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Pensacola Christian College

Total Grad Surveys 60
Females 32
Males 28
Avg years at University 3.8
Research Quality B- (6.3)
Research Availability B (7.0)
Research Funding C+ (5.4)
Graduate Politics B- (6.2)
Not Errand Runners B (6.5)
Degree Completion B (6.9)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B (7.0)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.2)
Competitiveness B (7.0)
Education Quality B+ (7.4)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.7)
Useful Research B+ (7.3)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.3)
Friendliness B+ (7.4)
Safety A (9.2)
Campus Beauty A (9.6)
Campus Maintenance A (8.9)
University Spending B (7.0)
Extracurriculars B (7.1)
Scholastic Success B+ (8.0)
Surrounding City B (6.8)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.7)
Research FundingC+
Campus BeautyA
I learned very manyDec 12 2017Education
I learned very many useful ideas and practical applications for my job as an educator. I became a better teacher due to the classes I took while in grad school.
Jun 28 2015Education
PCC offers a great graduate school with caring faculty and high academic standards.
I attended Pensacola for 6 years total whileNov 20 2013Art & Design Department
I attended Pensacola for 6 years total while working on my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. The things I learned and the friendships I built with other students and faculty are invaluable.

Yes, there will be things about the college that you won't necessarily agree with, but that will be the case with ANY institution you attend. The thing you should focus on is your reason for attending PCC. If you are there to learn, to grow, and to serve God, you will have a great experience. If you're ONLY there because of the low cost or because your parents made you attend a Christian school, you will most likely be miserable.

PCC is a Christian school. That doesn't mean they're perfect, but they DO have high standards both academically and morally. The high standards in personal conduct are where some students seem to have issues. But if you arrive with a desire to respect your God-given authority, there won't be many problems.

PCC left me fighting a lot of demonsApr 04 2013English
PCC left me fighting a lot of demons about my past and, sadly, is the foremost reason I have chosen not to pursue any career in Christian education. The opportunities were incredible and gave me the chance to see how God could make something beautiful of my life with such a broken tool. I met my two best friends there, but it was the politics, deceit, and abuse from the administration that forged our friendships.To concur with others, the undergrad education was truly excellent. However, their adversity to change, refusal to acknowledge the outside world, and animosity toward differing opinions left me feeling like I had repeated most of my undergrad work without the being respected as a mature individual able to respectfully argue an opposing view from my professors.
I was a principal at the time IJul 09 2012Education
I was a principal at the time I attended PCC. The classes helped me as they were hands on and contained information that I could implement in my school. Many of the ideas and and principles helped to improve my school's effectiveness.I always left at the end of each session challenged and inspired for what can be done in the field of education and its affects upon students.
I went to PCC because I thought itMay 23 2012Biology
I went to PCC because I thought it would keep me in line. I was very wild when I was younger and figured it would put me in my place.

I was so wrong.
For starters, PCC was fairly easy to get into. I had been on campus for maybe 2 days and realized I might have made a mistake.

First of all, I'm mixed, and kind of dark skinned and was treated horribly. I remember on one occasion I compared answers with a white student, and 90% of our answers were the same. She got a B+ and I got a D-.

I was not allowed to talk to a male friend of mine on the phone, my visits to my family were restricted, and any "non christian" music was forcefully removed from my ipod. That included songs by The Eagles, Led Zepelin, Van Halen, etc.

If I was caught listening to said "non christian" music on the radio, I recieved demerits.
My computer was constantly checked and I had to give my passwords for multiple sites.
If I tried to leave campus, I was assigned at least 3 "buddies" to accompany me and make sure I didn't get into "trouble". Even off campus, I wasn't allowed to do my hair the way I wanted, or wear any clothes I liked.

This school didn't seem to value me as a person. I was treated like a dog who had rolled in something disgusting, and was talked about, lied to, and rumours were made about me.

I didn't even get a good education to make up for it. With the daily church services, and being made to constantly walk across campus to change, or being called to the Dean of Women's office, I rarely had time to study.

They barge into your room unannounced and go through your stuff, giving you demerits and throwing away your stuff when they see fit. A shirt I had gotten for christmas that my little sister had made for me was torn to shreds right before my eyes and thrown into the bin.

