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Florida Atlantic University

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Date: May 07 2013
Major: Animal Studies (This Major's Salary over time)
FAU is just an overpriced Community College. Most people who go here either leave after 2 years or dream about it their entire stay. From my experience here I can easily see why that happens.

The university isnt really growing, its just becoming more overcrowded. The dorms are way overpriced and the off campus "student" housing (they just call it that, theres really none) is also either really expensive or in the ghetto. The campus doesnt offer much, theres an overcrowded gym, nasty food places, a student union filled with really annoying people, and sports games that nobody goes to but raises your tuition.

The social life at the school is non existent since its overran by commuters from surrounding 10 plus cities. The party scene is pretty lame since cops will break up anything you try to do (like even just standing around drinking quietly with more than 10 people gets the cops over). Plus the student body in general is incredibly dysfunctional. Theres really not too many regular people. The students are either rich snobs or a bunch of awkward losers, no regular intelligent people what so ever.

Boca is filled with snotty old people on their deathbeds who dont like younger people. And its expensive compared to other cities. The city doesnt care about the students, if anything they really dont even want FAU to be there. You may see flags and stuff everywhere, but its not a college town, and it doesnt even respect the college students. Its not even a town for regular people, if your not rich you wont like it here.

And as for the school work itself, if you like doing busy work then this place is where its at. Theres really no learning that takes place here. After 3 years of going here, I had 1 good professor that wasnt even geared towards my field out of and I found an internship on my own. I could have saved all that money and went somewhere else that could have given more opportunities since FAU didnt do jack for the money I spent.

So the real question is, was it worth it? Looking back, not really. I only went here due to the false pretenses the universities sold me of it "growing" and it having such high "academic intregrity" and all this other b. I exhausted every bit of the universities life (greek life, student housing, student affairs, student government) and all of it was a joke. Ive met over 100s of people that went there, tried 2-3 different programs, nothing seemed right the entire time I was there.

I would not go back if I had the chance to. College is getting more expensive and the job market is caring less and less about degrees and more about experience since you can have a 4.0 from this place and did jack **** and not get hired anywhere since realistically you have no skill sets of a clue of how the real world works. Luckily Im not stupid and found my own **** but my time at FAU was realistically a waste of energy, time and effort.

responseYou're one of those entitled morons who expect everything to be handed to you and then whine when everything's not perfect.
responseIt seems like you can't be please anyway, so you just decide that this school is bad while its the opposite. School is indeed growing, how do you expalin the construction and new dorms, parking garages and expansion of student union? along with the brand new football stadium and the engineering building.

It's not that easy to get a 4.0, its a university not Palm Beach State, and good for you- I got an intership on my own not through the school- not everything is supposed to be baby fed to you.

You clearly have no idea on what your talking about, just spreading false facts.

responseIts not Palm Beach State? You are IGNORANT! Fau is worst than Palm Beach state in my opinion. Their mass teaching is unorganized and dysfunctional. Why then are 50 % of mass courses taught at Fau failing? It cannot be the students fault.
responseI'm ignorant? your are really a piece of work. How is it worse that a state college that just recently changed from a community college.

This classes are called WEED OUT CLASSES. They're supposed to be challenging, so students that don't fit in the major requirements would find something else to go for, and the ones who do- stay. You are really clueless when it comes to understanding the bigger picture. Plus, who's else fault is it if not the students?

BTW, it's not 50 percent. idk where you are getting these numbers. Transfer out if you don't like it, and best of luck.

responseI agree one hundred percent with this review. I had more knowledgeable educators in high school than I had at FAU. FAU takes anybody to get the money. The reason why I attended FAU was because of the financial aid I got, but if I could do it over again I would have gone to a REAL UNIVERSITY. That's why I happily transferred out of FAU.
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