast majority of the student body is a closed-minded echo chamber that vilifies anyone with a dissenting opinion. Nothing is really open for discussion, despite the motto of the school "Think Wide Open." Most of the professors will teach you an incredibly biased version of their subject, claiming that their personal tastes are the standard in the industry and grade you based on how much they like your work personally. All my graphic design classes were like this, with the Swiss Punk style being the standard and all deviations being punished. I branched out and took installation art with Chris Robbins and he subsequently used the entire class as an opportunity to make preach about contemporary social issues that he liked rather than teaching us about art. He even graded us on how much we incorporated said social themes, which was corrupt in a class about craftsmanship. In frustration, I literally filled a room with random garbage and called it my "final project." They all raved about it as being an amazing piece of modern art. I got an A and a little piece of me died inside.

I took several oil painting classes and was surprised to find that not a single painting teacher could help me with surrealism (which I was already somewhat accomplished in from years of study). They couldn't even critique it constructively! They all painted in the style of abstract impressionism and encouraged their students to do the same. Not that there is anything wrong with that inherently, but the lack of diversity was astounding and it was obvious that they were encouraging this quick style of painting to the students because anything more disciplined would make them drop out. It was very discouraging.

I switched to a newly formed art/science fusion major towards the end of my stay there in order to take some useful classes that I wasn't allowed to take in my curriculum: accounting for artists, arts management, anatomy, and biology. You'd think those would be required for art majors, but they aren't. This new major called BSVA had no organization whatsoever and the lone faculty member assigned to the department was so inept that she told me to store my senior project in another departments storage facility where it was destroyed by a different faculty member. Not intentionally, but accidentally. I never got any compensation for the thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours I put into that project. I was also forced into homelessness for a semester due to the college screwing up my paperwork. I was only able to attend school on financial aid and was not able to get any for the entirety of one semester due to an error on the schools part, and I was destitute. During a different semester we had loud construction on the wall of our dorm room every day for months on end, waking us all up at 6-7AM. It affected everyone's grades in my suite because no one was able to get any rest after late nights of study. We complained many times and no action was taken.

I would have sued the school over all all the things mentioned in the last paragraph if I had the money to hire a lawyer, but all I can do is write this review. It's been 4 years since I left and I still have a very bitter taste in my mouth from the experience. Please don't enroll if you are an artist or designer of any kind.

5th Year Female -- Class 2016
Perceived Campus Safety: A, Education Quality: F
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I graduated from this school 8 years ago.Quite BrightMusic - Performance
I graduated from this school 8 years ago. When I first left, I felt very broken and upset by the way I was treated. It took me some time to recover actually. However, I have forgiven them and forgiven myself for what happened.

I think I received a generally good overall music education. Now that I am a working professional in the music field, I feel on par with those around me, and definitely more prepared than many as well. It took me a while to realiZe but I have Purchase to thank for some of my success. I could have done without all the negativity, political crap, and close minded competiveness. But, generally, I was given what I needed at the time. And it really helped me a lot today.

As well, many working singers and instrumentalists have come out of this rigorous program. It took us all a few years but many are quite sucessful.

I would say if you are planning to come here, be mindful of your goals. Take lessons with the faculty. Take as many lessons and coachings as you can, at this school and others similar. In the end, the decision is yours, and how you react and respond to stress will make you swim or sink in an environment like this. The music program and all the conservatories, for that matter, as a whole, are fast paced and hardcore.

The choice is yours. Trust your gut. And most of all- enjoy your college years!

4th Year Female -- Class 2008
Individual Value: A+, Campus Aesthetics: D
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I am currently doing my FRESHMAN semester atQuite BrightEconomics
I am currently doing my FRESHMAN semester at this school. Ive used this website religiously to see what other students say about the schools i applied to. Im actually excited to do this for the first time. anyways, let me tell you about suny purchase.

Sony purchase was not a first pick for me. I actually wanted to go out of state, but I plan on transferring anyways. I live 20 minutes from the school. It's located in Purchase new york which is a wealthy suburban area. You feel safe because there is a lot of open space and the school is in a good area.

despite my short time here, I think I've seen all there is to the school. There's something you must understand. This school might as well be an art school. The fact that its a liberal arts college surprises me. 90% of the people i see are majoring in film/theater, creative writing, dance, or some other art type major. Im an economics major. So I feel a bit displaced surrounded by all the awkward art and people here.

