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Malformed University Name, Uncategorized Surveys

Total Grad Surveys 44
Females 20
Males 24
Avg years at University 2.2
Research Quality B (6.5)
Research Availability B- (6.5)
Research Funding C+ (5.3)
Graduate Politics B- (6.2)
Errand Runners B- (6.4)
Degree Completion B- (6.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C+ (5.5)
Sufficient Pay C+ (5.0)
Competitiveness C+ (5.5)
Education Quality C+ (5.6)
Faculty Accessibility B- (6.0)
Useful Research B- (6.4)
"Individual" treatment B- (6.0)
Friendliness B- (6.2)
Safety B (6.9)
Campus Beauty B- (6.5)
Campus Maintenance B- (6.4)
University Resource/spending B- (6.1)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.6)
Success-Understanding B- (6.2)
Surrounding City B (6.5)
Social Life/Environment B- (5.8)
Sufficient PayC+
Jun 16 2015Unknown
Fin aid is unhelpful no matter whaf forms u turn in. Dont go here. Just go to State
You will not findApr 15 2015Nursing
You will not find a better DNP program. Everything is well organized and they really do want you to succeed. It is hard--but worth it--I really feel as if I am getting an excellent education.
Challenging, intense, and extremelyDec 24 2014Psychology
Challenging, intense, and extremely rewarding. Prepare to work harder than you have ever worked in your life, the doctoral program is more challenging than any graduate-level work you will encounter but it is beyond rewarding.
I came here because I was told howDec 13 2014Criminal
I came here because I was told how marketable I would become. This would open doors, I would be "super cop", I could jump into all of these fields. Its not true at all. The education actually slammed doors in my face! I'm "Over educated" for local or state police and lack enough experience to do federal. I came here to better myself and my money was wasted. It was easier to get a job and much less expensive with just a BS
"Buyer Beware" of this school and its programsMay 23 2014Communications
"Buyer Beware" of this school and its programs. For the money, most students would be better off elsewhere. Faculty seems aloof and disinterested. The programs all seem tossed together in a fast, haphazard way. This may be to get a "trendy" program out there to grab tuition money. Students who are already "politically" connected, or who work for a target industry and can provide a "dowry" upon enrollment, may benefit, as long as they play the game and cater to egos. Customer service is awful. If a student has a concern and expresses it, the concern will go nowhere, because faculty and staff are protected by their nepotistic relationships. Faculty and senior administration have no sense of accountability. They just want to get their hands on that tuition money, improve the school's poor reputation, expand their network - and to heck with the student.
this school is a business, you lose aFeb 24 2014Psychology
this school is a business, you lose a lot of money & it is hard to earn money these days. They are selfish all they care about is money money money have you ever hard of the song "money money" from mama mia? if not google it or youtube it yeah that song reminds me of this place. They give you an opportunity to get into the school without any gre. Just like when you graduate from high school everyone goes to miami-dade to retake all the course they missed through high school and then take the re-media classes well this is like that too. Graduate from miami dade and continue your education at cau in which they will nail you down with all your money. I they do not offer scholarship if they do they will give it to you which is a lie I applied so many times for scholarships and nothing they just told me thank you for your corporation and your effort you will try again next year. So disappointed about this school no one communicates with anyone these day no starbucks in the school or any good restaurants to eat. There cafeteria looks like from the 60's or a hospital were they freeze human body organism gross. So yeah you want to carry a brown bag to throw up it does look like a jailed hospital school good luck cau students I wish you a wonderful journey =)
capella university took all of student loan moneyNov 08 2013Education
capella university took all of student loan money. I am totally permanently disabled and am transgender (bi-gender). They kept denying the approval of my dissertation on trasngender teachers and kept going back on their word of waiving all future tuition due to my health issues that arose during my pre and post dissertation stages and then threw me out right when I was ready to turn in my dissertation and graduate. They disenrolled me a year ago and I didnt know it until this year when ready to turn in my dissertation. While I was very ill they coerced me into signing a document stating they would waive my tuition only through last june 2012 (thats when they disenrolled me without me knowing it). I signed it under pressure so I could complete my dissertation and graduate. Their professor humilitated me and other lgbt students while at a colloquia telling us that he doesnt feel any college needs to change its policies everytime any man wants to wear women's clothing or any time a woman wants to wear men's clothing. He said this in front of me standing in male clothing with my female spouse. I reported it and nothing was done then...But in time behind my back...They threw me out for complaining. Thats capella's retaliation tactics....Do not go there.
