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Assumption College

There are 41 Comments
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When I was applying for college I was

Dec 06 2013Business - Management and Administration
When I was applying for college I was afraid of being left behind or considered a number, that mixed with a nice scholarship got me to assumption. Bad choice.

I came from a high school of similar size and I can totally understand why some kids here call it "assumption high." The student body is incredibly cliquey and self absorbed. Everyone here is incredibly judgemental and no one knows how to have fun! The party scene is awful, if you can manage to find one, people will either leave after an hour or 2 or will be shut down by the overzealous campus police force. I had much more fun going off campus than trying to find a dorm to drink in. Dorms are decent, apartments are nice but feel incredibly antisocial. Dining hall food varies, some days its awesome, but others aren't so much. Activities on campus are either awesome or godawful. Student run open mic nights are always a great time, but lately assumption has been keen on sponsoring "club nights" and grooveboston visits which are essentially middle school dances.

The one positive I really can give about this school is when the academics are good, they are DAMN GOOD. Yeah, there are a few professors in each subject that should not be teaching, but at the same time I have had some incredible professors that are very kind, helpful, and really passionate about their jobs. Some majors do have wayyyy too many classes that you need to take, but they are working on consolidating them. If you do go to assumption, you are going to get a top notch education.All in all, I can't recommend this school. While the academics are amazing, the social life is just awful. Worcester is a dead city, and the on campus activities are almost always lacking. I'm planning on transferring to a school where I know I can have fun every weekend.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2016
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Surrounding City: F

Assumption College can be described in one word:

Jun 20 2013Psychology
Assumption College can be described in one word: Fake. No one at the school actually likes the school as much as they make you believe. When you go on a campus tour/accepted students day/orientation, they make all the students seem to be really happy and a community. This could not be further from the truth. The students are paid to act this way in t-shirts and dunkin donuts gift cards.

The students in all actuality feel trapped. The dorms are not all that exciting. The rooms are small and barren and the way they are set up causes so many issues. People hate on each other because of where they get to live and students within the same building hate on each other because of the way the ?pods? are designed. People are enclosed in these pods and really don?t have too many opportunities to meet people. Another problem with this set up is that if you do not make friends with the people in your pod you are isolated and lonely.

Another issue is the on campus drinking. The campus police take drinking too seriously and break up any ?parties? so quickly. But there is also a lot of in dorm room drinking. The problems with that is the noise issue and smell issue and general annoyance caused by it. Unless you are a drinker there is nothing to do on the weekends. And good luck trying to study or get to bed early/at a reasonable hour because of all of your partying neighbors.

Due to the size of Assumption there are also a lot of cliques. It is just like high school all over again. Everyone is in each other?s business and gossip runs rampant. The school is also very judgy. Most everyone dresses the same and listens to the same music and if you are not a part of that most you are an outcast and will probably always remain an outcast because of the cliquey terrible nature of the students. The football team has an entire side of the dining hall just to themselves because of the cliques.

Assumption also feels really prison like. There is nowhere within easy walking distance and Assumption has very few buses that go anywhere. Those buses are also only on the weekend and are at the most inopportune times. You can never just get on the bus, run to like CVS or any store and be back within an hour on a Saturday afternoon. 1) because the buses only run after 5 on Friday and Saturday nights and 2) because there is at least a 45 minute drive to go anywhere because of the convoluted routes.

The food at the school is also shitty. Prepare for the boring and the tasteless and also the calorie exorbitant.

One plus is the education, most teachers seem to actually. Care. Most. You can still get teacher who are only there for their research and tenure. You can also get teachers that can barely speak English, but I think the quality of education overall is what I expected. Not too high but not exactly low.

The administration though is terrible. You can never get a quick response from anyone, especially Res Life and they always seem to respond with a 'sorry, can't do that' and rarely are helpful. No one actually seems to care about the students.In all honesty, you can find a better school elsewhere and for cheaper.

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -

I stumbled upon this site by accident while

Jan 31 2013History/Histories (art history/etc.)
I stumbled upon this site by accident while looking for other information, but after reading some of the comments on here I feel compelled to comment about my time at Assumption College. I'll preface it by saying I'm about two and a half years out, I had a decent full time job with a big company for a year, and am now in law school. I was "involved" to some extent on campus through intramurals and an on campus job, but nothing crazy. On the weekends I tried to do all the usual college stuff, drink, pick up girls, go to parties, be lazy, etc.(the school sponsored events were usually nothing special, but could be fun on occasion) so I hope this review is helpfulI for anybody with a similar set of interests. I think I'm far enough removed from my time at Assumption to look at it objectively, but close enough to it to remember most of the important details.

I'll start by conceding that I often wasn't all that challenged by much of the school work at Assumption, but thats not to say it doesn't require hard work and diligence. I was aware of this going in, but I was around a 3.0 student in high school so the scholarship Assumption offered was hard to turn down in comparison to offers from other schools. The way I looked at it then (and in hindsight I'm so glad I looked at it this way) was: if i'm planning on attending a small, liberal arts, Catholic school, why not choose the one that might be slightly less challenging than some other comparable schools? (you probably know who I'm talking about if your looking at Assumption, 1 or 2 of them might start with "S"and might be in MA and NH) That way, I can hopefully get a fulfilling education, good grades, and still have time to get involved and have a social life. Because when it comes down to it, unless you are trying to work or go to graduate school in the immediate vicinity of your undergrad location, employers and graduates are more likely to see the NUMBERS on your resume rather than the name of the school. Trust me, if your looking to work anywhere outside of a very small area of southern/eastern New England, a bachelor's from Assumption will look the same on a resume as a bachelor's from one of the "S" schools. Knowing a few people that attended these unnamed schools, they wish they felt that way in the beginning too. If you only want college to put you on the fast track to a specific career, then by all means go to a state school and save the money.(Thats not a knock on state schools, its a knock on people who say a liberal arts degree is useless) But at a school like Assumption you pay for more than job prep courses, you pay for a liberal arts experience which can really expand your mind and teach you ALOT if you want it to and you let it. It certainly can be challenging at times, but you have to seek out the classes that you feel will most benefit you, not just go through the motions of taking the easiest possible route and getting enough credits to graduate.

Which brings me to my point about the student body. It's funny that most of the negative comments on here seem to be from students still in their first year. Freshman year is always an adjustment and the living situation isn't perfect, accept it for what it is or live at home and save the money. Yes, Assumption can be like a high school, and yes it can be cliquey. And I'll admit at times my freshman and sophomore years I wished I had a larger number of friends for the sake of having more options on weekends and may have at times felt that the school was full of dumb jocks and snobby girls. You quickly realize its the quality of the friendships you make rather than the quantity that matters. Myself and most of my floor mates from freshman year didn't have an "in" at the bigger parties on campus, but we found ways to enjoy ourselves. Most of them stayed my good friends through all 4 years, and by senior year (even junior year to some extent), we were the ones throwing the parties that all the underclassmen wanted to get in to. And yes the parties naturally aren't huge, but you can't expect parties with hundreds of people at a school like Assumption. You would be surprised how much fun 40 people with various levels of drunkenness packed into a 6 men apartment can be when your with your friends and everyone is looking to have a good time. I know I could have had a better party experience elsewhere from visiting friends at bigger schools, but senior year at Assumption was the most fun I've ever had.

So thats my 2 cents, I hope its helpful to anybody thinking about attending Assumption.
PS if your interested in study abroad, Assumption is amazing at facilitating you in that respect, they made it simple and hassle free, and have connections to send students just about anywhere in the world.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: B+ Reputation: C

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