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MCPHS University

Total Grad Surveys 15
Females 9
Males 6
Avg years at University 3.0
Research Quality D+ (2.9)
Research Availability C- (4.0)
Research Funding C+ (5.3)
Graduate Politics C- (3.7)
Not Errand Runners C (4.5)
Degree Completion B (6.9)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] D+ (3.5)
Sufficient Pay D (2.6)
Competitiveness C- (4.0)
Education Quality C- (3.7)
Faculty Accessibility C (4.5)
Useful Research C (4.5)
"Individual" treatment D+ (3.1)
Friendliness B- (6.5)
Safety B- (6.4)
Campus Beauty C- (4.2)
Campus Maintenance B (6.7)
University Spending C (4.2)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.8)
Scholastic Success C- (4.1)
Surrounding City B (6.9)
Social Life/ Environment C- (3.6)
Sufficient PayD
Degree CompletionB
i just started hereOct 02 2015Pharmacy
i just started here and I hate this school to the core! none of the faculty care or help you! please dont go here! and avoid professor suzanne dinsmor who wants to ruin your life!
By far the worst experience in my life, I would NOT recomJun 17 2015Pharmacy
By far the worst experience in my life, I would NOT recommend this program to anyone!!! The dean is the worst person in that entire school, he doesn't care about anything or anyone but to get more and more money from students. Other than that, you won't learn much because of the tremendous amount of workload that's thrown at you every single day, which is understandable since it's an acclerated pharmacy program, but not the way they organize it. Almost everyone I've gotten to know in this program have suffered mentally and emtionally. It's a very mentally draining program so if you ever consider going there, which I would highly not recommend, be prepared to forget life for the next 2 years and 10 months, and suffer everyday!!

Also, professors DO NOT care, espeically the physiology/immunology professor, SHE WILL FAIL YOU, even if you're 0.1 point away from passing. She has no sympathy whatsoever. Most professors read straight from their slides during P1 and you'll end up teaching yourself everything. At least 2 exams will be thrown at you every week. During the first dean's forum, you'll be told the minmium GPA to stay in the program is 2.2, at first everyone thought that it's not bad at all, believe me when I tell you maintaining a GPA of 2.2 is so much harder than anyone would have thought.

To conclude, be prepared for sleepnights, tears, not getting the grades you deserve, and last but not least..DEPRESSION! best of luck.