I really hate this school, and would never send my children there. I have already told all my family and friends about the school and warned them. They all said they wouldn't go there.To anyone who reads this before going to school, take this as advice: make sure you're white, easily brainwashed, skinny, and obedient. Or you'll be expelled for no reason whatsoever.

Aug 08 2011Education
Fantastic school!
I found the graduateSep 23 2008Education
I found the graduate work to be very hands on and very useful and practical. I learned so much that I can use in my school. Many of the rpinciples learned my classes, I was able to encorporate into my school.
I tell you whut,Sep 10 2008Astronomy
I tell you whut, those miggaz iz off dah hook at PCC, they woood'nt evin let me blast mah rap music and bring phat hoes up to mah crib
Research Topic(s): Why The earf be round
PCC is not where you want to goSep 02 2008Music - Performance
PCC is not where you want to go if you want a good education that will help you in "the real world." They do not have qualified teaching staff, in fact most of the staff are hired from with-in the school as soon as they graduate, and should not be teaching at the graduate level. PCC does not believe in working on technique, but instead a phony communication that will not reach anyone. In my graduate classes I never felt challenged, and instead felt like I reviewed my last four years of undergrad work without adding to it. For people who do not want to make a career of singing in church "ensemble style" or teaching, I would not recomment PCC for a performing arts degree. Students do not receive enough lesson time, and do not get the training in vocal technique that is given at other universities. Also, if you are wanting to go to another university after you graduate from PCC, it is very difficult to get in without first redoing your undergraduate work because PCC is unaccredited.
This school is not where you want toSep 02 2008Music - Performance
This school is not where you want to go if you want a performance degree. They have changed their program recently and do not provide the training needed. They do not have enough music faculty and therefore students are short changed on their education. I would not reccomend this school for any type of communicative arts degree. It would be fine for a science degree.
There is a comment from June 11, 2007Jan 09 2008Nursing
There is a comment from June 11, 2007. It talked about a graduated nursing student thant had a fling with a Doctor. I was not shocked. That students husband got a job at pensacola Christian, and so did she. The only reason I know this is do to the fact that she told us at a clinic one day. Why would she even talk about it. Word of advice PCC find out who you are bringing on the work force.
Wow! I am impressed PCCJan 09 2008Nursing
Wow! I am impressed PCC. You obviously chose people that would give you a good review. Shame on you! Always looking at the external and not the internal. I hope one of the administration looks at this today. (Bernny, if that is how you spell it) I knew you ever since I came to PCC. They changed you. They also changed many of the other administration. I am not suprised all the God fearing men I had respected acctually left. I will pray for you PCC.
Many of the negative comments I read onSep 11 2007Education
Many of the negative comments I read on here were from Graduate Assistants (GA's). While I understand that they do a lot of work and aren't paid a lot, this is what they signed up for. There are many GA's on campus for you to ask questions about the program, and the financial info. is in the contract you sign. Unfortunately, everyone can't have a glamour job. Graduate school forum should be about the education not one's work experiences.

I received a phenomenal education at PCC. All of my teachers made themselves available to me and took a personal interest in me. I felt very comfortable talking to them. The course work was relevant and practical. While PCC's Biblical philosophy of education pervades each class, students are encouraged to research various ideas and support their beliefs. One is not "condemned" for expressing controversial views as long as it is done in an appropriate manner and with some backing. The comraderie among the graduate students was superb. Everyone pulled together to encourage one another.

A total glag andJun 30 2007Computer Engineering
A total glag and concentration camp. This school uses MY religion as an excuse to have complete and utter control of student's lives. It is sick and disgusting. Never in my life would I suggest this school to anyone, or go back.
Graduate school here was much better than undergraduate,Apr 26 2007Education
Graduate school here was much better than undergraduate, but the lack of accreditation or national recognition is a MAJOR negative. There is an oppressive spirit on the campus where free-discourse of ideas, free-wheeling questions or even challenges for the sake of learning was not simply frowned upon, but you were threatened with expulsion if you "got outside the box." Teachers would only speak candidly "off the record" and there was a pervasive sensation of fear and intimidation everywhere. Emotionally/psychologically -- this is not a healthy place. Absolutely fantastic facilities. Beautiful area. It is a shame that such a great campus is wasted on paranoia and control.
I graduated undergrad from PCCApr 10 2007Education
I graduated undergrad from PCC. When considering getting another degree, I looked into several schools, but PCC took the foreground in my mind. The teachers were top quality. They were very knowledgeable and professional. They also gave as much time as needed to their students to help them with questions or problems so the students can succeed. It was because of the teachers that I decided to return for my graduate degree.

