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Oglethorpe University

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I just think it's funny how Oglethorpe hasBrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I just think it's funny how Oglethorpe has enough money to build luxury apartments for students that cost up to $2,000, yet Traer hall still has roach and spider infestations, mold, falling ceiling tiles, roof leaks, horrible plumbing, broken furniture, and walls so thin you can hear what you're suitemate is watching on tv. Oglethorpe values rich students and ignores poor ones.
1st Year Female -- Class 1920
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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To be completely honest, this university is horrible.Quite BrightEnglish
To be completely honest, this university is horrible. I don't know where to begin, so I think I'll list out all of the sins of this institution:

1. The CORE program is total BS. On average, you are required to take 2-3 CORE courses per year, and some CORE courses have two parts. The credits do not transfer over, so many students who want to leave cannot because of the CORE credits. If you leave and try to come back, you have to take CORE all over again.

2. So what is the CORE program? The administration wants to pretend it's the best thing since slice bread, but the CORE program is actually a collection of useless philosophy classes. Although the school is in Atlanta, a city known for being the "Black Mecca," CORE is mainly focused on white writers and philosophers. But Oglethorpe is a predominately white school (don't be fooled by the 99.9% Black basketball team), so this isn't shocking.

3. Each major's department is very small, so if you don't like a professor expect to take classes with them over and over again, even required classes. Don't like a particular professor of your major? Change majors; it's the only way out.

4. Most courses offered are completely useless. As an English major, I was disappointed over the lack of writing classes. There are plenty of literature classes of different genres (modern, ancient, renaissance, etc.), but they are like the CORE classes: read the book, write an essay, done. They do not really teach you any writing basics, but you still get graded on how you write. Why grade on something you don't teach? Not everybody graduated from a fancy private school that taught them everything they needed to know. Also, writing is a process: it's something you need to learn constantly over and over again. Learning shouldn't end at the high school level.

5. Courses outside of my major were also useless. They were interesting, but not practical towards anything in relation to preparing me for the job market and "the real world." All they teach at this university, all that they offer, is completely useless information.

6. Until your senior year, students are required to live on-campus. The problem is the dorms, particularly the freshman dorms, are horrifying. The walls are super-thin, giant spiders like to crawl underneath doors and mosquitoes like to chill in your room while you're asleep. Did I mention that this university is in the woods? The the woods: if you don't love nature this is a problem. Also, if you're not a super, social person, the dorms will drive you made. It's like living in a sleazy sex hotel. Plenty of drugs, smoking, drinking, parties, etc. Pretty much all of your parent's nightmares in one location. If you are an introvert or antisocial, expect no respect or peace here. And unfortunately, rapes and sexual assaults and other crimes do happen here, but they're usually swept under the rug. Can't ruin Oglethorpe's false perfect image!

7. Speaking of the students, they're horrible. Super-immature and rude. They know they're not still in high school right? They don't. I was in one class where the students were so disruptive the professor had to yell at them like they were children. They threw paper balls during class, talked loudly like they were on the playground while the class was taking a final... I could go on and on. And yes, there are bullies here. Yes, just like in high school. They spread plenty of rumors and lies. Expect a student to be your best friend one day and your enemy the next. The children here are super-fake. This is not a place for friendships. I think the problem here is that the university is too small. Everybody knows everybody, which means someone is always in your business, usually with the wrong intentions. And since almost everyone lives on-campus, there's a heavier emphasis on social life here. If you don't fit-in, or if the popular crowd doesn't like you, you're in trouble unless you have a very strong heart and mind. The university's motto should be: follow the crowd or suffer.

8. The area that the university is located in is pretty decent. It's in the suburbs and MARTA accessible. Like many areas in Georgia, sometimes there's no sidewalk. If you miss your bus (because Oglethorpe doesn't have a shuttle like it's neighbor, Brown Mackie), make sure you're walking on the right side so you don't run out of sidewalk. Unfortunately, with all of the construction going on you may end up walking on the side of the road anyways.Watch out for cars! Oh, and the crossing signs/lights don't always work so be careful. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from Brookhaven Station to Oglethorpe, it's a 5 minute drive if you can catch the bus. But MARTA, both it's trains and buses, usually have delay problems so expect to walk at anytime if you're a commuter.

9. Oh yeah, you can opt to be a commuter if you're lucky. They're becoming increasingly more strict about who's allowed to live off-campus. Allegedly, students have to pay a $500 fee to commute. I never had to pay this fee but I could have sworn I heard other students say that they had to. I was told by a former dean that there was no fee. So where did the money go?

10. The internet is horrifying. A few times my professors had to cancel class early because they could not complete their lessons without being online. The computers and printers in the library are awful too. Good luck if you try to do work online or print out a paper at the last minute. The odds are not in your favor. I saw a tweet from a guy who goes to the school that mentioned $15 was added to his cell bill because he accidentally used up his data due to the internet going out on him when he didn't notice.

11. As for the administration, they're pretty arrogant, rude and hard to communicate with. But they think Oglethorpe is the best school ever! The financial aid, business office and anyone else you owe money to loves sending passive-aggressive threats. They'll send you plenty of emails when you owe them something, but when you have a question for them they don't respond or are suddenly confused.

12. The administration has their favorites: they're "star students." They're a particular clique you'll often see as leaders of diversity organizations on-campus or acting as the poster children of another Oglethorpe facade. You'll know them once you see them. Some of them appear really sweet and nice, and others are just as arrogant, fake and cold as everybody else at Oglethorpe University.

Verdict: If you like learning useless information and effortlessly pushing out an essay every two weeks, then Oglethorpe is the place for you! All you have to do here is read and write.

Is this university worth it's tuition price? Absolutely not. Will students and the administration pretend that it is? Absolutely!

Wait, but I've read so many reviews saying that Oglethorpe is good?!? Well, that's because most honest reviews are censored or deleted. Creepy, right?!

After using the Oxford scholarship that Oglethorpe gave me, along with loans and grants, I still had to pay out-of-pocket every semester. As you can see by my 12 points (and I have many more, but those were the basics I felt people should be warned about) the money was not worth it. Just because the university is expensive and private doesn't mean it is any good.

Please spread this review wherever you can. Spread it like gospel because it's the only review about Oglethorpe University that is telling the truth. It's a shame people read lying reviews on the internet then wast their money here thinking it's worth it.

If this university has any good parts, I never saw them. Oglethorpe University wants to be the Harvard of the South, but it never will be. If you want a Harvard of the South, go to Emory.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A, Education Quality: F
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At first it's hard to get use toQuite BrightLanguage - French/Spanish/etc.
At first it's hard to get use to but overall it's a good school that has a lot of opportunities. Last year was my first year and I did have some ups and downs but I made a few friends that were hard to leave. The other comments said, the eveironment isn't friendly and you can hear everything in other the dorms but it takes time to make friends and you will find amazing people.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: B+, Surrounding City: C-
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