There are always two sides of a coinMar 16 2015Unknown
There are always two sides of a coin. Each and every perspective and ideas are mostly inclined towards good or bad. I have not experienced the Undergraduate studies here, so I am not a good judge about it. My experience began here with a PhD degree. I am an international student from India. I am pursuing my PhD in Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy. No matter what but I believe that it depends on the student how he/she accept situations. It was challenging (course work) for me since the first day and it is the same now. But that doesn't mean, I should curse the school for the challenges. The school is small but it has its own perk. You are recognized as an individual not just someone. You are almost familiar with everyone in the school. Well, about the opportunities, its up to student how he or she utilizes the school resources to build opportunities for themselves. My professors are friendly, supportive and helpful. They are available for their students during the college time. They don't get mad if you don't take their appointment and stop by their office and say hi. I am not saying its the same with every professor of other departments. Professors are always supportive and they keep sending information, important for the students and regular updates about the movements in the field and also poems (sometimes). Its a good school. I really like it here, because I am not a "someone" here. With positive perception and attitude, you can create lots of opportunities for yourself rather than wasting time in thinking how bad is the situation, school, etc, etc.
I am not a hater, and I hateJan 13 2015Pharmacy
I am not a hater, and I hate to say such negative things....But this is the worst program you can think of. Please avoid this school at all cost, and you will thank me later. The school solely exists for money. Like how everyone said on the board, if you don't have background in pharmacy, you should avoid this school at all cost. This school will accept anyone who applied to the program, without much consideration. I have no clue how this program still exists, and the existence of this program clearly shows the vulnerability of the pharmacy world....
The PharmD program for Manchester/Worcester is something youNov 06 2014Pharmacy
The PharmD program for Manchester/Worcester is something you want to AVOID. I am a 4.0 student and I continued my 4.0 average at MCPHS. This is the worst program you can ever imagine. There is not a single professor in this program who cares about the students. The politics of the school are very corrupt. Professors will give you incredible hard exams, and scale them to their liking to get their perfect bell curves. The majority of professors read directly from their power points but take attendance because if you didn't go to a single class I guarantee you could still get a 4.0. I never opened a textbook and still got A's in all of my classes, however it wasn't easy. You will learn nothing from these teachers. If you have never worked in a pharmacy before do NOT join this program. They say they will teach it to you as if you have never worked in a pharmacy, but they don't. Please, please if you are reading this do NOT go to MCPHS. You will learn absolutely nothing. AVOID THIS SCHOOL
If you have seen the Christmas special "IslandApr 28 2013Pharmacy
If you have seen the Christmas special "Island of Misfit Toys" you will feel right at home. MCPHS is a congregation of the biggest losers and mind molesters society has produced. In fact I am almost convinced that only the top tier child mind molestors are allowed to work here, we are looking at level 99+, with repeat offending. Most of these loser teachers have been out of practice from real pharmacy for almost 20 years. They are out of date and completely useless. We are taking about World War II pharmacy. Some sulfur powder and drinking your piss to redose your penicillin kind of tactics. But to be fair these losers at least keep their jobs. They are probably sleeping around with each other, giving each other high fives while squeezing their asses. I graduated in 2010 and spent all 6 years there. As college went on through the years it just got worse. There are no clinical classes at all and the tests are only doable if you belong in one of these groups: 1)The Indians who smell like curry, 2)The little Asian Gooks who sit in the front, 3)The white trash sorority/fraternity groups (must like STD gang bangs). These groups are the key to getting old exams and passing. What are on the exams are not taught in class. You must join one of these groups of you are doomed to fail. The school is very expensive and forget about getting any help from the "advisors". The financial aid lady is a big and fat and likes to wear purple, we nicknamed her "Grimace". In the lab we have Catherine Taglieri, we called her "Tag team Tag", we knew she was group banging with the Red head who runs the lab also, and the other minions who work there. If you choose to apply here understand the drop out rate in PharmD is about 50%. They kick out most of the class when they are entering the 3rd year and put them in other crap programs like marketing and science. They do not count these programs as drop out programs but they are. Do not forget, a convicted Terrorist who wanted to kill Americans went here and his father teaches here, they are many shady looking Muslims walking around also with their prayers rugs. On the upside there is a huge tactical swat team located in the school run by Ranger Rick himself with guns and cool sounding radios. Why such a huge armed force here? Think about it, when you are in the business of screwing people over you need a team of trigger happy mall cops. AVOID THIS COLLEGE. You will thank me later.