Also, the chapels each week provided encouragement and spiritual strength to keep pressing on and turn to Jesus when life gets tough. --Rebecca Linzey

Mar 27 2007Nursing
I received an excellent education there and would highly recommend schooling to anyone!!
I am a real student who graduated fromMar 27 2007PreMed and Medical
I am a real student who graduated from PCC in 2002.
The positives about this school were the safe environment, friendly students (for the most part anyway) and helpful faculty (again, for the most part). The buildings are beautiful and the cost is amazingly low (ask yourself why). The negatives were the UNWRITTEN RULES (there are many that they don't tell you about until you are a student!!) and the fact that you can't transfer credits anywhere. Personally this has been a HUGE headache for me as PCC refuses to become even regionally accredited. I credit the staff--they will graciously go out of their way to send info about PCC's academic programs to whatever school you want it sent to, but it makes NO DIFFERENCE in your acceptance since PCC is not accredited. I was a premed student who switched my major to biology and I am presently trying to complete a paramedic program. I am taking a paramedic program in order to transition into nursing. I would have completed a nursing degree by now if my PCC credits were not rejected by several colleges.

I wish that I had gone to a local college--I am sure that I would have graduated at the top of my class instead of struggling at PCC (the education is "good" but extremely challenging, and I was a high school valedictorian).One of the other major problems with PCC is that they concentrate on RULES and outward appearance while missing the fact that true Christianity should reach the heart. I am nowhere near as conservative a person as when I was a student there (I am, in fact, a single mom). I think that like many students I felt so chained down so when I got out of the college I felt like I could run free. Don't make the mistake that I did--consider carefully where you go to school and what you do with your life afterward. Visit colleges, ask alot of questions and decided for yourself where you should go. Best wishes.

I am presently inMar 27 2007Other
I am presently in the final stages of completing a Ph.D. in Administration. The teaching staff of PCC were very instrumental in preparing me to competently handle advanced studies.
The reason I am posting is because PCC sent me an e-mailMar 26 2007Education
The reason I am posting is because PCC sent me an e-mail. It said that people were rating them badly on this site so to please go there and fill out a glowing rating. Well, sorry to them, but for your sake reading this, here is an honest, unbiased, objective review.

In a nutshell, the adminsitration at PCC, while origianlly desiring to educate with high standards has lost site of that primary focus. Now the primary focus is first and foremost, how they look, and how they can keep the most control over students and the school's place in Christian history. Here are a few examples.

My education on the undergrad level was decent, but watered down on the grad level. As a graduate assistant, I worked like slave labor 35 official hours each week, but what they don't tell you is that you are required to work in other facets or you are released. Then there are the summer work requirements. For all of that, you get tuition paid (hardly worth it); share a very small dorm room with another graduate assistant, and get $500 dollars a MONTH to live on. In the midst of this, they waste money on useless things that as Christians should lack priority.

If you dare ask a question about policy, your salvation is questioned, and you may face expulsion. We were treated like children, as if we could not make decisions for ourselves - bad enough for the undergrads, but for us!

The turnover in the college is remarkable. This past year, the VP being trained to take ovr as President left, as well as another VP, as well as the Campus Pastor, among hundreds of others. I have personally talked with these three among others, and they could no longer support PCC, and are angered by its downhill spiral. And I haven't even mentioned no accreditation among other things.

To summarize, what had so much potential is quickly being destroyed from the inside out because the administration vehemently disregards the students true needs in a self-promoting attenpt to exert unbelievable control in a fashion which many have reasonably and justifiably compared to the Nazi regime - (PCC ultimately standing for Pensacola Concentration Camp). My prayers go out to those still there, to the Hortons and others hoping they will answer God's call to seek him once again, and to those who are considering attending. To you all, I offer this advice: PLEASE check and doublecheck everything first. Look at objective reference material such as and Be very cautious as attending PCC could jeapordize your entire life!

