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Liberty University

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Jan 30 2005History/Histories (art history/etc.)
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
I am a pretty typical person, though perhaps a little nerdier than some. I love computer games, movies, and socializing with my friends. Generally I am not overly picky, though I do demand at least acceptable quality in the services that I pay for. Unfortuantely, Liberty has failed to meet any of my requirements.

1) Entertainment - There is almost nothing to do here. The campus supplies nothing for leisure. No cable, poor internet, and very little in the way of sports.

If you like watching sports, you will never be able to watch a championship game here. The only places that get the games are the Student Lounges, and they close at 11:30. You can always try to find away around curfew so you can watch the game in one of the town's sports bars, but don't tell any Liberty adminstrators, they'll blast you for going to an establishment that serves alcohol.

Outside of campus is the pitiful city of Lynchburg. I maybe spoiled, having spent my whole life in a big city, but Lynchburg sucks. The weather is absolutely horrible and there is nothing to do. Even the Liberty supporters that I've met don't like the locale.

In short, Liberty University is very dull and miserable as a whole.
2) Campus Services - The services of Liberty University are about on par with those in the USSR around the time the Berlin Wall was torn down. I have never in my life seen a more poorly run company. Nothing works right. They build brand new dorms with faulty wiring and flickering lights. They don't build sidewalks so before your first month is up you'll find yourself covered in mud.

The food services are awful. They close early and don't even open when it's snowing. Even when they are open, the food is disgusting. Truly disgusting. They cook well during College for a Weekend, but don't be fooled!! I was and I'm regretting it now.

3) Network Services - The internet connection at Liberty is horrible. There are almost always connectivity problems. There have been several instances in the past semester in which I, and my entire dorm, have been totally cut off from the internet for days at a time. Two of my friends had no connection for over two weeks. They submitted a request for tech support on day one, and it took a week and a half before anyone even looked into their problem even with the pair calling in for support every single day.

Even when the network is up, the speeds are below par. I can't begin to tell you the amount of games I have lost because of lag. Recently, they have begun to work on the issue and it is improving, however the means they used to solve the problem are overly drastic and nearly as annoying as the speed problems themselves.

First, they installed a traffic shaper which almost totally restricts all forms of filesharing. That is a huge problem in a place that provides no cable, and has terrible tv reception. Downloading tv shows is the only way for me to enjoy shows like The O.C. or Lost.

Secondly, they forced everyone to install a program called CleanAccess that forces you to install certain Windows Updates and run a particular antivirus. While in principle the program shouldn't be an issue Liberty's standard of low quality continues. Every night at midnight the whole system goes down to update itself...a huge problem if you're in the middle of an instense game of Counterstrike.

Basically, if you have any interest in the internet, filesharing or multiplayer gaming DO NOT COME HERE.

4) Administrator's Attitude - More frustrating than any of the issues of already stated is the general unwillingness to do anything about it. Blame-shifting is king at Liberty University, I can't tell you the hundreds of times I have been redirected in circles here. The support personnel blame their bosses, their bosses blame the administrators, and the administrators blame the support personnel. No one will actually do anything though!

As a customer I expect the attitude of a company that serves me to be something along the lines of "You pay $XXX for a certian product or service and we will do our best to provide you with what you require, if we fail you we will do our best to make it right or we will compensate you." If I buy a TV at BestBuy and it flickers I expect them to replace it. That is not the case at Liberty. If you tried to return your tv here they would tell you to fly to Asia and give it to Samsung, upon further complaint they would not apologize they would tell you that maybe God is trying to teach you patience and that you should pray. But you would never get a new TV.

In summation, do not come here. If you expect any sort of quality in your college experience you will find yourself frustrated. Life is miserable here for anyone who actually pays their own bills. You will not get what you pay for no matter who you appeal to. Unless you hae a lot more patience than I do to deal with the sort of runaround that would make any inurance agency proud, do not come here. And on another note, the girls here are not nearly as pretty as everyone says; and for you girls, with a few exceptions the guys here are total pansies...unless you want to do the asking out you'll be dateless for a long time.

Liberty has a monopoly on it's's the only lenient christian school I know, but for your own sanity I would advise against coming here.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2007
Individual Value: A, University Resource Use: F
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Jan 30 2005Business - Management and Administration
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
Liberty University offers very little value for your 18,000 dollars. The Internet is unreliable and slow, the food feels like a middle school cafeteria, the post office loses packages constantly, and there is no cable TV in the dorms.

Besides offering very little in the way of luxuries my biggest complaint with Liberty University is that total lack of morale on campus. I grew up watching ESPN and hearing about how great college life is. At Liberty everyone leaves on the weekend, very few people enjoy their daily lives and the sports are awful. The Liberty Marching Band is another laughing stock. I can barely tell one song from another and students randomly chant(at least the minority of students who attend our crappy football games) "GO LU".

If you are into any kind of internet gaming or even casual surfing avoid LU. The internet is down consistently. AOL instant messenger works even worse than web pages. Gaming is especially out of the question. My games work probably 70% of the time. The other 30% I spent an hour playing, then at the end I lag out. in 80% of my games there is evenpresent lag. If you don't know what lag is imagine playing Mario and when you press jump, its jumps 2 seconds later.Don't come here.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2006
Collaboration/Competitive: C-, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Dec 27 2004Nursing
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
I absolutely love this school! One AMAZING thing that you would be very very hard pressed to find elsewhere is the faculty.... they're amazing. At the beginning of the year in nearly every one of my classes the professors gave us their home phone numbers and said that if we needed to talk about anything or come over just to hang out and get some spiritual guidence or whatever the case, don't hesitate to call, no matter the hour. And they stuck to it, I have became good friends with a few of the profs, I'm close to one of the profs family and do outside activities with them. You tell me where you can get that elsewhere. My roomate transfered from a public university and he said that LU students have no idea how blessed they are, with the faculty, the parking, and the clean atmosphere of the campus, etc. There are many amazing godly students that will encourage you a ton spiritually. I have yet to meet anyone that is really unfriendly, and I know more people than the average joesmo. The rules are perfectly legitimate and reasonable, especially compared to PCC or BJU. I have no problem with them- the dress code is professionalism not legalism, it's college folks not a friday night party. The curfew is reasonable also... prevents alota trouble and keeps absolute party-ers out. The only things I see that I don't really like is Jerry's goal to expand to 25,000 students before he dies... not a totally spiritual aspiration and it has resulted in it being easy as crap to get in LU which has resulted in less high standards of acceptance into LU so you do have a wide range of Christian beliefs. The school however maintains a very conservative spritual belief and are quite outspoken about it. Jerry will often tell "his kids" (LU Student body) that if his school ever becomes unchristian to come back and BURN IT DOWN! He has got it set up to where a church has the right to bring faculty in and out to prevent the college from going downhill spiritually. Some of the students aren't totally 100% dedicated conservative, sold out to God Christians but you'll find that anywhere. 8000 student body, #1 debate team in country, basketball big south champs, Nursing school pretty well known, um... lotsa good stuff about this school. I absolutely love this school and think they have a great balance in most aspects, and would highly reccomend this school to any Christian looking to go to college... I have a blast here and am also getting a very good education in nursing nationally known for the quality of the students. If you're a Christian, and looking into college, COME TO LIBERTY!!! It's the best distinctly Christian school out there.
1st Year Male -- Class 2007
Education Quality: A+, Useful Schoolwork: C
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