This was the second distance program I attended-Aug 13 2013Unknown
This was the second distance program I attended- I completed my MS on line and now my EdD. If you are expecting cheap, easy, stay away. If you are looking for quality, challenging, convenient, supportive faculty- Capella may work. But remember, this requires motivation, dedication, self direction, and intelligence. It is easy to get in, which means that I had many classes with not so bright people. They couldn't and shouldn't graduate- and they did not. This was a hard doctoral program that requires a lot bit provides the resources to succeed. Do this only when you are ready and if you are ready. If you are a poor writer or have a weak educational background beef up before coming because that is an expensive way to learn you are not ready or are not smart enough to succeed.
It totally sucks they open there office atJul 28 2013Unknown
It totally sucks they open there office at 10am to 5 or 6 pm tutors come late and advicers too. Those who are graduate students who are studying there doctors say they know much then you advicers sucks school smells bad rude people j had my advicers they are all women I wish there were men's who can be advicers then these women. I hare advicers who are your teachers and I don't like people to know me so they can point out who you are and make fun of you. I hate it and will never recommend no one I took my GRE got a Low score and still got into the program I waned and where I got is to Barry Univetsity. I live it there.
Not a Cool school i don't understand whyJul 26 2013Unknown
Not a Cool school i don't understand why it's actually rated like a University it is so hidden in a place where no one can find and the advisers are not good i think Nova has better professors and advisers then here please take your GRE and avoid this university. Pays more for nothing, it charges a lot of globle fee for nothing just for computers access and library that is it. There no such thing as a real book store in which i like to buy my books there then online, no dorms to sleep there what if i live so far? i need to take a bus no buses like other universities have for students transportation, hours for professor to talk to don't have one they either talk to you before or after class, the professor send you to your advisers, Tutors are good but timing is bad they never start early, i hate calling the office at 10:00am in which they start answering the phone around 10:30am instead of 10:am they should start early other university open earlier like 8 or 9. All offices closes super early like 5 or 6 instead of 8 or 9 like a lot of university is like don't know if the school is cutting budge & the food taste really bad & expensive i always brought my lunch because i will not pay $8.00 for a sandwich in which i can go to subway and buy a bigger sandwich for $4.00. Not a really clean school I think Keiser University is better i did it online and i did really good and started working right away the credits are shorter and faster track. The school smells i have to say and people who work there are strange. Oh yeah when you sign up for class you can't do it on yourself on the website you have to talk to some one in your department to sign up for your class, add, or drop with there signature and if they are not there you have to waste a lot of time waiting or make an appointment. So Yeah Timing for CAU is not good is the one i complain the most but true.
Writing lab what a joke they make photoJul 24 2013Psychology
Writing lab what a joke they make photo copies of your papers after working with the tutors and there was a guy who does appointment inwhich I knocked an he got made because he was eating instead of helping me and he told me to wait until he finished for him to put my appoinent. And some of the tutors come in late so if j have schedule at 12pm tutor comes at 12:15pm that is 15 mins less of what I need in tutoring until the other student who comes in at 1:00pm. Those students are rude saying when am going to finish. Again in professional people working there and disorganized.
Crappy place be award that it's not rankJul 21 2013Unknown
Crappy place be award that it's not rank one of the best school. Here is prove This shows that CAU is rank # 49 university in Florida Florida University, Berry university, nova university, university Florida, university Miami and Keisee university are rank higher then CAU thus shows the quality of how the school and professors are good luck. If you are able to take your GRE please go some where else this school not worthy. My best friend studied there and graduated and is been looking for a job for 3 years and loans are expensive thanks to this school I rather pay more at another university that has a GYM library cafeteria then this cheap stick place no place to sleep dorms nice C A U very disorganize university all offices opens at 10 am but people won't answer you until 11. 00 am again other universities office open at 8 am and libray at CAU closes at 10 pm instead of 1 or 2 like other University it's like high school all over again not cool bathrooms are so discounting gross. This is a place for student who don't want to take the GRE.
