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The University of Central Florida

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Please, please go get in debt with somethingQuite BrightOther
Please, please go get in debt with something else before ever thinking about applying to this school!

You will be made to feel inferior. All of the professors are elitists who will talk down to you subconsciously. The first classes you are made to take are called "weed out classes" which are insanely difficult.

I think I studied maybe 8 hours a day, asked every question, and still got Bs and Cs (this coming from a straight A high school honors student). Take it a point further: your professors will mostly be adjuncts who have extreme gaps in knowledge, and in many cases may be unable to answer your questions no matter how you phrase it. If you get on their bad side, they will be sure to destroy you.

That's it. This is how they get the handcuffs on you if you ever think about transferring to any worthwhile school. You can't now, but it's only fair because those foreign students who studied 14 hours a day worked harder right?

The books, as you guessed it, are either the most insanely expensive ones available at the bookstore (UCF special edition) or one of the Professor's choosing (which is always themselves or someone they know. The worst thing is that they all suffer from the false intelligence syndrome. All of the beginning books are using fancy words you wouldn't even encounter until grad school. Like I said, if you ask your professors to explain a concept to you, they have difficulty or will ask you to book office hours (for which they have one or two times the entire semester). I actually looked up some lectures on similar topics by well known professors at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, UPenn... and what they were saying actually made sense. You will be punished for their mistakes! I can count two times where I received a lower grade in the entire course because of a professor's factual error.

If you wanted to kick ass and chew bubble gem, you'll be deeply disappointed. UCF encourages a culture of fear and subordination. There is a lot of grade mugging going on and if you're into that esp. as a pretty girl, you just might get it. In fact, I conducted an experiment in a class I would probably fail and I passed regardless.

The social stratum at this school runs very wide: you have your rich, honors kids who you never see, your athletes, nerds, stoners, and all the races self segregate. If I had to say, the blacks & hispanics are very racist at/near this school. Look at all the acts of violence being committed that are associated with UCF. Getting to class is difficult, I'm sure, (now, with 70k students) and parking is a nightmare. They even have staged events! Hello attempted UCF bombing and Journalist Steve beheading!...But if you like free STDs and beer, I'm sure the thousands of bros will hook you up. In which case, I feel the school would be a perfect match for you.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2014
Campus Maintenance: C+, Education Quality: F
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The University of Central Florida is a mediumQuite BrightSocial Work
The University of Central Florida is a medium sized city in the middle of Orlando, Florida. When I think of UCF the terms "U Can't Finish" or Under Construction Forever" come to mind. Though I can appreciate that the University is growing, I tend to question how big is big enough? The school has 60,000 students. No, you read that correctly, 60,000. The only time that I did not feel like a number is when I was dealing with the very small minority of teachers/ professors who were truly passionate about their subject (my major). When I was taking "Gordon Rule" classes I always felt like a number, the teachers were non-responsive to e-mails, and I always felt like I was not important enough to them to merit their time or attention. What is even more reprehensible is my academic advisor who was absolutely worthless. I spent an ADDITIONAL YEAR as a student because she is incompetent in the position which she holds. When I graduate I suppose that UCF will have fulfilled its purpose to me which was being a vessel to graduate school, but I would recommend that prospective students look elsewhere before settling on UCF.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2016
Scholastic Success: A-, Individual Value: F
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UCF has to be the most average universityBrightPolitical Science
UCF has to be the most average university on the planet. This school is not awful, but it is nowhere near the hype that people are giving it. I remember in High School most of my friends had UCF as their #1 school and many of them would probably go in a time machine and change that providing they gave a crap about their education.

DO NOT DRINK THE KOOLAID AND BELEIVE SOME OF THESE REVIEWS. I see some idiots try to say that UCF is better than UF. LOL NO. There is no universe where a school like UCF that only gets 300 million from the government is better than a school that not only gets 1 billion from the government, but has better academic programs and student life in general. UCF is only ranked in the late 200s in university rankings while UF is in the top 50 and if you set foot on either campus, you would know that most of these reviews are half baked.

So on to why UCF is so average. Well, here is the deal with UCF. First, its a commuter college in disguise. How can you tell? The school is near Orlando, which means that many people commute from all the suburbs near by. Orlando is not like Tallahassee or Gainsville to where the schools were purposely built to be away from everything else. Orlando is decent for finding jobs, but the city is devoid of culture. Orlando is not a terrible city, but its no Spain or New York. Your not going to find a ton of diversity in this city.

The second average thing about UCF is the education itself. The university is mainly a Space/Technology research institution, since the university mainly gets grants to do research for these things due to the location being so close to the NASA base in Cape Canaveral. This means that most of the other programs are either average or crap. There are some alright programs like Psychology and Hospitality and Management, but there is not a large diversity of stable programs that will help you after graduate.

What I mean the programs being crap is that the university wont provide a ton of undergraduate opportunities to do any serious research or work with any professionals. I hear retards say "well its what you make of it", no dumbass, any good university will give you your moneys worth and prepare you to have a half way decent paying job/career when you get out. At UCF, your pretty much on your own, which means that unless your in a well established program at the university, your better off either going to a CC or doing some degree online at any other Florida college for your moneys worth.

Now lets talk about the stuff that kind of matters and kinda doesnt matter like the general student attitude, greek life, athletics, basically all the social stuff. The student body is pretty god damn annoying. Its hard to take anyone from UCF seriously when the school pushes so many god damn puns. Knight this, knight that, how about shut the knight up haha? Seriously, its toxic how UCF pushes its students to act this way since it makes the students look like they are mentally handicapped. I also hate how UCF tries to sell its "one of the biggest universities in america". This is more of a problem than it is a good thing. People say UCF is the next UF, no its more like the next Arizona State since the school doesnt give a shit who gets in and is trying to grow to make money, not to become a legitament institution.

Speaking about everything else though, Greek Life is horrible since its incredibly unstable. Frats and Sororities are constantly getting in trouble and Greek Life is constantly suspended. Athletics, well they are a lost art too. UCF isnt in a Power 5 Football Conference so they basically dont matter since they cant ever go to the championship game. They suck at all other sports, so theres nothing to compensate for their mediocre football program.

So all that is the bad, what is the good? Well UCF is easy to get into if your not coming out of College. Its also easy to get into the Graduate Programs. The campus looks decent, the housing in the area is not terrible expensive, there is a lot of good places to eat, theres the Orlando Magic downtown which is cool if you like basketball, its nearby a reasonable Metropolitian city, and its not terribly expensive to attend. Now if your content with all that and don't think that there is any opportunity outside of UCF, by all means attend. Just dont expect UCF to be larger than life like some of these half baked reviews claim. UCF is a pretty middle in the road school. I would say that this is a decent place to get an AA at and a decent place if your looking to get an easy degree and dont care about your educational journey or connecting with any human beings or give a crap about life after college. UCF is basically a degree mill, nothing more, nothing else.

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Scholastic Success: B, Individual Value: F
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