If you focus on the rules, then youMar 26 2007Education
If you focus on the rules, then you will have a bad experience at PCC. If you forget about the rules, and focus on your classes, you recieve proper training in your field of study. The Education degree is looked highly upon and I would not give up my experinces for anything. It is not all positive, but neither is life. Understand what you are getting into and It will be a great growibng experince for any student.
My experience at Pensacola Christian College was oneMar 26 2007Education
My experience at Pensacola Christian College was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. The Elementary Education Program was fantastic. I met so many life long friends there at college and learned so many life long values. It is a great place to grow not only academically, but spiritually. Having the chance to be a floorleader for two years was a great asset to my college life. I would not change it for anything. The church services with Pastor Schettler and many other great speakers were so challenging. I am glad and thankful that the Lord allowed me to experience 4 years a PCC while I was receiving my Bachelors degree.
The academic knowledge andMar 26 2007Education
The academic knowledge and spiritual wisdom that you will take away from this College are excellent. I also appreciate the fact that when Pensacola says that they stand for something, they back up their words with actions.
I spent 6 years at PCCMar 24 2007Communications
I spent 6 years at PCC. I earned my B.S. in Secondary Education & my M.A. in Speech Communications. The education I received was top-notch but the politics of the school & the social issues leave much to be desired. I am grateful to my teachers for their wonderful knowledge. But I would not recommend the school for this reason: I received an email from PCC asking me to come here and give an excellent review of the college. They felt the results were skewed in bias against the school by disgruntled former students. I think that is a load of crap. People can post whatever they feel about a school and shouldn't have their feeling dictated by their alma mater. This is what they do. The Admins at PCC feel they are above all this. If the students speak the truth & the truth is not what they like...they'll try this approach. I don't like the under-handedness.
I am a graduate of Pensacola Christian CollegeMar 24 2007Education
I am a graduate of Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. I have been a teacher for 9 years now and feel more than confident about what I learned and observed in the classrooms there. I felt very safe there, and parents have no worry about leaving there children there. It is very affordable; alot less expensive than other Christian colleges.
Mar 24 2007Art & Design Department
Its a cult
I really enjoyed my classes in the EducationMar 24 2007Education
I really enjoyed my classes in the Education Administration tract. It was not very difficult for me because I had good High School and Undergrad training. I do wish there was some sort of "capstone" experience for this degree though - it's the only one that does not have a thesis or capstone experience and now that I am done, I kind of wish it did. Although, I must admit, it was the lack of having to write a thesis that partially helped me choose that particular tract. I completed semester-long courses, summer "cram" courses, and distance courses in my journey and was really glad for the flexibility. The faculty was superb and friends were of the lifelong quality. Yes, there are rules, but all of life has rules - so just go with the flow.
Very affordable, God-honoring, excellent academics, and greaMar 23 2007Religion/Religious
Very affordable, God-honoring, excellent academics, and great facilities, and plenty of social events!As one who spent his undergrad years in both Christian and secular schools (5 total, one was Div. 1) PCC/PTS is by far a HAVEN to the Christian student who wants to honor God in his life. Those who complain are still immature and never learned to obey their parents or the Holy Spirit's conviction, so they kick against the system here. Every school has rules and things you don't like. PCC/PTS is set up to help the Christian student learn in a setting of excellent academics (the standard is way above even my division 1 school), and to help the student focus on God and obedience to His Word. If you want to live for the Lord and serve Him and be spiritually fed EVERY DAY, then this is the place to go!
I attended PCC for over 6 years, butMar 23 2007Music - Performance
I attended PCC for over 6 years, but degrees in music. Right now I am working in a church using nearly everything I learned including the subjects I didn't think I needed. PCC was a great educational and growing experience at the time when I needed it most. Unfortunately, some students apply thinking this private religious institution should be like a public university. The goal of the college is to train young people to be successful, educated, CHRISTIANS. They take a strong stand on separation regardless of the complaining among the general student body. I found a great group of friends to "hang" with when we all weren't studying our brains out. The grad program was much more relaxed and easier to keep up with.