seriouly this is not a good school peopleJul 20 2013Unknown
seriouly this is not a good school people my talk bad about it but it's true here is my prove this link shows that CAU is rated 49 university one of the lowest university in florida but FIU, UM, UF, Berry University, Keiser University which is better then CAU is better. trust me you will thank me later. those good comments are probably those who works there. and who ever says that this schools is the top school check again. You may say things but you have to prove it.
warning for new students not a good schoolJul 20 2013Unknown
warning for new students not a good school please get out of here go some where else. Everyone who works there don't know how to teach take your gre and go somewhere else. You will not learn nothing and it is an expensive school for a tiny school that not worthy no bookstore, no gym, no dorms to sleep, etc. It reminds me of a zombie land or something like that its so boring professes are strange and advisers too. I know gre is harder now then before but take it as many time as you can and get a better education some where else please I beg you or you will see for yourself.
Jun 19 2013Unknown
summarized in 1 sentence: don't waist your time and money at this school.
This is a school where no one knowsMay 22 2013Unknown
This is a school where no one knows nothing (NADA) people who work there are ignorant it is such a shame this school really bad and it is a private school so I thought it's had more to give to students. This school is away from the city where you can eat at a nice restaurant and stores. They don't have a Starbucks in the school you have to go out an waste gas you see cows in the other side of the school. what this school offers a small library, small cafeteria in which they gather people to do small meeting, a small student loung and class rooms. For an expesive school not worth it. This school does not offer no book store to but your books so you get them online only, no gym, no dorm rooms for students and no restarante. It looks like an abandon school for ignore people teachers are dumb and some are rude bc they think they are so smart that they put you in a level like I'm better then you kind of thing. Anyways, choice another university if you want to avoid the GRE your better off taking it then getting into this school please. Waste of money and time get out out out they accept anyone because all they want is your money not worth it at all. I came in ignoring those negative comments but when I took my first class I realized this was not worth my money and time please don't do the same mistake I have done. I'm being honest and true to everyone who reads this commons. Run the other way get out please I be you. They offer business psychology ad education not worth it especially psychology program not good It use to be food in the 80's and 90's but 2000-2013 it got bad. Trust me my best friend graduate from CAU and didn't get a job until 10 years after graduate here and all he ha were bills of te loans and his life was bad it's the truth sorry guys get ready to fail you beautiful future
Do not attend this school - on-line orApr 15 2013Psychology
Do not attend this school - on-line or brick & mortar - the cost is not commensurate with the benefit (or potential benefit). The faculty is largely third-rate (with a few exceptions) alum-hacks with few other job prospects. Although the school portrays itself as "tough to get into" - they take any FAFSA-certified prospect - just getting the loans qualify you for entrance. If there was a Bunko Squad working the academic beat then The Chicago School of Professional Psychology would have been run in for operating an Educational 3-Card Monte Game, years ago. Do not be shnookered by their boviated rating system that shows them head to head with Harvard and/or Yale. TCSOPP is to Harvard what horse****(droppings) is to Equine Therapy.
Capella is not where you want to getJul 06 2012Unknown
Capella is not where you want to get your PHD. They have implemented this form called a SMR which must be approved before you start writing your dissertation. It is a waste of your money. You are charged 4,000 for this and it usually takes you 3 quarters to get it right. No other university is doing this and I am really surprise that the Student Loans Corporation is letting them get by with taking government money.
This is based purely on my ACADEMIC experienceSep 26 2011Education
This is based purely on my ACADEMIC experience as a Masters in Special Education student with a graduate academic certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis.

