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George Washington University

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The people here are terrible

Nov 05 2014Unknown
The people here are terrible. If you want to keep your sanity, stay away from this city and especially George Washington University. I can tell that deep down most people here want to be themselves (normal, funny, interesting) but almost everyone feels the need to conform to the same terrible "Model" person and by doing this, you feel the need to be like these terrible stupid people in order to fit in, but you will lose yourself and your sanity along the way. I am currently a Senior and dropping out of GW for a lot of reasons, but one reason is definitely the fact that I literally feel like throwing up sometimes walking down the street or in the gym or in class because of the surrounding "people". I don't even want to call these people people because they are not. For a long time I thought there was something wrong with me, but after asking myself over and over a lot of questions and trying to seek out the root of my problems, I've realized that it is not me that is insane, it is everyone else. I know that there are probably more than a handful of people that are not terrible at this school, I can see it in some people's eyes, but the overwhelming majority are so self-absorbed and conforming. The people that are really not self-absorbed deep down are too afraid to actually be themselves. Relationships are extremely shallow here. Other people have rubbed off so much of there negative traits that I find myself not even caring to remember anyone's names anymore. I have become so cynical because of this school, that I've grown to hate people I meet that are probably interesting and funny people, but I just assume that they are like 99% of everyone else. That 99% is no exaggeration, I think 99% of the people here are a bunch of phony assholes. Don't go this school because if you do, chances are you will either become a phony asshole or be surrounded by them and want to jump off a building. Everyone here is too afraid to admit or too stupid to realize that everything I've just said is true. I've met a few genuine people here and due to my laziness I probably could have met a few others if I tried harder, but don't set yourself up for such a dehumanizing battle that seems impossible to overcome by going to GW, have a good time, get that degree, and make a ton of friends somewhere else.
3rd Year Male -- Class 2015
Surrounding City: A, Education Quality: F

GW is a school that doesnt care about

May 16 2014Civil Engineering
GW is a school that doesnt care about its students at all. They are trying to crack down on greek life for the smallest and most irrelevant things. The don't understand that many college students are broke and try to charge them for anything they possible can. They believe having one drink is to many and will send you to the hospital in an ambulance just so you can pay the fine. They seem to care more about the reputation outsiders think about them than actual students and faculty at the school. The most important goal to them is to charge their students for any and everything. They care more about how much money is coming into the school rather than the students ideas. This is why i wouldnt recommend coming to this school. For the price tag the education and the social scene is not worth it. You would be better of going to a state school in my opinion and saving the money you would have spent at gw on other things. A pissed of student who wished he had know more before going there for school.
Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -

Don't. Here are some of the reasons why

Jun 06 2014Biology
Don't. Here are some of the reasons why.
The school sends out random bills just to leech extra cash off of the students. At the end of my sophomore year, nearly every one of the students received a "broom-clean" fee of $250 dollars. Most of the kids are rich enough not to care about it and just pay for it. Well played GW.

The majority of the students are rich and snobby, and get drunk every weekend to throw their money around. I found a fully functional iPad in the trashcan at the end of the year once. Apparently these kids think Apple products are one-time use.

There's no campus. This means politicians and the homeless walk among the students around the campus. Not a great school environment.

The weather sucks. Bipolar as fuck. The occasional snow days do NOT make up for this.
Mascot is a dead white guy. Don't even mention the hippo.
No football team.
No school spirit. Depressed faces of students everywhere when I walk to classes. Low student satisfaction in general (several student suicides happen every year but the school gets a hold of the stories and doesn't let it spread too far).

Most of the school funding goes to the politics/business majors. Most science classes have no windows and are not the kind of environment for learning. The labs are old and stanky.

Our "renovated" library is still the shittiest library out of all the colleges I've ever visited.
Tuition is 50,000 dollars per year. Unless you got a handsome scholarship, you will have a hefty debt by the end of your four years.

The tap water is TERRIBLE. 80% chlorine, 20% H2O. My brita filter helped, but not enough. You are forced to buy those fucking expensive, huge bottles of evian water. The school "cafeteria" actually charges you THIRTY FIVE FUCKING CENTS for a cup of water.

Their idea of a cafeteria is random businesses placed inside a building, where they sell over-priced food. There is no sign of effort to help the poor college students get some food without breaking their banks.

Unmotivated, shitty teachers. Learned next to nothing during my four years here
There are some obese, butch-ass looking girls here. I guess their solution to a husband is their wallets that are fat as their waists.

The guys, unfortunately for me, are really fucking good looking. However, most of the good looking guys like to put it in the pooper, if you know what I mean.

Everything is FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Food is expensive and shitty
The school lies about their statistics. US News busted GWU and we are now unranked. We used to be like #51 in the nation. LOL?

And then these are some of the personal reasons why I hated this school.
My pitiful life at this school has made me so jaded that I developed several mental diseases -- including but not limited to depression, anxiety, social phobia, insomnia, ADHD, and various addictions.

When I developed some unknown disease from malnutrition, the school hospital decided it'd be a good idea to keep me there for 5 days and not do anything about my sickness. Didn't even figure out what was wrong with me. After that gave me a handsome bill of 20 thousand dollars.

The school counseling center hires grad students because they want to save money. They fake caring about you and then ultimately asks if I want to kill myself -- cuz then, that would give the school a bad name. What a fucking joke.

Every California friend I had at GW either dropped out or transferred to another school. I was the dumb idiot who decided to stick through 4 years. Good fucking;dr - Don't fucking come to this school. I don't want ANYONE to go through what I did. If you're rich and okay with all of the above, go right on ahead.

4th Year Male -- Class 2014
Campus Maintenance: B, Education Quality: F
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