I receiveed my under-gradMar 23 2007Religion/Religious
I receiveed my under-grad. Bachelors Degree in 1999. In 2004, I enrolled as a graduate student. I love the academics as well as the flexibility of the courses and scheduling.
I must concur with many of the neutralMar 23 2007Business - Management and Administration
I must concur with many of the neutral comments on this site. Even though my alma mater has sent me an email to post a positive response on this site, I must post honestly and fairly. Much about PCC is, of course, great and welcoming. There are unfortunately many in leadership (especially within the ranks of the male and female dean's offices) that are very unkind and uncaring. This meanness did trickle over into a very small percentage of the student body, although most students - regardless of standing - were genuinely nice people. I also believe that since the late 1980's (when my first sibling attended), the music standards at PCC continue to manuever and slide toward worldliness.
I thoroughly enjoyed my art classes at PCCMar 23 2007Art & Design Department
I thoroughly enjoyed my art classes at PCC. The instructors were professional and helpful in every way. They were also available for me and demonstrated a godly spirit in their behavior and philosophy of life. That said, there were some aspects of the school that I didn't care for...the prevailing attitude seems to be more of a "you're a number, not a person," but I can see how when you start getting into the 1000s it's hard to see each person individually. And that would only be as far as the student life area, not in my actual major (my teachers always saw us as individuals and treated us as such). At the end of my time there one of my favorite instructors and his wife were fired for a misdemeanor his son had been involved in. While I could see why the school would feel like they needed to dismiss them, it seemed like the way dismissals like this were done was just underhanded. A lot of times you'd come back to school and teachers would be gone and no-one would know why. I think if a teacher has given that much of his time and loyalty to an institution he deserves a respectable sendoff, especially if he wasn't the one who had done something wrong. :^(Okay, on a more positive note again :^), I did make some of my best life-friends there, and these people are truly godly, iron-sharpening-iron friends. I will also say that I feel like I received a high quality of education there. I have since gotten a really good job that utilizes what I learned in my major. I do believe that PCC prepared me pretty well for a job in the secular world. In fact I've heard a lot of good comments about PCC graduates and how people like hiring them.
PCC provided an excellentMar 19 2007Education
PCC provided an excellent program that helped to better equip me for the responsibilities that are necessary to be an excellent administrator. The staff was helpful, encouraging, and forthright with the academic expectations.I recommend this institution to collegues all the time.
Mar 17 2007Education
The friends I made are wonderful and lasting. The degree was challenging. The atmosphere was incredible.
I grew up in a fairly liberal ChristianMar 14 2007Education
I grew up in a fairly liberal Christian home compared to Pensacola's standards. I went to the school with an open mind, knowing that to get the high quality, low cost, Christian education I wanted, I would need to abide by their rules. It was an agreement I made with them, and I tend to stick by my agreements. With that attitude, I had a wonderful experience, made some great friends, learned a lot spiritually and got a great education.
I found the graduate program to be aJan 03 2007Perfomance Arts
I found the graduate program to be a reduplication of my undergraduate studies. I felt like I was at a work house instead of a school. The job responsibilities far outweighed the time I was able to spend on educational pursuits. The classes were full of busy work and most of the professors were not qualified to teach on the graduate level.
Mar 20 2006English
I went to PCC as an undergrad and as a grad. Loved every minute of it!!!
Dec 01 2005English
I loved going to PCC. It was a completely great experience. I got my masters there (GA) and loved every bit of it.
Mar 24 2005English
Loved PCC! It's such a great school. I thank God for it all the time.
Sounds like the real problem at PCC isJul 20 2004Music - Performance
Sounds like the real problem at PCC is the admissions standard. If the tuition is low and the admission process is loose enough, many will come who are not at all in line with the school's Christian mission or standards. Therefore, numerous rules are seen as necessary to keep the students superficially in check while the morale is terrible and students want to "catch the spirit" somewhere else or express their view that "PCC sucks." Couple that with a largely behavioristic discipline system and antiquated educational philosophy and there will be lots of unhappy people. The school needs to spend some time on paradigm shift, internal morale, and instructional improvement -- not just external marketing.