I have to say do not be trapped by how easy it is to be admitted into this school. Easy to get in = bad quality. If you are looking to get in and get out, this is the school for you but if you are looking to learn, grow intellectually and be a qualified professional, this is soo not the place for you.

I was NOT very impressed by all my professors. I did not feel inspired nor did I feel like I was challenged. It was too easy to get an A and mind you this is grad school!!! You basically just have to finish your homework and meet the deadlines and you are set for an A.

The applied behavior analysis online certification program is the worst ever. Stay away from this program if you can.The reason why i applied to this school is because of the online certification which they offer cause not many schools have that option. I have to say i definitely regret my choice.

Ok, enough ranting! I should have been more serious when it came to applying to grad school and retake my GRE test to get a good score.

I have an associates, bachelors, and master degreesJun 18 2011Unknown
I have an associates, bachelors, and master degrees from regionally accredited universities. In fact, I was enrolled in the doctoral program at Liberty University and had a 4.0 after 5 classes. However, I switched to California Coast University, because they are more affordable and flexible.

I am a high school principal, my primary concern was would I receive the doctoral pay increase when I completed the degree in the state of Georgia. Once I received the letter from the GA Professional Standards Commission, stating that I would receive doctoral level pay when I complete my Ed.D. in 2012, then I enrolled in CCU. If you are from Georgia, the rules have changed, and you need to enroll in CCU by July 15, 2011, to be grandfathered in and not be under the new rules. I have completed 10 courses through CCU, and there was absolutely nothing "easy" about the courses. I look forward to completing my Ed.D. at California Coast University! If you want to know more about my doctoral journey, you can check out my website at

I completed my masters program at GCUMay 19 2011Education
I completed my masters program at GCU. They promised me a particular scholarship when enrolling which was an incentive to enroll. I have graduated and still did not receive the scholarship. They kept promising all a long that it would be credited to my account. I would recommend shying away from this university because of this. I might not be able to get the money but at least you will not have to forfeit.
The Doctor of Management in Community College PolicySep 08 2010Education
The Doctor of Management in Community College Policy and Administration is on the cutting edge of relevant educational training in higher education today. Faculty are former community college presidents bringing real-world experience to the classroom and we are learning not only the book material but from their experiences as well. The one-on-one attention is a huge benefit along with the fact that this is the only program I found to really cater towards working professionals already in the field of higher education. The program is all on-line with only a two day residency each term - not bad. The residency provides a great opportunity to meet classmates and bring the students closer together. I love this program and would recommend it to anyone.
Seriously consider going somewhere elseAug 10 2010Unknown
Seriously consider going somewhere else. This univ. has really gone down recently. There are serious admin. problems. They drop programs and change degree requirements at any time (see other reviews on this site). They changed my degree, but I just managed to get through in time. A friend of mine was not so fortunate (he has 1/2 a degree, and no prospects to finish). There are some good professors in performance and theory, but like most colleges, the majority of the professors haven't accomplished anything (worthwhile) in the last 20 years. It's usually the adjuncts who keep up their skills and knowledge.

The campus is in a beautiful area of Va, and it's easy to work with the business office. But the area is about as dull and culturally backward as can be. There is absolutely nothing to do. If you like fun, festivals, and concerts, this is NOT the place for you. Good Luck and study hard.

Besides the famous nameApr 24 2010Other
Besides the famous name Columbia has nothing else to offer. Most of the Professors I knew were there just to get their paycheck. The classes were boring. Some of the professors were around 30 y.o. with no experience of teaching. Other professors were regular employees of the private companies and worked as a ?Professors? by contract. TA sessions were scheduled when most of the students had another classes ? so we always were facing the choice ? either to go to TA session and miss a class or miss a TA session and go to class.

Financial aid at GSAS - horrible!!! They make you wait for 2 hours when you are the only visitor! I tried to complain but managers stick on their subordinates? side. I guess because all of them are lazy and not able to perform any tasks in professional and timely manner.

Housing sucks!!! Most administrative people I had to deal with were rude and disrespectful. I?m happy that I made decision to transfer to another school. Columbia is for losers!!! STAY AWAY from that stinky place!!!