People; the people here are quite nice. However, they are reserved. Things get cliquey real fast. Im not forming (big mistake) so while everyone appears to have friends, it's really just whoever they're dorming with and a few people who they sit nearby in class. I really wish people were more outgoing but then again, I should get involved more. I plan on doing sports and clubs. The upside to it is, if you have the confidence to approach people, it's very easy to make friends. However, I haven't really encountered much people who i would really bother establishing a friendship with. The student body seems to be as bland as the campus. Plus a lot of people dress weird here. Theres a lot of gay people. Personally, Im straight and I'm not homophobic. But I wanted to be able to make guy friends who chill together and hook up with girls. Don't get mad at me for that, thats the basic college experience. You can't do that here when the girls are already weird, unattractive, or gay, or a combination of all three. I think I've seen enough that I am sure to transfer out at the end of the year. If I don't get to play the sport of my choice, it's a wrap for Purchase. Overall, I haven't met one person who was hostile or nasty to me. Im a very nice person, so if someone is mean to me, thats on them. The only thing though I don't really like is that, I will go out my way to strike up a conversation with people and they can't do the same. Im not saying I'm a boring person but I'm very friendly. People don't see to show an interest in building relationships. I don't feel like chasing after anyone. But I guess everyone is caught up in their own lives, that making as many friends and connections as possible isn't on their mind.

Food; Purchase food is respectable. It's not restaurant style but I like it. They have a sushi bar, you can get a burger or sandwich, and they have chefs cooking in the diner hall. However, because of the many vegetarians/vegans on campus, the approach they take on food is affected by that. Which is understandable. It's just not my thing. I consider myself a guy. If i want to go get a chicken after a workout then thats what I want to do. I don't want to have to choice between tofu and veggies.

campus; the campus here is very clean. ID give it a A-. Just about everywhere is clean except for the bathroom which smells like piss. It reminds me of high school bathrooms which isn't a good look for a university. The outside is clean and there always seem to be constructing something somewhere on campus which is good. However, Everything is bland. The place was designed by a guy who designed women's prisons. I brushed it off but now that i think about it, it wouldn't make for a bad prison to be honest.

dorms; i did say I'm not forming but i have been in them. Only the freshman ones. The upperclass dorms are suppose to be much better. But ill tell this to anyone who's a freshman, there is absolutely NOTHING special about your dorm. Even the walls are just painted over cinderblocks. Theres three bunk beds and desks, closet, and thats pretty much it.

sports; people do sports here, but no one really cares about sports. It's pretty sad. The school is actually, athletically, a good school, but when you have mostly art majors, can't expect to have large turnouts at the basketball games, even if they did win the conference championship.

professors: the only thing that is making me still willing to get up and actually go to class are the professors.they are very knowledgeable. If you don't understand something, they can elaborate on it until you get it. I haven't encountered one who didn't seem to care about being there. They are willing to help the students as well which is great. I can't knock Purchase for that. Professors are top notch.

testing; exams so far seem to be fair. If you understand the material, you will do well. I consider myself quite bright, but it's like I'm a genius compared to other students. Im not going to lie, I did expect the students to be a bit smarter than they currently are. but then again, I'm just thinking about my "non art" type classes.

at the end of the day, if you do your work, but do it like you care, you should do well at purchase. I only had a 2.8 gap in high school (total laziness) but I feel confident about pulling AT LEAST a 3.4 here. Im pushing for at least a 3.5. Unless you plan on doing something art related, you could still come to purchase, but you will probably always feel like an "outsider". the majority of the courses are for the arts kids as well. The campus has a very "liberal" view which I don't mind, so long as it doesn't override common sense. A lot of the students smoke, surprisingly and they want to make the campus smoke free by 2018. but the rule isn't even enforced and i damn sure won't be here by then so oh well. Even, if I were an art student, I wouldn't come to purchase. Thats saying a lot.Its one thing to have almost everyone around you doing something similar to you. But campus vibe is so dead, and the people here are so bland that it kills anything positive about it which is sad because there are some really positive things.

One more thing, purchase and the financial aid office are pretty good. People always complain about this topic in particular but i had no issues with them in that regard. In fact, I even got my refund the first week of school and they deposit the money directly into my bank account which is why it happens so quick. I hope more schools do this so that students don't have to wait so long to get their refund money.

1st Year Male -- Class 2019
Education Quality: A+, Innovation: F
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