You are nuts if you read this andAug 11 2012Pharmacy
You are nuts if you read this and don't immediately trash anything that even remotely resembles an MCP-W application. If you're done a year, suck it up, you've survived and you haven't wasted that much money yet. But, you better get the eff out before you really screw yourself over. Even if you make it, this place pretty much destroys everything in its path including your once light-hearted spirit. I'm sure it will eventually be identified in the DSM as something related to PTSD. Unfortunately, your beloved MCP professors lack skills that sustain humans such as empathy. You will inevitably be blamed for your "laziness" as students, when your bad grades are really just a reflection of another one of your professors' failures in life, this time at teaching you important pharmacy information. But, don't try to tell the dean about it, he's been doing this for over a decade and all you need to do is go to Liz or Dante for help. They have masters degrees in education and will help you fix the poor study skills you developed that probably got you into multiple doctor of pharmacy programs. At the same time, your professors tried to succeed at pharmacy but failed, so thought academia was a safe place for them to hide their incompetence. Seems to have worked so far, right Drs. Cabrera, Conway, Donovan, Morin and Steinberg???
Get out of this place as fast asAug 10 2012Pharmacy
Get out of this place as fast as you can! You couldn't be under the care of a worse faculty. The only reason this place has accreditation is because of shady dealings with Charlie Monahan. The dean is a complete toolbag, I don't know where they found him and all the of administration that are up there with him are a bunch of incompetent, self-righteous A-holes. Even if you've gone through a year, I'd say get out while you can because they'll eff you wherever they can and before you know it, you'll have a mortgage, no house, and no job! But, you may have a doctorate from MCP! How many more RPhs does Massachusetts need???
At least if you go here, you haveMar 15 2012Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
At least if you go here, you have a set career path with job prospects. Health care is a great industry to get involved in. The job market completely sucks for people with general degrees and no skill training. Just majoring in biology isn't going to get you a job, but majoring in dentistry, nursing, radiography, physician assistant, or pharmacy will. End of story.
MCPHS is a greatMar 09 2012PreMed and Medical
MCPHS is a great place to learn because it's at the Heart of the Longwood Medical Area. There are good places to intern and do research.
The PharmD program is fairly selective and sometimesFeb 21 2012Pharmacy
The PharmD program is fairly selective and sometimes more difficult than higher ranked programs. I've heard my friends in PharmD at Northeastern say that we get more work and have more tests than they do, but they have a higher ranked PharmD program. Northeastern also has a nicer, larger campus, but MCP will still offer a solid education and good sites for rotations.
Some of these comments are ridiculousMar 18 2011Pharmacy
Some of these comments are ridiculous. There are people who are unhappy at every school. MCP Worcester Pharmacy is a tough program. You have to have a good work ethic and positive attitude. The way therapeutics is taught teaches you how to think for yourself and how to find information and you will realize it's value once you get on rotations. I am very happy with my education. I have built excellent relationships with my faculty. When you choose to take on a 3 year program you need to be willing to sacrifice. I do think it is too expensive and I agree that the administration is taking on way too many students per class. It can be overwhelming for the faculty and I doubt they like it either. If you are a hard worker who can manage your time and you are more interested in learning than partying then you will be fine in this program. I managed classes and lots of on campus involvement with no problem. Some days are stressful - as I imagine they are in any program. I have never once worried about not passing and I feel extremely prepared to pass the naplex AND I know I will be a great pharmacist. Pharmacy class of 2011
The seasoned teachers for the most part areDec 10 2010Pharmacy
The seasoned teachers for the most part are excellent.
The support staff however are always new.
You wouldn't expect to feel lost in such a small school but you will. With nearly all of your classes 300 person lectures, and 40 students per lab section you are just one of many here.

