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The University of Texas - Arlington

Total Grad Surveys 18
Females 8
Males 10
Avg years at University 1.3
Research Quality C- (3.5)
Research Availability C- (3.6)
Research Funding D (2.2)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.4)
Not Errand Runners D+ (3.5)
Degree Completion C (4.6)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] D (2.6)
Sufficient Pay D+ (3.2)
Competitiveness D+ (3.1)
Education Quality C- (4.2)
Faculty Accessibility B (6.9)
Useful Research C (4.4)
"Individual" treatment C- (3.5)
Friendliness C- (4.0)
Safety C (4.3)
Campus Beauty B- (6.0)
Campus Maintenance C+ (5.2)
University Spending D (2.5)
Extracurriculars B- (6.5)
Scholastic Success C- (3.5)
Surrounding City B- (6.4)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.8)
Research FundingD
Faculty AccessibilityB
For commuters, this may be the most affordableApr 12 2016Education
For commuters, this may be the most affordable option. The new President is all about the bottom line, there is no human touch, you are just part of a big research machine. The facilities were small, old, and worn a few years ago except for a new athletic and entertainment center and recreation center. The number of students have increased dramatically, and now it is way too overcrowded. There is no place to study without literally having to crawl over people. Facilities have not kept pace with growth. I could not even find libraries in the surrounding area that weren't overcrowded. Get this-the library closes at 8pm on the weekend! WTH? At UTA, money matters, students don't.
Had I know that this university, and theAug 29 2015Nursing
Had I know that this university, and the college of nursing within system, was just a giant version of a sad community college, I would have chosen a smaller, private university for graduate studies. The poor communication between departments, within departments, and in general, is mind blowing. UT Arlington is truly the worst school I have ever experienced. Advisors? Useless. Professors? MIA. IT? They are impressively clueless. I have NEVER has a tech issue resolved by IT! They can't even keep the school website in logical, user friendly working order. Even if tuition was free, I would not go to this school again. The frustration of being caught in poorly run system is sometimes too much. Spend the money and go to a good school.
Had I known that the "A" in UTAMay 25 2015Education
Had I known that the "A" in UTA stood for arbitrary, I never would have gone there. I was kicked out of a class for nonpayment, which was news to me as I thought I had paid, and when I searched for help I made several startling discoveries:

1. The Literacy Studies program does not provide phone numbers to advisers, unlike every other program I could see on their site.

2. When you call the program, they refer you to whatever program they have the number of, whether it will help you or not. I spent time contacting very nice people who could not help me.

3. The program is supposedly designed for convenience, but they will cancel entire classes without telling anyone.

4. When I was able to contact someone who's email signature contained "2012 UT System Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award" I was given an 11 minute lecture on what I SHOULD have done to avoid being dropped without being given any options on how to fix the situation.

5. Nothing annoys the faculty adviser more than a student emailing trying to come up with a solution. By the second email I was given two or three word replies.

6. The financial office WILL hang up on you.
7. If you're going to be dropped from a class you can expect to be given a 4 hour window to check your email and fix it. I was emailed at 12:22 and 4:23 am. Keeping in mind that I was dropped for a payment that I didn't know I had missed, I called the financial office a second time, since the first one had hung up on me, and tried to get the date to pay for my next class only to be told that UTA hadn't decided on a date yet. They expect students to be able to juggle every rule as they make them and they seem to make them based on whims rather than logic.

As a graduate student who attended a reputable,Aug 25 2012Engineering Department
As a graduate student who attended a reputable, "spirited" school in the SEC before moving back home and making the boring but economical decision to commute to school, I must say I am surprised with both how much I have liked UTA so far and how unhappy some reviewers here seem to be with this place. I feel as though I ought to assure prospective students that the reasons for complaint about UTA exist at other schools too, and reputation and school spirit are overrated/not as important as a quality education and career preparation, a philosophy UTA seems to share.

I'll start with a brief elaboration of cons. Administration first comes to mind. This school has given me the run-around when trying to accomplish small tasks such as registration, admission, etc. I often shoved several dollars into a parking meter over the course of a morning/afternoon as different departments/misunderstanding administrators told me "No, you must go to so-and-so to get this hold lifted, to pay this bill, to update your information," insert more b.s. that makes no sense, and it has been a headache. This is mostly due to the fact that this is a commuter school with a wide variety of student backgrounds (transfer, transient, TONS of international students, part-time, etc.), and thus it's somewhat understandable. It's still annoying.