I was a graduate student in the music program at PCC and found that the campus was beautiful but fairly stifling. The rules for our summer school student body were not even close to the what the undergrads experienced, but they were still quite inflexible and bordered on ridiculous. But, I did not buck the system; I was fairly content in my music studies.

In terms of the music training--what really matters--I have a mixed opinion. The conducting classes I took were excellent, and I developed tremendously as a musician from conducting all these Handel and Brahms pieces, which had to be memorized and took hours to perfect. Good feedback from the eminently qualified teacher (an Eastman grad.) and my kind colleagues helped me a lot. When I went back to my school, I was a different teacher and choir director. Everyone raved about my new skills with a baton. Vocal training was also very strong, and I was able to improve the technique of my choirs, though my singing is not my strength . . . so the practical training was excellent. The facilities were exceptionally adequate.

The other classes, however, were all lecture-oriented and slow, passive, and dry. Emphasis was on memorizing and regurgitating with little conceptual mastery and significance being taught. I wish we had some more creative, interactive, or research-oriented instruction, which I don't think is too much to ask for a graduate program. The worship program on Sundays was massive, but largely out of touch. I wished for more bread from the Word . . . not frothy men's opinions about superficial issues, such as the preservation of the King James Version.For graduate music studies I would recommend PCC if you are in a conservative, fundamental church or school and want to develop your skills. For serious research and academic training, and a more open environment, you may want to look elsewhere. I think it was good for me in small doses (summer school) as an older student, but many of my students who have gone to PCC have not finished because they were dissatisfied with academics or the student climate.

Pensacola Christian College ( commonly referred to asMay 27 2004Music - Performance
Pensacola Christian College ( commonly referred to as a cult or concentration camp ) is all brought to you by people who do not like to follow the rules. If you go into PCC with the knowledge that you are there to get an education and not for a party life as most secular universities are presented, you will have no problem there. People don't like to be told what to do, and by telling someone that they can't walk up the hallways holding a guys/girls hand because it does not present a good testimony, only cramps their style. PCC provides the best education in each field with a good Christian influence by the faculty on the students. If people would "try" and understand that the school is only trying to remove all temptations that would hinder your spiritual walk with God, they would realize that these rules aren't so bad, and your life can actually run alot smoother, and your focus is alot better.
I attended PCC for four years and graduatedMay 25 2004Communications
I attended PCC for four years and graduated from a program that was beginning to we left. Now the broadcasting department is quite up to date and allows the students a REAL hands on experience.

As for the rules -- suck it up, folks! Did I hate the rules? You bet! Do I follow them now with lights out at 10, Vespers, white glove -- well, I do like to clean...but come on, we're adults now. Move on from all the negativity that you hold on to you bitter grads and alums!

People ask me if I would recommend PCC. My answer is always this -- PCC is a great place but you HAVE TO KNOW WHAT you're going in to. If you haven't a clue about the rules, then you're going to immediately hate it and want to go home. Been there! It took me three and a half years to realize of school to come to the point where the rules were a secondary vision of PCC.

This school is not for everyone, but those who choose should do so willingly and well-advised. You can get a good education and you can have a positive experience. I have many lasting friendships from college. In fact, one of my teachers was in my wedding!Hate PCC? Get a life. Love PCC? Get a life. Some where in the middle? Enjoy life.

Not accredited, very few qualified (academically) teachers,May 10 2004Computer Science
Not accredited, very few qualified (academically) teachers, and very legalistic in rules. Also for someone at the graduate level, the college tends to treat you at the high school level. My advice is that you should look and compare. I received a very good education and have an excellent job. And for the record I graduated near the top of the class at PCC, completed in four years, less than 30 demerits each semester, and proceeded to complete an MBA at one of the top universities in the US. The only reason I could attend this MBA program was that my non accredited undergraduate was waived due to my work experience (over 15 years), my company’s standing with the university ($$$), and the executive position I hold within the company. Else, I was told my degree would have not bee accepted.

I do not agree with some people on this web site that thinks everyone's negative opinion is the result of a bad attitude. That kind of thought only demonstrates the rationale behind many of the negative posts. Be informed, read the posts, use your mind, be an adult and learn.