At least 1/2 of the students who start as PharmD will be pushed out and forced to settle with a BS degree (even if they never failed a class).I wish I went to a different school but now i'm stuck, thank goodness I only have 1 year left.

This school solely exists for the moneyNov 28 2010Other
This school solely exists for the money. They have no interest whatsoever in ensuring we have a good, solid education. they don't even care if we're learning the right thing. This program should not be accredited and I am nothing but embarassed to be associated with this school. They treat students worse than any school has ever treated students that I know of.

If you go to this school you will have a hard time getting a job after you graduate because it is getting an ever increasing terrible reputation. I had no idea a school this bad could be accredited otherwise I would've listened to all the PA's who graduated from this school who told me not to go here.

Don't be fooled. They don't give a damn about you. Don't ever say anything to anyone, including the mental health counselor because it will not be kept confidential. They will out you no matter what. They do not take responsibility for anything. You're better off not going to PA school than going to this school. If you're stupid enough to still apply then you have only yourself to blame.

You need to study a lot if youSep 23 2010Pharmacy
You need to study a lot if you go to this college, however, it's not nearly as bad as everyone says. The problem is that the college admits too many students who are not prepared for the level of course work, so they end up failing out and stoking flames of discontent against the school. This is a professional school with a mild social scene, it's about studying hard, making friends in between and getting a good job, not just partying everyday or getting your degree without working for it.
Apr 25 2010Pharmacy
Worst faculty ever.
Apr 20 2010Pharmacy
Go to another school. I regret coming to this school. I should have stayed in my homestate.
I go to the Manchester campus, and I'mFeb 19 2010Pharmacy
I go to the Manchester campus, and I'm enrolled into the accelerated PharmD program. DO NOT enroll into the accelerated PharmD program! This program will teach you NOTHING that you need to know about being a pharmacist. I am nearing the last 10 months of this horrible program, and I have learned just as much (maybe more) at the pharmacy that I work at!

In your first year, you will be taught for the most part. Your first year will be enjoyable, but your second year you won't learn a damn thing. Sure they will teach you about some things (especially when it comes to pharmacology), but when it comes to actual therapies of certain disease states (stuff that a pharmacist should be an expert in) you will not learn a damn thing.

All these people want, seriously, is money! They want to expand their conglomeration of a school and nothing else. If you apply here, you are guaranteed to see new "improvements" in buildings. Since I have been here these people opened up 3 new buildings. They have "upgraded" their distance education systems. They hired a new IT guy. All of these things are for the sake of enrolling more students for the desperate "need" of pharmacists! I guess they don't realize that the need for pharmacists is shrinking every damn year. It is not 1999 anymore people!!!

Really, the worst part of it all is that they appeal to hardworking smart students like so many of us who applied to this horrible program. They say "Graduate with a Doctorate degree in pharmacy in under 3 years!". Who wouldn't like that? I kinda feel like these people tricked us all, just to fulfill their need to grow a bigger school.

My suggestion to anybody in High School reading this is: apply to URI or UCONN if you want to go to pharmacy school in the Northeast. I recommend these schools because it seems that most of the better professors at our program come from these schools. Do not even think about going to MCPHS Worcester/Manchester. Believe this from the words of somebody who has been through this crappy program.If your are in college and want to apply to pharmacy school my suggestion is: forget about MCPHS Worcester/Manchester at all costs and look elsewhere. I know this program sounds appealing, but you will eventually find yourself paying over 40,000 a year for a crappy education. If you can find another school that will accept your credits apply there. If it means that you have to take an extra year at another school, do it.

I went MCPHS and didn't get out whatAug 04 2008PreMed and Medical
I went MCPHS and didn't get out what i went in for. They promised me that I will be able to switch my major to Pharmacy after I spend a year in Pre-med. Long story short, after wasting my 2 years, and getting some very fake promises from professors that they will scale my grades or "help me out" and even after meeting dean of health care / dean of other majors and having some rough times at this school - i ended up with a degree and luckily / i have a job so my back-up option of wasting more money on this school is gone .... i would have never goneto this school if i knew what my studying habits and level of dedication and political games this school plays. its just wrong when school just looks straight in your eyes and shows you wrong direction and gives you promise that they will not fulfill and pretty much you can get pretty screwed if they don't give you practical advice .. i guess i had my real life lessons through some tough times however i wish things coudhave been different ..($$$ its a pretty expensive overall)
small school but veryApr 24 2008Pharmacy
small school but very easy to get in. I got accepted to Worcester campus in June. They took everyone including Fobs who barely speak Englissssh.
Umass is opening a new pharmacy in WesternApr 17 2008Pharmacy
Umass is opening a new pharmacy in Western Mass? Geez. New pharmacy school are popping up everywhere. No wonder I couldn't find a job for like 4 mos after I got my license. I guess pharmacy school is a good business. Ya I am still floating for CVS (Chinese Vietnamese Slaves). Its been more than a year. They said I need to work at least 5 yrs to get a permenant store. I got to drive more that an hour to get to my job. They said Pharmacist makes 6 figures. Thats a lie. I make 95 K/yr and barely bring home 55k after tax and all the shit. I should get married and have like 10 kids. Anyway tens of thousands of students are graduating every years and its getting harder to find a job. Small new pharmacy school are opening up everywhere. I'd better work my butt off and pay off my 6 figures student loan. peace out.
The school is very smallMar 15 2008Pharmacy
The school is very small. The library is smaller than my apartment and it is not useful. IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME, check it out during your interview. Satellite program sucks. Most professors are fresh out of school and they don't have experience or knowledge. During the class, they give you wrong information. They will take you because they want your money.They want you to live at their overpriced dorm.Its all about money. Its cheaper to live at other places. Wait until Umass open the pharmacy school in Springfield, MA. After I graduated from that school, I realized 75% of the materials that I learned from that school are useless in the real world. What a waste of time.
This is absolutely the worst school I've everAug 02 2006Pharmacy
This is absolutely the worst school I've ever attended. I thought that I would learn pharmacy when I entered at this sub-par school but ALL I've learned is that this school SUCKS. It should LOSE its accrediation. I'm surprised they have not yet.

