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American Military University

Total Grad Surveys 35
Females 7
Males 28
Avg years at University 1.7
Research Quality A- (8.6)
Research Availability A (9.2)
Research Funding A (9.0)
Graduate Politics A (9.4)
Errand Runners A+ (9.8)
Degree Completion A- (8.8)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] A- (8.7)
Sufficient Pay A+ (9.7)
Competitiveness A (9.3)
Education Quality A (9.5)
Faculty Accessibility A (9.2)
Useful Research A (9.5)
"Individual" treatment A (9.2)
Friendliness A (9.3)
Safety A+ (9.8)
Campus Beauty A+ (9.7)
Campus Maintenance A (9.0)
University Resource/spending A (9.6)
Extracurriculars B (7.1)
Success-Understanding A (9.4)
Surrounding City A- (8.5)
Social Life/Environment B+ (8.1)
Errand RunnersA+

I went to AMU for my Bachelor's degree

Jan 13 2015Public Health
I went to AMU for my Bachelor's degree. It was a lot of busy work, but I guess it was ok. I did have a major problem with a professor who obviously didn't read the book and accused me of using a cheat site. I had to take it all the way to the top to get someone to listen. They resolved it satisfactorily. I finished my degree.

I am now in the Matser's program and have discovered that everyone's idea of APA format is not even close. (This with using citation machine). I had one professor grade my papers like a 3 year old. The final product was after all of the corrections were made over the weeks and I still got a bad grade on it with even more corrections than the first time around. There are definate grade killers. There are professors that are slow to grade, give you not only 10 essay question (400-500 words a piece) plus a written assignment of 2-3 pages and the forums with discussion. That was a bit much for one class. The Biostatistics class, the professor refused to give you any instruction on the final piece. Although all my numbers were good, he wanted a written report with APA format, which would have been nice to know or at least been given a template to follow.

The financial aid department is a disaster and the advisors don't get back to you in a timely manner. Overall-it's ok but I think that unifomity throughout the university should be looked at.


Current M.A

Mar 13 2014Criminal
Current M.A. Security Management student. The topics are relevant, insightful, and applicable to my work. AMU/APUS is for the adult learner who understands the value of time management and wants to obtain a solid education in their field while balancing current career/family. It's all about the effort you are willing to put in.

I am on my last class prior to

Mar 13 2014Other
I am on my last class prior to the research capstone for an M.A. in Intelligence. It has taken me about four years to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I have been taking advantage of my employer's tuition program, which has a small cap - slowing my progress. I have had a great experience so far. I went to a physical school for my undergrad and chose to do the on-line route now, as I have a demanding career with varied shifts, as well as a family. A physical campus would not be realistic for me, and as a motivated individual, I am able to manage my time in order to complete the assignments.

The professors in my program are all highly qualified in their fields and have very respectable credentials. They are also currently employed in the relevant fields, keeping their courses current with up-to-date research. The students are all very experienced and diverse, creating an opportunity for excellent interaction on the message boards (which replaces in class discussions). The work can be challenging, as you must keep pace on the condensed courses (eight weeks, rather than 16), but if you apply yourself ? you can get a lot of out each course. The syllabus is always straightforward, so you know what will be expected from you during the eight weeks ? if you don?t think you can handle that work at present; you have the option to drop from the course without penalty within the first week.

I am considering going back for an undergraduate certificate for more diverse professional development. Highly recommend if you are the type of person who can handle a self-study course.


I have been through hell with this so

Feb 16 2014Other
I have been through hell with this so called school. First, they hold your money like a granny holds her purse. They won't give it to me so I'm starting to look for options to sue them. Second, the doctorate level teachers (if you can call a guy that gives you a point total a teacher) can't spell simple words. It makes me wonder if a twelve year old kid is the real teacher, and how would I ever find out? So I turned in my 20 plus page paper a while back and go on a break from thinking about schoolwork. When I check my grade for this class, it says F. I check the paper and he didn't even read it, just said that I need to resubmit it in a paper format. Now it's too late and I received an F and got no feedback on all of the work that I did. I am paying for feedback but you get none. AVOID THIS SCHOOL LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT IT IS!

This school is a disaster

Feb 16 2014Other
This school is a disaster. Do not even think about going here. The financial aid office will hold your money forever and blow you off when asked to help. The teachers can't spell simple words yet will give you a low grade whenever possible.

I graduated with a masters in criminal justice

May 16 2012Criminal
I graduated with a masters in criminal justice and my experience as a student here at AMU was outstanding. Why? Because the program was set up to ensure a mastery of the field, and I took the time and effort to make sure I met the educational objectives. All of the instructors I had were well suited to teach at this level, and made the courses challenging in every aspect. If you are considering going to college as a working adult and you are disciplined enough to manage your time for academics, AMU is an excellent opportunity.

The DMA program was not well-planned before accepting

Mar 17 2012Music - Performance
The DMA program was not well-planned before accepting students. Faculty cannot agree on standards. Final assessments are area based with huge differences in requirements between instrument disciplines. Many DMA students have a hard time completing the program. Regardless of the progress made in coursework and recitals, none of it matters in the final assessment. I received almost no help with my dissertation. Everyone was busy and didn't feel any obligation to give me advice or support. It seems some faculty members are focused on their own performances and activities. Students come second.