Con two - perceived safety - I don't understand why people are worried about on-campus safety. People these days are too scared of other people. UTA doesn't have a history of alarming crime. Be aware of your surroundings and you'll be fine. Though I will say the areas just north/east of campus are in need of revitalization or at least a little illumination and aren't particularly attractive or alluring. Do take more care right off-campus.

Pros - The engineering departments here are great. Great emphasis on job-placement. (Of course being in the heart of DFW helps in this regard.) There are those professors who aren't particularly helpful or easy to understand, but many of them are great and really care about student success, and the bad apples are at every school. EVERY school. Classes I have taken within the math department have also blown my experience with the math department at my undergraduate institution out of the water. Students here are hard-working. They have often not just gotten by in high school and are used to asking questions and putting forth a lot of effort. They are not distracted greatly by an absurd social life or university athletics. That's not really the point at UTA. And having experienced both ends of the spectrum, I'm glad UTA knows what's underrated and what's of real value.

I also absolutely love how diverse UTA is. People-watching is fun, and you can truly be whoever you want to be without feeling pressure to act/dress a certain way. You can be fratty or nerdy, simple or dressed to the nines, mainstream or "hipster," younger or older, and no one is going to judge you or think twice of you. The campus is also diverse - no old-school classic college architecture, just a lot of bright, unique, modern buildings, most of which are in great shape. Some state-of-the art facilities and decent landscape architecture (Texas isn't exactly lush and green and exciting. UTA sure beats A&M though.)

I cannot speak for the other departments, though I will remark regarding complaints from students in liberal/less professional departments. You will experience the same problems in any other school, unless you want to fork out 50K a year to some liberal arts school the average employer hasn't heard of. If your experience is bothering you, I recommend considering a change in major before considering a change in schools. That's my two cents.My bottom line - Give UTA a chance. It's on its way up and has a lot to offer the average student.

This is one of the worst experiences IAug 10 2012Social Work
This is one of the worst experiences I have had with a university. The instructors have little or no knowledge of course contents, faculty and administration are racially bias, instructors are bias to student who challenge them. Administration is always on faculty side, advisor is clueless, building is old and has abestos in the walls. Not a great program for the money and I really regret attending this university. I could have transferred but I would have lost credits or started at a later semester and lost time. I would not recommend this program to my worst enemy.
My department is pretty good when it comesSep 20 2010Engineering Department
My department is pretty good when it comes to academic courses and professor. However the problem is lack of funding in the department makes it difficult to pursue research. I had to opt for non thesis option because of lack of funding. The really good professor is gingerly in taking masters students. He is only taking Ph.d programme candidates. I would not blame him for that.

One more problem with UTA is it takes students in bulk lot. I felt that I am out of the world when I compare myself to peers. I had an impression that UTA is good university but after getting here realized that UTA takes students in bulk. There are many international students who have got admitted with uncleared back logs in under graduation. This is the sole reason for my frustration. Secondly, this university sucks so badly when it comes to jobs and career fair. The college does not make any effort to develop industrial relations with the companies and this ends up in poor campus recruitment. The career service is hopeless over here. There are no professional people to really help you. The university is only trying hard to get into top tier universities of US without realizing the fact that it needs to filter the quality of students, the university relations and also funding which will actually attract bright students. I would say that UTA should be a back up. Only if you are really screwed, you should think of getting in here. I would not recommend UTA as the college has made no serious efforts to give itself in research.

Professor Charles Nussbaum isMay 21 2010Philosophy
Professor Charles Nussbaum is a self-absorbed, self-important narcissist. Avoid him like the plague. This shouldn't be difficult, since his topic - epistemology - is a redundant field of study. Nussbaum is living (barely) testimony to the evils of tenure.
The Computer Science Instructors till Sophomore Level areOct 09 2005Computer Science
The Computer Science Instructors till Sophomore Level are rabidly against Asian students in general and particularly International students. You'll be shouted at and even physically assaulted. Registering a CSE course would be your worst nightmare come true as you'll be required to go through INTENSE Bereaucracy with ULTRA rude CSE secretaries.As an International student just DO NOT ever appraoch/talk Instructors teaching Freshman and Sophomore CSE Courses!!!
The instruction is notSep 25 2005Social Work
The instruction is not organized, lacking direction and purpose, and is not related to the assigned readings. The classmates are firm in their opinions and dislike to have to discuss alternative views.
Research funding is lackingDec 02 2003Architecture & Urban Planning Department
Research funding is lacking in the university. If the university wishes to rise to higher ranks and rope in better and meritorious students, then it has to increase research fundings. With the current fundings it is really tough for meritorious students to come in.
Compare UTA/UTexas-ArlingtonSave UTA/UTexas-Arlington

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