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Florida Atlantic University

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Date: Sep 30 2012
Major: History/Histories (art history/etc.) (This Major's Salary over time)
After having a long and interesting experience at FAU, I would not recommend for anyone to come to this school if your looking for a complete college experience. The school is trying to sell that its "growing" and that its trying to be the next big school in Florida, but it's realy all hype.

The school is just getting more crowded and campus life is remaining the same. The school is basically a commuter college, meaning that people go here and come home. The school shuts down by Thursday 5PM and the surrounding city isnt college friendly. All the bars are far away and parties are hard to have with so many old people here and the university has next to no transportation. The standard of living in Boca is high and it doesnt help that FAU's dorms are expensive and overran by control freaks for RAs.

The classes are a waste of time, in most of your classes its impossible to fail unless you never show up and dont take any tests. Most classes just curb you and let you get by. This is good if you want an easy piece of paper saying you can do something, but if you actually want to learn and understand what you want to do in your field, its all self teaching here.

Student life is a joke. All the non-greek organizations do nothing but have weekly meetings. The Greek organizations are just expensive connections, your basically buying yourself resume credentials considering they dont have any good parties, they hardly do anything on campus and most of the people in it are shallow and uninteresting. Theres really no point in going greek here due to the lack of housing/an actual community. It really lives up to the saying of buying your own friends, if even that at best.

We got a new football stadium, but our team is awful and tailgating for a losing team isnt that fun. Its costed us 6 billion dollars, which basically has held us back from improving education, new facilities other than dorms and a parking garage or advancing the university in any real way.

Anyway, if you want a real college experience, I would pass on FAU. The college feels very artificial and very dressed up. You wont get a full education no matter how much you try to make out of it since the university limits students potential dynamically. Boca might be nice along with the beach and rest of South Florida, but if your coming here to grow, learn and make something of yourself, you won't find much here. If you want to party, get a piece of paper, and be clueless on what to do after you graduate, this place may be for you.

responseThis isn't a commuter college. Thousands of people live on campus. Thousands of people live right off campus too. You must be out of your mind.

Furthermore, the stadium didn't "costed 6 billion dollars." Not even close. It cost 70 million and it doesn't "hold us back from improving education and new facilities." If you knew you were talking about you'd know that stadium money couldn't be used for education and we did build new facilities during the same time we were building the stadium… have you not seen the new Engineering building?

You don't know what you're talking about. Stop trying to bag on FAU to make yourself feel better because it's pathetic.

He/she lost all credibility with this one:

"The Greek organizations are just expensive connections, your basically buying yourself resume credentials considering they dont have any good parties"

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