Mar 30 2010Unknown
The M.A. English graduate program at Millersville UniversityOct 28 2009Unknown
The M.A. English graduate program at Millersville University is too small to be useful. This program in particular is focused only on coursework in British or American Literature, rather than English Composition, which is my field of interest. Furthermore, the head of my graduate department told me that there is not enough money in the department budget to sponsor graduate theses or independent study courses. Not many courses are even offered at the graduate level; those that are are combined with undergraduate student classes. No graduate courses are available during the mini-semester breaks, and because of the lack of department funding, independent study and thesis research cannot be sponsored. Professors have an aloof attitude toward this problem and do not seem concerned with helping their graduate students to attain their educational goals. They (meaning academic advisors or department heads) would prefer to circularly direct students to a handbook or a website rather than personally offering assistance. Although I was able to get a graduate assistantship on campus, the tuition waver does not cover the cost of ?general fees,? which total nearly $2,000 annually, and the graduate stipend (about $600/month) does not even come close to covering the cost of living, especially if commuting from a nearby urban area. Also, there are no teaching assistantships, which is what I would be most interested in doing at a post-secondary level. If it were not for its convenient location to me, I would never have considered attending this university for my graduate degree.
May 24 2009Computer Science
i want do ms in computer science from usa.
Chemistry major even says the people are arrogantFeb 20 2009Unknown
Chemistry major even says the people are arrogant and think they are right when they are actually wrong, but the sad thing is chemistry major didn't even spell check even though it is programmed in!! He/She was so arrogant he/she just typed the letter and sent it in w/o looking! Very hypocritical! You are supposed to be leaders, damn you really, damn you.
Science is the most unique thing that hasSep 18 2008Computer Science
Science is the most unique thing that has attracted most of the population in the world. The great nations are already advanced in technology whilst the now developing countries have the least opportunity to IT.This is the result of poor basic knowledge on how technology can help improve the life the nations.
Research Topic(s): how to improve computer science in developing countries
The Ed.D program at Nova Southeastern University isSep 05 2008Education
The Ed.D program at Nova Southeastern University is a waste of time and money. Many of the courses I took were not interesting or designed to promote online learning. Many of assignments were not useful and meaningful. My first semester I lucked up with two great instructors but from there it all went down hill with some of the absolute worst. Trust me don't waste your time with this school.
Capella University (on line is a farce)Aug 06 2008Computer Science
Capella University (on line is a farce)
The computer systems are bad and they don't allow direct contact to IT people. I finally could not proceed as my papers were not viewable by other students and the instructor when posted. It was like taking a class and being told to sit in the hall.Of course they want their money for providing shit. When I complained I got nasty Email about the caliber of the person they wanted at their school. A community college with attitude is all it really is. They should pull the online status of any college if they don't know what they are doing.
hi,my name is richardAug 06 2008Nursing
hi,my name is richard quarcoo,an african student from ghana,i am 28 yrs old,live with my parents,i am 5feet tall,very well build body,chocolate in colour.i like to dance,travel,make friends,cook,play soccer.i want to live a godily life and be a minister of god
Research Topic(s): admission
My Keller experience was a great oneApr 03 2008Business - Management and Administration
My Keller experience was a great one. After graduation I have moved up within my company very quickly. Combining my already strong work experience with a Keller MBA I was able to increase my earnings to well over 100k in a short period of time.

Now I manage a large manufacturing facility in Illinois along with being involved in startups in Europe, Asia and the US.

Education is for people that are serious about getting it. You do not have to go to a top 10 school in business but you do need to stay focused and have a clear objective of what your ultimate goal is. I chose Keller and it was the best decision I could have made. It is not always about the name of the school but it is about having the desire to succeed and Keller definitely opend many doors for me which made my success a reality.

I believe so strongly in Keller Gradute School that I started teaching at DeVry University. Knowing that I can make a difference in peoples’ lives is very important to me so I have to be actively involved in doing so. What better way to do it then teaching and shaping individuals to be leaders in their communities and the world.

Formally/incarcerated) afr-amer male 47,wanna- be pop//lyricFeb 24 2008Unknown
Formally/incarcerated) afr-amer male 47,wanna- be pop//lyric writer seeking financially-well off persons as friends/mentors. Desireing to write an autobiography on his past turbulent life combined with a 4 mini cd music set. Just seeking finacially well off persons for now as friends/mentors.I'm sincere in what I want to accomplish and do, (U) have nothing to lose or gain, but faith, that is the great question mark!

Mike Brighon 533 Franklyn st apt#8 Buffalo NY 14202

write me at my address or email for now.
Only the Finacially Secure & Mature need respond!


I have a MDec 14 2007Education
I have a M.S. in Ed, and am considering Walden for Special Ed endorsement. I do have a family and am concerned that the program may take away too much time from them. I alreadly sacrificed 5 years of family life. I am wondering about the rigors of the program, and i heard that there may be a special ed endorsement of only 20-25 credits, to be offered this spring, without student teaching. Please tell me about typical work expectations per week, per class - hours, length of papers, APA format demand, difficulty and format of quizzes, tests, clarity or confusion of online program, and the value of the special ed classes themselves, if you have personally taken them.
Cal Poly Pomona is one of those schoolDec 12 2007Electrical Engineering
Cal Poly Pomona is one of those school that you don't think about until you give it a chance. But I do believe its one of be better unknown school around southern California.

So far as a graduate student here in CPP, I have been greatly surprised by the faculty's attention to students. They are very helpful in terms of helping you understand the materials and conveying materials in very comfortable, open environment. As student in the engineering department, hands on experience are very important and Cal Poly Pomona does a good job of delivering lab experience to its students.

With its small class size, there lots of opportunity for faculty and student interaction. I was able to get involved in some research with my fellow professors. Of course, most student are busy enough with classes and sometimes work. But experiences in some academia research have result with me gaining valuable experience and help me translate theory into application.

