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Pensacola Christian College

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Date: Apr 03 2013
Major: Music Education (This Major's Salary over time)
I to this day have nightmares about having to go back to PCC. I know many people had a great experience and I am happy they did. I met many great friends and teachers and my education was top notch, however being it was unaccredited it has completely hindered me both in a career and potential graduate school. I was homeschooled and raised in a strict Baptist home. A lot of the rules at PCC weren't that different from home - but eventually other new, offshoot rules started coming out. I'm embarrassed to tell people where I went to school.

Rules you won't know about until you go: you won't ride in an elevator or walk in a stairwell with anyone of the opposite sex. You cannot study with someone of the opposite sex in the library - you can't talk to them even. If your brother or sister (whichever is opposite your gender) attends the school and you try to talk to them, you'll be asked to separate. (This is not just in the library but anywhere mixed groups aren't allowed to socialize). When you explain that you're siblings, they'll say that's great but you are tempting the other students to do wrong so take it elsewhere. When I attended (01-05) I was sent back from registering for classes because my sandals had a toe divider between the big and second toes. No one could explain to me why this was wrong, only that it was. As a girl you'll be ridiculed in the local shopping areas by any number of people. Everyone knows who you are and they think you're part of a cult, regardless of how polite you are. You won't be allowed to wear pajama pants in your room until you literally are getting in to bed. You can't walk out of your room to get water while you're in pajamas - you must change back into a skirt. Spring break is a week of 5 church services a day. You won't be able to do anything by yourself (as a female) until you're a senior. You're required to go to all "fine arts" (concerts and plays) and you're looked down on if you can't find a date. If you purposefully or accidentally touch someone of the opposite gender, you will be socialed - followed around by a floorleader and unable to talk to ANYONE of the opposite sex. Generally this lasts for two weeks. If you read the newspaper or magazines in the library, you'll notice stories and pictures blotted out with big white stickers. If you get a J. Crew catalog in the mail, you'll be called up to the deans office and warned to open the magazine in your room - and strongly encouraged to stop receiving the catalog, due to the pictures of women in swimsuits. When your parents come to visit you, you'll have to get written permission from the school to go off with them, and you have to tell the school everywhere you plan to go. With your parents. You won't be allowed to attend any other churches, only the campus church. When visitors are on campus, YOU must be on campus. So at Thanksgiving, you only get Thanksgiving off, and even then you have multiple required things you have to be at - because God forbid the campus not look full and happy. You'll be asked to tattle on your friends and fellow students, and if you don't you will receive demerits. If you don't take your trash out every day, you'll receive demerits. If you don't make your bed every day, you'll receive demerits. If you get out of your bed after lights out for any reason, you'll receive demerits.

I would never recommend this school but I also wouldn't care if people decided to go. I think it is a very personal decision and certainly some people handle it better than others. I would HIGHLY encourage students and parents to go and visit the school during regular school periods - talk to students, not just the one that's assigned to you.

responseThis post is correct in it's accuracy, but is about ALL the negative things at the school. Everywhere has rules and some people resist the rules. You can spout these things off all day long and then some, but if you concentrate on the negative, you miss the goodness.
comment"This post is correct in it's accuracy, but is about ALL the negative things at the school. Everywhere has rules and some people resist the rules. You can spout these things off all day long …you miss the goodness."

There is no "goodness" at PCC; just a lot of hectoring from control freaks over tiny things that have no religious or academic value.

questionSo there is no freedom there?? my mom made me apply there and frankly I was excited but now…idk
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