Overall I think my program was a decent

Jan 11 2012Criminal
Overall I think my program was a decent one. The main problem I had with the University was that many times when I attempted to call I would get a message about high volume of calls and leave a message. Come on, at almost a thousand $ a class and hundreds of students enrolling each month, hire more people to answer our calls.

Great online University

Oct 28 2011Other
Great online University. I went to a brick and mortar university for my undergraduate degree and by far and large this school's faculty and academics have far surpassed anything I was exposed to from my previous experience. Would recommend to anyone that is interested in learning about the specific areas of study offered at this university.

2/3 courses I am

May 16 2011Other
2/3 courses I am taking this semester are excellent. Beware of the professors you sign up for. Do your research and know what you are getting into. This school is good for a certain type of student, but if you are looking for the full graduate level experience go somewhere else.

AMU/APUS is a scam

May 06 2011Other
AMU/APUS is a scam to ripoff US military with shoddy, useless programs taught by illiterate idiots. Avoid this school at all costs, do not soil your resume with a joke degree from a joke school.

I am nearing the end of my Masters

Apr 05 2011Other
I am nearing the end of my Masters program for Homeland Security, I have 6 hours left before graduation. What an amazing experience I have had at AMU. Instructors are very receptive to real world obligations and understand many here are not full time students and have lives and obligations outside of the classroom. I would highly recommend AMU to anyone.

American Military University provides students with an acces

Mar 29 2011Public Health
American Military University provides students with an accessible online education that many otherwise wouldn?t not be able to take advantage of. This is my first online program, and I was leery of online learning, but have found it to be a good and very efficient way to further my education. Being efficient and accessible shouldn?t be mistaken for easy or simple. The classes are challenging and the learning environment is fast paced. Staying current with assignments is critically important to success. The student body comes from a very diverse background with most working in various health care settings. They provide varying perspectives that are valuable to learning. The instructors are experienced and competent. Lessons are well thought out and assignments are relevant. I am in the masters public health program and can only wright about my experience in this program. I would recommend this program to someone who has significant experience in Public Health and doesn?t have time to attend a traditional school. The program may be overwhelming to someone who doesn?t have a public health background because so much of the coursework draws on previous experience and education.
Feb 13 2011Computer Science

Very good regionally and nationally accredited online school. Some of the faculty are very prestigious (NASA Astronauts, etc).

May 15 2010Business - Management and Administration

Great school for govt workers.

May 04 2010Political Science

Excellent university.


APU/AMU is one of the best universities that

Apr 01 2010Business - Management and Administration
APU/AMU is one of the best universities that I found. I'm in their MBA program and it is excellent. Great faculty, very friendly. I have done extensive research on other schools before joining APU. I think this school scores above all other online schools. Affordable tuition and most convenient course schedule. I would recommend APU/AMU to any students who are willing to continue their studies. They are the southwest airline of online schools. Prestigious, Accredited, Affordable, convenient!!

American Military University allowed me to work towards

Jan 02 2010Business - Management and Administration
American Military University allowed me to work towards an MBA that would not have been otherwise possible due to my heavy travel schedule. I was able to access the virtual class rooms at any location with an internet connection. The value of my education was largely determined by my own effort as this is a syllabus driven schedule that requires disciplined independent study, time management, and discussion with fellow students. I would use attend classes here again if I need a different skill set in the future.

American Military University is one of the best

Nov 21 2009Political Science
American Military University is one of the best online universities that I have found. I have taken graduate classes in both History and Political Science from them and find their professors to be of at least good quality if not superior quality. AMU is Regionally accredited and has been so for several years now (in 2009). I have no experience with their undergraduate program, but I have heard good things about it.I would prefer to go to a bricks and mortar university, but juggling a career, family, and an long commute to a physical university campus is too much. Of the various online universities that I have investigated or heard of, AMU consistently rates among the best.

An outstanding university

Oct 06 2009Other
An outstanding university. The graduate space studies program is top notch. Prices are absolutely reasonable, and, if you are current or ex-military, it is easy to use your GI Bill and other benefits. I found the professors to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

American Military University (AMU) is a great opportunity

Oct 13 2008Other
American Military University (AMU) is a great opportunity to advance professional careers and or professional development studies. I have been in the military the past 17 years starting at age 17 and found that traditional schooling and the military balance was very difficult. I graduated with an A.S. and B.S. degree from traditional universities while in the military, but needed to continue with career aspirations for the experience many employers seek in employees. AMU provided me the opportunity, as a self motivator, to continue my studies without having to go to a campus. "Juggling" family, military career, and collegiate aspirations is difficult at times. AMU provided an environment where I could be home, at work, or on the road and still have access to my course work, professors, and peers. I would not hesitate to recommend this university, but if you are not self-motivated or need a traditional classroom setting this university may not be for you. AMU online accessibility is grade 'A'.

