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Indiana University Bloomington

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Full honesty: I hate this place

Nov 08 2014Finance
Full honesty: I hate this place. It's a liberal shithole. Over half of the people in my residence hall have illegal drugs, and the University does nothing. That there is no rule against sex in the dorms is outright offensive. Also quite vexing is that out of state minorities with lower SAT scores and parents who make more money can come here for free just because they are minorities when I pay full price as a middle class white person from Indiana. It's blatant reverse discrimination. I pay 24,000 a year just so drunk kids from Chicago and Jersey (most people here are not from Indiana) can keep me awake at night. I wish I could afford to somewhere else.
1st Year Male -- Class 2018
Useful Schoolwork: B+, Individual Value: F

Anyone who isn't involved with greek life came

Nov 08 2014English
Anyone who isn't involved with greek life came here with their entire high school and remains in the same cliques they were involved with there. So if you don't have a ton of friends already who are going to hook you up with a bid or be your social center, don't bother.

The university has good resources, but not even close to enough for the number of students they suck tuition money from. Not enough space on the buses, not enough computers in the library, not enough counselors to see you more often than every 2 weeks if you're having serious problems, not enough advisors, not enough anything.

In favor of providing more resources that students actually need, the university has turned the campus into a construction site where they can build more impressive and unneeded buildings to boost their image. They plan on doing so for the next few decades if you look at their 30-year plan. The campus was beautiful when I was touring it, it's quite ugly now and has been for my entire time here.

Unless you are a direct admit to Kelley or wish to never leave the library, I mean ever, don't worry about getting in, you won't. Almost everyone on my floor freshman year was a Kelley hopeful and the only two people who ended up in the school were the ones who were direct admits. IU won't tell you this though. They'll just say you have to get B's in all your classes including the pre-Kelley ones. What they also won't tell you is that a few of the required pre-Kelley classes have around 40% withdrawal rates they're so hard. If you did okay in high school and think that Kelley is your chance to step above and beyond, don't bother. The school will laugh and take your money.

The campus has a gigantic police force who do absolutely nothing except hand out drinking tickets and try and bust kids with weed. I had a friend with an unknown heart condition collapse outside his dorm one night the spring before I arrived. Nobody found him for several hours, because the cops don't patrol parts of campus where there's normally nobody getting drunk/high on weekend nights. They sneak around the dorms and hide in the woods by the railroad tracks and tailgate fields instead, hoping to nab stoners. My friend died in the hospital the next day. There's a chorus of sirens in town all day every day, yet none were quick enough to save him. IU will do anything to promote itself or weasel more money out of its students. There's nothing to do in Bloomington except to get drunk. People just use our terrible sports teams as an excuse to do it even more often. So if you're a Kelley direct admit who wants to pour alcohol down your throat with your friends from high school or fellow fraternity/sorority members whenever you're not in class while jumping off a cliff if they tell you to, then IU is probably for you. Oh yea, don't plan on being an individual or not forking over more money whenever the school tells you to either.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2016
Innovation: A, Individual Value: F

I really tried to like it here

Sep 30 2014Business - Management and Administration
I really tried to like it here. I'm currently a sophomore in the process of transferring.
Administration: The Kelley School of Business faculty are always accessible and ready to help, you just need to ask for it. The professors are outstanding, and you typically don't get any graduate assistants as teachers, you get professors who have worked in their fields and know what they're talking about. Outside of Kelley is where it gets messy. The office of the bursar (financial aid and the like) is a mess, and honestly won't help you at all. Out of state tuition is ridiculous, and the scholarships they give you are a joke, and if I'm not mistaken they just capped it at $11,000 or $9,000 a year for OOS. That leads me into the type of student here.

Student Body: I have never been more disappointed IN MY LIFE. 32,000+ undergrads and it really seems as if you manage to run into every possible douche on campus. Less than 5,000 students are greek here, and yet it seems like they run the school. Either you're a complete douche who brags about how many girls you banged or how drunk you got last week, a total dumbass who drives around in a modified pick up truck without a shirt on (real cool), a girl who wears a polo hat yoga pants and nike trainers every day, a pretentious wannabe hipster (hipster isn't hipster any more-let it go), or a member of the small group of dissatisfied students. Students are either from New York, Chicago, Indiana, or Asia. And the students from New York and Asia drive incredibly nice cars and probably pay the tuition with a stack of cash they leave under their pillow to help them sleep at night. I can't stress enough how trashy the students are here. There's an EPIC lack of diversity. Either you're white, or an asian who can't speak english; everyone else can enjoy being on their own.

Social Life: IU is undoubtedly a huge party school. If you live for partying, come here and you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for something more than downing a fifth and throwing up on the girl you hooked up with last weekend, good luck.

Academics: Despite all the negatives, IU does have incredible academics. The Kelley School of Business is number 8 in the country, Jacob's music school is top 10, and psychology and journalism are also very highly ranked. If those don't meet your needs, IU is such a big school you can actually create your own major. There are a huge range of classes from Managerial accounting, to history of rock and roll, to food as art.

Dorms: Dorms are dorms and the food is pretty crappy and fattening. That's about it. The stereotypes of neighborhoods are somewhat true: McNutt and Briscoe attract the people who want to party and a ton of douches, Collins is pretty out there and artistic/'hipster', central is a bland land of people who wanted to live in McNutt or didn't get into the south neighborhood, and then the south neighborhood is mostly music kids.

If you're not a douche, or someone who is looking for diversity and an interesting and active student body, look elsewhere. I know I am, and I regret coming here. My personal problem is that the people in my area of study (business) all drool over the opportunity to work for one of the big four accounting firms, make a median starting salary of $55,000, and that's that. If you have any desire for creativity or using the mind for something unroutine, you're one of maybe 10.

1st Year Male -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Individual Value: F
Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana University Bloomington
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