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Indiana University Bloomington

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I really tried to like it here

Sep 30 2014Business - Management and Administration
I really tried to like it here. I'm currently a sophomore in the process of transferring.
Administration: The Kelley School of Business faculty are always accessible and ready to help, you just need to ask for it. The professors are outstanding, and you typically don't get any graduate assistants as teachers, you get professors who have worked in their fields and know what they're talking about. Outside of Kelley is where it gets messy. The office of the bursar (financial aid and the like) is a mess, and honestly won't help you at all. Out of state tuition is ridiculous, and the scholarships they give you are a joke, and if I'm not mistaken they just capped it at $11,000 or $9,000 a year for OOS. That leads me into the type of student here.

Student Body: I have never been more disappointed IN MY LIFE. 32,000+ undergrads and it really seems as if you manage to run into every possible douche on campus. Less than 5,000 students are greek here, and yet it seems like they run the school. Either you're a complete douche who brags about how many girls you banged or how drunk you got last week, a total dumbass who drives around in a modified pick up truck without a shirt on (real cool), a girl who wears a polo hat yoga pants and nike trainers every day, a pretentious wannabe hipster (hipster isn't hipster any more-let it go), or a member of the small group of dissatisfied students. Students are either from New York, Chicago, Indiana, or Asia. And the students from New York and Asia drive incredibly nice cars and probably pay the tuition with a stack of cash they leave under their pillow to help them sleep at night. I can't stress enough how trashy the students are here. There's an EPIC lack of diversity. Either you're white, or an asian who can't speak english; everyone else can enjoy being on their own.

Social Life: IU is undoubtedly a huge party school. If you live for partying, come here and you won't be disappointed. If you're looking for something more than downing a fifth and throwing up on the girl you hooked up with last weekend, good luck.

Academics: Despite all the negatives, IU does have incredible academics. The Kelley School of Business is number 8 in the country, Jacob's music school is top 10, and psychology and journalism are also very highly ranked. If those don't meet your needs, IU is such a big school you can actually create your own major. There are a huge range of classes from Managerial accounting, to history of rock and roll, to food as art.

Dorms: Dorms are dorms and the food is pretty crappy and fattening. That's about it. The stereotypes of neighborhoods are somewhat true: McNutt and Briscoe attract the people who want to party and a ton of douches, Collins is pretty out there and artistic/'hipster', central is a bland land of people who wanted to live in McNutt or didn't get into the south neighborhood, and then the south neighborhood is mostly music kids.

If you're not a douche, or someone who is looking for diversity and an interesting and active student body, look elsewhere. I know I am, and I regret coming here. My personal problem is that the people in my area of study (business) all drool over the opportunity to work for one of the big four accounting firms, make a median starting salary of $55,000, and that's that. If you have any desire for creativity or using the mind for something unroutine, you're one of maybe 10.

1st Year Male -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Individual Value: F

I am currently a second semester freshman here

Feb 09 2014Neuroscience/Cognitive Science
I am currently a second semester freshman here at IU. This school definitely isn't what I thought it would be. I would have to say IU is a very overrated school. They say the business school is top notch yet I know many people in it that aren't the brightest... Classes here are way too large and not worth the amount of money we pay anually to attend this place. If you seek diversity in college, then this school isn't for you- everyone here is either from a suburb of Indiana or the outskirts of Chicago.This school is meant for those that thoroughly enjoy partying, and occasionally studying. Rushing a sorority here is hell. They say 87% of the girls will get a bid yet nearly 50% were left bidless. I am currently in the process of transferring and cannot wait to get out of this middle of nowhere.
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Individual Value: D+

I finished my freshman year at iu in

Sep 23 2014Accounting
I finished my freshman year at iu in the spring of 2014and it was eAsily the worst year of my life. I'll break it down in subcategories:

Academics: i have mixed feelings about this. I actually feel that the rigor of the classes I took was pretty intense. That being said, classes are too big and faculty are inaccessible. Not to mention many of the profs don't speak English well. The best majors here are business, music, journalism, and sports management. If you're not in one of said majors, don't bother going here.

Student body: the students here are absolutely pathetic on average. There are two groups of people that comprise the campus: the first group is made up of the fratty douchebags whose shallowness will baffle you. I know lots of people will say to themselves, "I'm nota douchebag even though I'm in a frat, I'm a nice down to earth guy." But you're wrong. Anyways these people are about 70% of the school. The second group is the nerdy music kids. These kids, while far more genuine than the frat kids, are lame as fuck. Why do they all have to be so weird? I don't get it. These people are about 25% of the school. That leaves 5% for normal people. FIVE PERCENT!!!!! Think about that before you decide to go here. If you do not want to rush a frat, are not a music student and are an introvert, DO NOT GO HERE. The admissions people will tell you "everyone finds their niche" but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Dorm and social life: lol. Ok now my dorm was GREAT in terms of the building itself. I lived in rose, a brand new shiny building. It was nice as fuck. The students inside the building, however, were not so nice. My roommate was a very friendly guy but he was way too loud and got really annoying. I loathed three of the kids right across from me. The other w

One was alright. One of the Girls on my floor was really cool, the rest were brainless whores. So in short, dorm life was miserable. Now the social life. If the only way you can have fun is partying and drinking, by all means come to iu. You won't be disappointed. If you enjoy other things, don't come here. I can't believe I thought I could have fun at a school like this. Like I said before, it's very hard to find people you click with, esp if you're introverted. The town of Bloomington is pretty nice but it's very overhyped to me coming from Chicago. I think I'd kill myself if I had to live in brown after graduation, but maybe that's just because I'm from a big city. So seriously that town has some neat things to offer. It good luck finding people to enjoy them with.

Campus: the campus is really nice. Some parts are really breathtaking. But it is WAY too spread out. Prepare to walk over 4 miles a day. There is a bus system, but they are always late and/or are always full. I once waited 2 hours waiting for a bus because the two buses that came before told

Me they were too full. Also, this place is fucking HILLY. I come from Illinois where everything is flat. Like seriously we have no elevation or his at all. This was horrible. Yes, there are downhills, but the benefits of the downhills do not outweigh the drawbacks of the uphills.

Clubs/athletics: I played two intramural sports and while they were fun, there were only like three games for each of them. Wtf is up with that? There are no other clubs for normal people. The club selection is very limited. The bball and football games are really fun to go to if you actually

Know people to go with.
Bottom line: if you do not belong to any of these categories, you should not even be CONSIDERING IU:

1. Frat/sowhority member
2. Jewish
3.Kelley business student
3. Out of state student with at the very least an average family income of 100,000
4. In state student ("townie")
5. Jacobs music student
6. Journalism or sports management student
7. Very extroverted
If none of the above apply to you, you're welcome. I just narrowed your college search by knocking iu off the list for you. Don't make the same mistake I did. Fuck iu, fuck the state of Indiana, and fuck the pacers.


1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Campus Maintenance: A, Useful Schoolwork: F
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