The so-called "professors" here should be called "mediators" because that's all they do. They do NOT teach because they are just a bunch of retail pharmacists -they don't have a teaching degree or training. And it shows when they "teach" therapeutics - the most important class in pharmacy school.

The format for therapeutics is you work on a few cases for two hours then you go a large auditorium to "discuss" the answers. The "professors" then calls on groups or individuals to answer the cases then you go home. That's teaching at MCP.

You don't learn anything because you are not taught anything. You are expected to go home and memorize a ton of drugs, side effects, formulas, contra-indications to drugs that aren't even used anymore.

The exams will asked questions that wasn't even mentioned in class but you are expected to know because "I don't have time to teach everything. So learn it on your own."

The exams will also have questions on rarest side effects -they won't ask for the most common ones - only the ones where less than 1% of the population will experience.

If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen somewhere else. Although I am graduating with a bullshit pharm D degree from this awful school, I know NOTHING. I am so screwed for the NAPLEX.

MCPHS - Worcester - waste of money -Jul 09 2005Pharmacy
MCPHS - Worcester - waste of money - RUN AWAY !!!!
This program is nothing but DISAPPOINTING.
It has potential but there is total disregard for it.
The President "Charlie" Monahan, is nothing more than a power-hungry money-grubber. Tuition keeps rising to pay for the MCPHS-Manchester program (learn via SATELLITE TV!) and the new living quarters and RN program next door.

God forbid money go into CURRENT TEACHING or getting seasoned instructors. All new instructors are GREEN --> meaning minimal pharmacy experience (fresh out of residency doesn't count) and also they are cheaper to hire. Academia to academia doesn't breed good pharmacists!

In house Politics -- the Pharmacy Science Dept truly attempts to teach you whereas the Pharmacy Practice Dept does not teach and is not supportive in any way, shape, or form. Also, seasoned instructors from Pharmacy Practice leave every year and the school is only 5 years old! What does that tell you? The direction is for "students to teach themselves." Do you see this forum anywhere else in a clinical teaching program? Are surgeons next?

What you get out of this program is "how to take an exam and pass." Big deal. Pass the Boards. But are you a COMPETENT PHARMACIST? No, you are not. Are you even knowledgable? No, you are not. You are taught how to apply what you know. You want to learn about drugs? You won't be doing it here!

Also, you CANNOT TRANSFER your MCPHS-Worcester classes elsewhere. You are stuck here. If you do poorly here, you have to wait a YEAR to return to the classes or you have to completely reapply and go elsewhere (for 4 years).

The format for this program will more than likely disintegrate in a few years, due to the death spiral it is in now. Your only option if in the program is to finish and move far, far away and hope that no one in the pharmacy world realizes how horrible this place is.

The school currently starts with 150 students so to capture monies for people like Charlie Monahan and growing a monstrosity of a school. MCPHS-Worcester will NEVER be a top school of pharmacy. The new Dean, Michael Malloy, is the worst candidate for that position and is detested by students (and a piss-poor instructor!). He will NOT support you EVER.

My advice -- Go elsewhere. Go somewhere that encourages LEARNING. Go somewhere where instructors are supportive and encouraging and facilitate you to become a competent pharmacist. Go somewhere to get your money's worth because you will not be getting it here. You have been warned!


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