I love the school

Sep 17 2008Public Health
I love the school. So many programs that are government related, or public health secotr, taught by people already in the field. You cannot find this level of public/government sector programs anywhere. I would not recommend for a bachelor's degree in some general field you can take at any local community college, but for graduate work in specific fields, it is amazing. Their emergency management, public health, and enviornmental policy programs are amazing. The faculty is well versed in their fields, working at the CDC or other appropriate government agency - and combined with the most easily navigateable online system - you have an excellent learnign institution.

I started with AMU in mid-2005 by transferring

Aug 27 2008Other
I started with AMU in mid-2005 by transferring in 69 credits from another University. I earned my BA through AMU at the end of 2006 (GPA: 3.98) and immediately began my Masters in 2007. I am planning to complete my Masters in mid-2009 (current GPA: 4.0) and this is the only university that offered a degree in my career field. AMU is accredited by the North Central Association of the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits universities such as Ohio State, Iowa State, and other big name schools you might be familiar with - check out the federal government's CHEA site to look up a school and view its accreditation. I have read the other reviews on this site and understand there are a few professors that just plain stink, but in general, I have had good experiences with my professors. I think professor reviews are totally dependent on the student, which could be a reflection of that student's work ethic and ability to follow instructions. I read every instructor bio before enrolling in a class to find the one whose experiences closely mirror my own. Working with instructors whose backgrounds are like your own helps the you connect to the instructor in the classroom and understand where they are coming from on the topics and issues. Online education takes self discipline and motivation on the part of the student. Schools like Harvard, Yale, and other major universities are offering online education now. AMU is one of the leading online schools and this school is the only reason that students like me have been able to finish our education we started in the military and pursue higher degrees while working full time. Reviewing schools is highly subjective because one bad apple can skew the score. Accreditation, professor experience, a curriculum that challenges the student to stay self-motivated and responsible, and a degree from a recognized school in professional communities and the military are what make AMU worthwhile. By the way, I completed 17 courses to finish my BA at AMU and I am almost finished with my 7th masters course and I have done all of this on my GI Bill with Army kicker (MOS-based college incentive supplement to GI Bill).

Who are these people dogging AMU? Are we

Jul 30 2008Other
Who are these people dogging AMU? Are we talking about the same school? I just completed my Masters degree and I have to say that my experience was nothing but positive! I was a bit leary of the online thing as well, but as I further researched, I felt this was the place to be, and i was right. I love that the professors are experts in their field, not just academics who spend their whole career at a university, with little real world experience in what they teach. Although nothing wrong with that, I feel their expertise brings something extra to the class, not just from a textbook. The coursework was a challenge, but the professors were there to lend a hand and provide guidance. I have a friend who attends University of Phoenix, what a joke! They have "facilitators", not instructors, and they expect you to learn from each other, not the teacher. I recommend this university for any serious student. Good luck!

There is one good thing, this school's student

Jul 15 2008Business - Management and Administration
There is one good thing, this school's student online interface is above the best. It's internal email system is weak but it is one of the better organized and clean systems I've seen.

Another good thing, it is easy to manage your enrollment and student service stuff.
Now on to the not so good stuff. The involvement by the professors were less than optimal. The party line seems to be just do the work and get on with it. It is difficult to do the work without clear directions. Attempts to contact professors seemed to be difficult and it seem to be a waste of their time.

The school is in a transition period after accreditation and the current students are receiving the brunt of the pain. My experience is to a limited amount of classes before I could prove the problems were a trend. I elected to depart for another school and program.Students often emailed each other behind the scenes trying to figure out what is going on or is expected.


This will be my

Feb 10 2008History/Histories (art history/etc.)
This will be my third degree from this school. AA, BA and Now MA. I absolutly love the curriculum and the Educator software. I recommend.

AMU was the perfect choice to advance my

Jan 29 2008History/Histories (art history/etc.)
AMU was the perfect choice to advance my education in support of my military career. The courses offered were both challenging and enjoyable. The faculty were very supportive and worked with me when my busy schedule got in the way of my studies. With AMU, you get out of it what you put into it. I would definately go through AMU again.
Sep 04 2007Other

Great school. Outstanding Space Studies program. Nice to have a university that understands how to do distance learning.

Jun 29 2007Business - Management and Administration

The teachers were real helpful

Dec 08 2006Political Science

The University sounds more like a scam. Is not a real University.


AMU is a fantastic

Mar 18 2006Other
AMU is a fantastic university for Military personnel and interested scholars, as well as National Security Personnel, and interested scholars. The faculty and courses of study are unparalleled.

My experience at AMU has, thus far, been

Jan 16 2006Criminal
My experience at AMU has, thus far, been a great one. Given my work schedule, traveling and family life I would not be able to attend a traditional campus. The on-line learning experience has been a great one. In many ways it forces me to work harder and to do more individual research than traditional classes. My wife is working on her Masters at a State University and has a fraction of the reading and writing assignments that I have so I don't think this is the easiest way to get your Masters by any means. In fact, I wouldn't recommend it to those that lack self-discipline. The faculty is friendly and very helpful. They have "real world" experience and do not just hail from the world of academia. I trust and value their opinion and guidance.
Feb 22 2004Other

Great school!


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