And finally, contrary to one posting, you are not given a list of rules prior to going to the college (unless you go to an underground web site that has the handbook posted.) Yes, you are given a general list of standards, expectations and guidelines, but I in no way expected what I found when I arrived.

For undergraduate students, I think PCC’s heart is in the right place, but you will miss the maturation process. I will hire someone from PCC, but only after a long discussion concerning their growth and maturity, and for the record, we have not hired anyone from PCC. Young people are not perfect. There is room for error, thank God. PCC however, does not give much room for error. Trying to build a catch-all error proof legal system is not the answer.

If God leads you to PCC then go! If you do not get the leading, I would encourage open thinking and look at your long term goals, not just getting the degree at a low cost.

where do I begin?Nov 04 2003Journalism
where do I begin? my sister started PCC this sept and enjoys every moment of it. I only came across this website b/c I was curious what was on the PCC website. Most of the people who spoke out against PCC have attitude problems. First of all you are going to a christian college what did you expect the rules to be like? second of all you are going to school to learn and educate yourself not only academic wise but spiritually also. I attended fairhaven baptist college and if you want to see strict rules go there. At least at PCC you can have fellowship time with the opposite sex there you can't even say hi to them as you pass them on the sidewalk!! every christian college is going to have their set of rules that you will not always agree with but those rules are always made for a reason. Someone in the years past broke simple rules and in order to have control over 4,000 students the facalty needs to have some sort of order. Way to go PCC for having standards!!! they are teaching students to love god and have fun in college. College to to learn not to party. For all you people who complain about PCC stop discourage people to attend college. You made a mistake about going to PCC don't let others make a mistake by not going to pcc.
Pensacola Christian College is above all a christianOct 24 2003Other
Pensacola Christian College is above all a christian college. The school's rules are a bit strict, but you are told the rules before you choose to attend. So, my question is that if you know that you cannot deal with the school's rules,why go there to begin with?? You were warned I'm sure. I also would like to address the people who are openly not christians. THIS IS NOT THE SCHOOL FOR YOU! Pensacola Christian College prides itself on its ability to help students grow spiritually. Of my experience, the college is an excellent christian environment. I have obtained a steady job and I am quite happy with the education I recieved at this college.
Every professor I've hadAug 14 2003Math
Every professor I've had has been so helpful and have made themselves available for questions and advice. They've got some real good people at PCC. It's the professors that make the college so great. They really do want you to succeed and want to help you reach your goals.
After graduating with a degree from BJU, IJul 11 2003Religion/Religious
After graduating with a degree from BJU, I did some graduate work at PCC. One thing that I would disagree with is the frequent assertion that PCC has high academics -- in fact, from my experiences sitting in the classroom, interacting with teachers, and working with PCC grads, the academic level at PCC is somewhere between Sunday School and High School.

One year was enough for me. I transferred to another seminary and was satisfied with my theological education from that point forward.

I have also taught for several years using ABeka materials and have attended the summer teachers' enrichment conferences. PCC's curriculum is woefully below par (replicating printing, fact, and philosophical errors through multiple revisions) and their educational philosophy for high schoolers -- that high schoolers are to be constantly drilled on facts, without attempting to ensure understanding -- seems to be replicated within the grad school.

My brother-in-law currently attends, and tries to put a brave face on it when I ask him about it. But he seems to realize that all the promises of low tuition and the will of God are simply argumentative drapes for a school that really isn't very academically sophisticated.I wouldn't go back. I sort of doubt that you should. Mark me unimpressed....

this college is very stressfullAug 14 2001Unknown
this college is very stressfull. not only is it the school work, but the looking over your shoulder 24-7 that is constantly on top off u. at times i hate it-but then the kids there r awsome. respectfull to parents government -all authority, and yet not afraid to question-well as long as they dont let the administration know. it is a wonderfull learning and growing experience. in every way! i just love seeing what i can learn from it all. i am getting a great knowledge of how to get away w/something and manipulating everyone. and was there ever a great school that didnt have a strong and different stand? its cool to be a part of something thats very different.
This place is far offMay 08 2001Business - Management and Administration
This place is far off..any reasonable Christian would realize this isn't anything like the spirit of Christ. Go to Liberty, Houghton, anywhere..avoid this one!
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