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Rice University

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Any person considering attending the University and any

Dec 24 2010Mechanical Engineering
Any person considering attending the University and any parent considering sending their child to the University should be very concerned about the uncaring attitude of the administration. Do not expect fair treatment from them, and God help you if you step out of line. Do NOT put your trust in their police department, or in their in-house judicial process. Their only interest is to protect themselves from potential liability.
Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
Starting Job: Designer Preparedness: D Reputation: F


Mar 07 2013Mechanical Engineering
I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE MISRIBLE IN MY LIFE. I absolutly Hate it here. I work my ass off and the administration is no help. all they care about is money and cut corners all the time. they advertise an average class size of 15 and i have never been in a class under 50. NONE of the fucking computers on campus work cause they try top port all the binary to guess what?! save MONEY! the TA are all ass holes who cant speak english.the social scene is depressing and the college system is utterly broken. the one good thing i have to say is that i am almost out of this shit hole. I have contemplated suicide multiple times here and the administration does not help. I have attempted suicide once here, and obviously failed. This school will kill your soul. it does not prepare you for the real world and people here are so ignorant as to how the real world works they fall flat on thier faces after graduation. Given the opportunity i would go back in time and go to community college.
4th Year Male -- Class 2013
Faculty Accessibility: A-, Scholastic Success: F

Rice is overpriced and badly located

Apr 25 2009English
Rice is overpriced and badly located. And that's probably the best of the worst. It doesn't really matter if you try to compare it to other privates, it still costs a LOT. Digits are digits. So where does that money go? Well, it doesn't really go into your education. I'd say it goes in the new efforts to make a bigger, more "Ivy-like" school. I'm not against advancement and progress mind you, it's just that it all seems to manifest itself in new buildings on an already-congested campus for more students who will pay loads of money and not get their money's worth. I guess it also goes into trying to enliven all the sports programs by paying millions for new coaches and other things like that. Hm. So do shiny buildings+failing but bulked-up sports=INCREDIBLE EDUCATION??? Don't get me all excited. You try throwing the two together and see how enriched you get (and I'm not trying to be a prat, I mean enriched in multiple senses). To be frank, you don't really see it much in action anywhere. Well, actually, I guess it is being used behind-the-scenes in all the science labs. That stuff IS expensive...

The school is very heavily biased toward its science departments, so I guess if you're just in it for the whole pre-med experience, you'll have enough to keep you going. But I feel that's appliable to any school - seriously, what university doesn't highlight their science programs? ...which may make you ask, why am I expecting otherwise? Oh right, paying more than anyone could hope for.

Rice likes to boast a diverse and well-rounded feel, but that's pretty bogus. It's more of a "scratch my back, THEN I'll scratch yours," so if you don't fit into their mold of pre-determined success your size isn't detectable enough to warrant any aid. I think Rice would be a great fit for people who know EXACTLY what they want in the future, have determined that road including all the faculty to ingratiate themselves with and all the internship positions they need to land etc. all to culminate in a big bright burst of material and/or esoteric success (and then they can add you on to the list of assets, I mean names, that makes Rice so great!). Too bad most 18-year-olds would like a little more room to maneuver and HAVEN'T determined the iron steps to their great and glorious destiny, thank you very much (honestly, if you were that driven, the majority of you wouldn't be at Rice). Not to mention a little more warmth and humanity in the working out of it. Think I'm being a sap as a humanities major? Hey now, remember I'm still going off the money I paid, so isn't that rational enough? :D I took my share of science classes, mind you.

A small private university is SUPPOSED to give you the support, flexibility and opportunities you won't get elsewhere, no matter where you're going or what you're exploring (within reason, of course). That's why you're coughing down the big price tag and looking at the student:faculty ratios. Here, it's enough to get you the semblance of help with all the nice trimmings and polite embellishments of courtesy and exactly zero of anything else, leaving you with an equally empty feeling (unless you are great at and very willing to kiss multiple butts or are so super brilliant that the university can obviously see it'd be a mistake not to ingratiate themselves with YOU - are you there?). Maybe you don't know if you're at Rice, maybe I just don't know how it compares to other schools, but I know of a LOT of students who have gotten so depressed during their undergrad experience that they literally have to leave and continue their education elsewhere.

Generally, students are nice enough, but like the rest of the campus's overall package, don't expect to find anything too stimulating, challenging or long-lasting. The only impact I was left with was wishing I had never gone there. That sounds a lot more bitter than I mean it to be. I think. If you think lack of plus points in the academic/on-campus experience can be compensated by the surrounded cosmpolitan, you're way off the marker. Houston is so big you need a car with lots of gas to get anywhere, or want to go anywhere, sweltering weather sucks a lot more when it's filled with the puff-bite-inducing mosquitos, and basically it relates back to the university: a lot of things may be said to be going on, a lot of things may even be going on, but once you get there you find out how not worth it the effort was. Rice - didn't enjoy the university, didn't enjoy the city. You know how a class goes when you hate the material and the teacher is NOT the kind to make anything better, AT ALL? - it's like four years of that. Even though I came out with a decent grade, I'd want to go back and do it somewhere else.

4th Year Female -- Class 2009
Perceived Campus Safety: B+, Individual Value: D
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