As most people have heard that the campus lacks activities. In this respect, yes campus is a little slow, but from my understanding from students that live on campus, they have no complaints in terms of student activities.

Lately, there has been some mess up with some classes in the college of science being cancel. I don't know the full extend but hopefully our administration will find ways to resolve these issues to better served our well deserved students.

Campus is looking better these days with new additions to the main library and hopefully we will get our new Business Admin building that we were suppose to have few years ago.

Overall, my experience has been a positive one, I have gotten to know really nice people in both the student body and our campus faculty.

Dec 03 2007Unknown
Go Somewhere Else!
Capitol College is notJun 26 2007Electrical Engineering
Capitol College is not less then any other larger institution. Its faculty is friendly and it is well equiped. One can get best jobs after graduating from Capitol College. It has all that one wants to look at a good educational instituion.
Please do not waste your money if youMay 16 2007Psychology
Please do not waste your money if you are looking to be a competent therapist. Argosy is extremely corporate - it's a diploma factory, not to be confused with a training institution. I will not speak to the other Argosy campuses around the country, but be confident in this review regarding the two Illinois campuses. If all you want is to spend a lot of money to get something to hang on your wall...go for it. I hope you don't mind getting the run around from administration about every little question, being ignored, or treated rudely. If you actually care about being mentored or trained to be a therapist, run away. I began as a Psy.D, but I'm leaving with an MA just to get out.
I attended Loyola for two years as anJul 07 2005Social Work
I attended Loyola for two years as an undergraduate and one year as a graduate student. Loyola is good about presenting a great image and getting you to believe that they actually care about their student body. In reality, all they care about is how much money they can suck out of you. Their financial aid program is just an illusion - they make you run through a million hoops until you've reached the point that you become so frustrated that you don't want to even bother anymore. There are some decent professors at Loyola who truly care, but just like the students, they are caught up in a highly bureaucratic system and just as unable to break through the red tape. When I have a question or problem, I have now been reduced to having to call and e-mail people everyday - and have learned from experience to log all of these communications. I do not like to have to go above people's heads, but I've been forced to do it repeatedly at this school, just to get simple answers questioned. If given the chance to go back in time, I would have never chosen to go to Loyola. Their complete lack of concern for their students affects every aspect of Loyola. If you have any desire to get a decent education, and especially if you are in need of financial support, please do not even bother with this place.
Oct 17 2002Business - Management and Administration
Excellent University, excellent campus, one of the best in Missouri.
The campus is really beautiful & most ofSep 23 2001Other
The campus is really beautiful & most of the programs here are totally industry oriented. This is the main difference between RIT & other research universities. The course structure of my program is really good. It is totally hands on & I am liking what I am doing. The only thing that concerns me here is the fee streucture. This is definitely one of the most expensive schools around. Therefore, if you are sure of getting a real good paying job after you graduate then only it makes sense to join RIT. Overall, I think its a nice university with diverse student population.

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University of Wisconsin - Madison  
B+ 8.0
Tulane University of Louisiana  
B+ 8.0
Clemson University  
B+ 8.0
Worcester Polytechnic Institute  
B+ 8.0


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• What is a good school?
• Statistical Significance
• How to choose a Major
• How to choose your Career
• What you make of it?
• How Ivy League Admissions works
• On the Student/Faculty Ratio

• FAFSA: Who is a Parent?
• FAFSA: Parent Contribution
• FAFSA: Dream out of reach

• College Financial Planning
• Survive College and Graduate
• Sniffing Out Commuter Schools
• Preparing for College: A HS Roadmap
• Talking to Your Parents about College.
• Is a top college worth it?
• Why is college hard?
• Why Kids Aren't Happy in Traditional Schools
• Essential College Tips
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• Cost of College Increasing Faster Than Inflation
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• For parents filling out the FAFSA and PROFILE (from a veteran paper slinger)
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• How to choose the right college?
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• Create The Right Career Habits Now
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• Senior Year (Tips and experience)
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• Informational Overload! What Should I Look For in a College or University?
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• Personality Type and College Choice
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• A Free Application is a Good Application
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• College Academic Survival Guide
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• Getting Involved: The Key to College Happiness
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• Choose a Path, Not a Major
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• The Purpose of a Higher Education
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• The Importance of Choosing the Right College Major (2012)
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• How to choose a college major
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• How to guarantee your acceptance to many colleges
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• Nailing the College Application Process
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